Kingdom Two Crowns: Mounts – Ultimate Guide

The means of transport is a fundamental part of any society, and in video games it is more than necessary to have your own. This is how we got to the topic of Kingdom Two Crowns Mounts which will help you travel throughout the kingdom without major problems.

How do I get a frame?

In Kingdom Two Crowns , a mount is any animal you can ride on. This includes everything from horses to unicorns and griffins .

Likewise, each mount has its own set of skills and unlock costs. As you explore the game, you will continue to unlock unique creatures on the map.

But, you have to understand that to unlock a new mount you will have to pay a fee between 1 to 3 gems. Once the creature is unlocked, they can be mounted by paying a certain amount of coins.

However, to switch to a different mount you are only going to need to pay the same amount of gems to switch back.

Your care

The fact that all mounts can run means great utility for moving across the kingdom. However, as you use them more, their resistance will decrease progressively. In the event that your mount is completely without power, you will have to wait a long time for it to restore itself.

It is the best part of history, they regenerate their resistance by themselves. However, it is a process that usually takes a long time. In what you will have to move on foot so try not to force your creatures too much.

But, if you want to speed up this process a bit without having to save your mount . Just stand still on some grass and let your mount rest while eating a snack.

When your mount finishes eating, its resistance will be at its maximum again. With this you will get a resistance boost that will give you unlimited resistance for a set period of time. Starting from when I finish eating.

But just walking with your mount instead of running during this powered period will not preserve this drive. So think hard about how to distribute these impulses.

Frame resistance

As you can see, stamina is a very important attribute for mounts in Kingdom Two Crowns. Since she is the one who determines how long your creature can gallop.

It is also important to note that resistance levels will vary between frames , which will visibly tire them out. When your mount is completely depleted, it will only be able to walk until it recovers its resistance.

Another important thing that you have to know about the resistance of frames, and that is related to the impulses previously discussed, is the effect they have.

We are not talking about the practical effect, but the visual effect. By the time you see small luminous particles around your mount, that will indicate that your momentum is ready, and therefore its resistance will have reached its maximum value.

Now that you know everything about the care and resistance of mounts from Kingdom Two Crowns . It’s time for you to meet the great gallery of creatures that you will have at your disposal within of the game .

The Kingdom Two Crowns Mounts

The collection of mounts in this game is really varied, which will allow you to not only get to know different worlds, they will also give you access to new skills and forms of strategies.

Next, we will present you a list with each and every one of the frames available as well as some significant information about them. From the price to what are the most outstanding skills they have.

The Great Bear

  • Mount unlock cost: 2 gems.
  • Cost: 15 coins.
  • You will find the bear on the fourth island in ruins that contain a hive on a branch.
  • The bear has little resistance but an excellent restoration rate.
  • It is not exhausted for a long time either.
  • His short runs are extremely fast.
  • You can feed bear grass and farm coins by killing rabbits and raccoons simply by running over them.

The Dee

  • Cost to unlock the mount: 1 Gem.
  • Cost: 3 coins.
  • The ideal mount for early gameplay, you