Metro 2033: Weapons – Complete List

In the video game universe survival, the best tool to get out of any game alive will always be your skill and cunning. However, it does not hurt to have some ammunition under guard. In this sense, in HDGamers we bring you the complete list of Metro 2033 weapons with you can choose how to survive the game.

Weapons Gallery

Within the wide variety that Metro 2033 can show in terms of its arsenal of weapons, you can devise a good strategy to survive. But here we will tell you a little about the qualities of each of them to facilitate your search.


The Revolver

Let’s start with the weapon with which you will start all the games. The revolver is the weapon standard of Artyom in dystopian Moscow . Its great attraction is its firepower. As long as you aim correctly.

On the other hand, if you have to face human opponents it is quite useful. Mainly because it is a weapon that can kill with a single shot, as we already competed.

This will be accomplished only if the projectile hits vulnerable areas, such as the head. So if you choose the revolver, try to aim well to save your ammunition.

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Something you have to know when having the revolver in your arsenal, is that you will have to know how to economize very well on their ammunition. They are among the most difficult to find in the game. So always try to keep an eye on them.

Otherwise, it is quite a practical and beneficial weapon so as not to start completely defenseless.


Bastard Gun

This is the weapon of Metro 2033 standard automatic in the game. In addition to being quite original by the concept that it was made from homemade components of another Russian device.

But, in general terms, it is a very little recommended weapon to play. Even more so when you already have an AK which, so to speak, returns to the bastard gun in an obsolete and cumbersome artifact.

However, if you are brave and want to try it. You have to know that when updating the Bastard Gun , you get a silencer and you will only need that. It is very important since you can only play it with this accessory. One more reason not to use it. But, it is your decision.

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Also, be aware that reload animation takes a long time, so one of its many downsides is the Bastard Gun name.

Consequently, we do not recommend that you use it.

Metro 2033 weapons


In this order of ideas, we have to start talking about AK / Kalash saying that it will be one of the most used in the game.

Started by highlighting its design, related to the Mikhail Kalashnikov , based on the Sturmgewehr 1943/44. What makes it simply irresistible to the eye.

However, the animation makes Artyom reloading the weapon, giving it its particular touch as if it were an AK-74 .

But you are not going to choose it just for its appearance. You will find its true value knowing that it is a practical assault rifle with 30 rounds. In addition, this little bone breaker brings several surprises.

The most important of them all is its great efficiency in medium and long range combat. Which will make it your first choice of attack and defense. However, in the short range it will not disappoint you as it will retain the same destructive capacity.

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As if this were not enough, it is a weapon with a scope capable of helping even the worst sniper in the world. Which increases, considerably, its degree of reliability and thus making it one, if not the best, and most practical option in your entire arsenal.


A weapon designed for fast and stealthy combat is the VSV.

We can say that it is an automatic combat rifle that its main attraction is its silence. In addition, he has a camera with 20 rounds, it is not much, but for him it is more than enough.

However, to get the most out of his potential, we recommend getting a NV scope for him. This is the only update that you will need as a generic measure, the rest of them will depend on your style of play.

Howevergo, it doesn’t end up being a contending weapon for the AK so it’s not much worth having equipped. Unless they are cases where you have to eliminate enemies silently.

Kalash 2012

Now we will talk about an authentic rival for the AK, and it is none other than the AK Kalash 2012. The one with which you start the prologue of the game.

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It is a more powerful version than the AK itself since it has cartridges of up to 40 rounds and an improved range. In addition, you have the possibility to equip it with more updates than the AK itself.

Another important attribute of it is that you have a silencer, so you can have all the firepower of an improved AK and the stealth of the VSV in a single weapon.

Without a doubt, if you can get this authentic nightmare for your rivals, you will not want to try any other weapon.



For shotgun lovers, Metro 2033 brings a very interesting option with the Duplet .

It is a double-barreled shotgun, ideal for close-range combat.

Another striking aspect of it is that it is one of the weapons you start with. But, like the revolver, its ammunition is quite scarce so we recommend you to be careful with its use.

Another important point you should know about the Duplet is that you are going to need to get the Quad-barrels accessory ( Quad-barrels ). In addition to giving it a more challenging appearance, you can fire up to 4 projectiles.

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An ideal weapon for close-range combat or if you intend to deal great damage with few bullets in an ambush.


Continuing our tour of the shotgun gallery, we have the Uboyneg.

It is one of the most useful automatic shotguns to combat mutants , but the stopping power drops dramatically once the target is no longer in your range.

Within its technical characteristics, we can say that it has a capacity of 6 shells and has great utility in fighting within tunnels.

Despite not having much range, it is an option that we recommend you have as long as you update it.


The last shotgun option could be none other than the Abzats.

A real monster this heavy automatic shotgun represents , is a makeshift firearm and a fearsome addition to the Artyom arsenal.

If we were to summarize it, it would have to start by saying that it is the most powerful weapon you can have in your arsenal. Its fire capacity and the damage it generates to its targets are incomparable.

In addition, it has a quite intimidating aspect with which from the first moment you will spread fear in your rivals. It is big, heavy, it looks like something out of hell itself.

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Despite this, his range and precision are unique, one of the best in the game you could say. However, it tends to get stuck quickly if you want to aim repeatedly, so use it carefully.

Undoubtedly, a weapon that more than a recommendation, becomes an obligation to obtain.

Pneumatic weapons


One of the most innovative ideas that Metro 2033 presents in its list of weapons is the Tihar.

We have to start with the comment that there are 2 versions of it. One that has a considerable scope while the other not so much. For your own security reasons, we always recommend obtaining the scope.

But, speaking a little more about the engineering of the Tihar, It should be noted that it is a weapon that shoots its projectiles by means of an air pump. In this sense, the air tank of this weapon can be briefly overloaded, to give the shots of it more damage (and level flight) for a short period of time.

Another significant feature of the Tihar , which makes it somewhat similar to the VSV, is the fact that it is also a silent weapon. More precisely becausethe noise from the shot won’t betray Artyom.

S If you like pneumatic weapons, this is a great option. However, the damage is not that great compared to other options. So we do not recommend having it as it is very impractical.

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Another particular pneumatic weapon that Metro 2033 has is the Helsing.

As we mentioned, it is a weapon that inflicts fatal damage after overloading its air device. Very similar to Tihar.

The big difference is that the Helsing brings a much higher degree of damage than the Tihar as well as an improved range. But, your big problem you will not find in its design or architecture.

What makes using this powerful ally difficult, and the main reason we don’t recommend it, is that its ammo is one of the rarest to find in the game.

Special weapons

If pneumatic weapons seemed like a great innovation to you. Just get ready to know the product of the imagination of those who created this great gallery of Metro 2033 weapons .


The first that we have to highlight, in this list of special weapons, is the Hellbreath. A weapon that may well have come out of science fiction, it stands out for being a portable, man-made electromagnetic accelerator that uses the Lorentz effect to fire metal projectiles at extremely high speeds.

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In general, it has good ragno, great damage power, you can use almost anything as a projectile and it does not affect your mobility much. Consequently, a highly recommended weapon.


Actually, we don’t have much idea about the inspiration for the Bigun .

The only thing we can tell you is that it has high damage as well as good fire speed. However, its accuracy is not very good. Although your appearance will improve considerably.

Metro 2033 weapons


An authentic classic in shooting games. Flamethrowers are one of the most popular weapons in the war genre.

Flamethrowers are highly revered weapons , known for a multitude of capabilities, including raw offensive and defensive power, and a reputation as tools of psychological warfare.

If you want the ideal place to use this powerful ally, just go to the tunnels and make sure you only encounter enemies. All ready to start a good barbecue.

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You also need to know that within the world of Metro 2033 , you are going to come across a stationary flamethrower that is used to defend stations.

It is a very good weapon against all kinds of subway creatures, and it is highly recommended.


Continuing with this tour about the Metro 2033 weapons . If the ranged damage was not enough or you ran out of bullets. You will only have two options left to survive, the first is to run away and hope to lose your enemies. The second, and a little more daring, try to gut them with the knives that we will present below.

Throwing Knife

The first of them is the throwing knife. Which is, by itself, a cheap and effective tool to kill humans in silence.

It is a deadly weapon as long as you target crucial areas on your enemies. In addition, it has the great advantage that you can recover them from the ground or from corpses.

Just try to avoid buying many throwing knives , it is one of the most common ammunition in the game and you will find them, practically, in any corner.

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Survival Knife

Culminating our list of weapons for Metro 2033 , we have one of the most loyal of all. The knife ofsurvival .

Artyom carries his personal knife with him throughout the game. In addition to its normal use, it is used by Artyom to get out of numerous situations that would have otherwise been fatal.

Also, in close combat, the knife will end up being your only option.

On the other hand, the survival knife is quite a useful weapon when you play with normal or easy difficulty. So we recommend that you practice many hours with it here to be able to use it in bigger challenges and more complex battles.

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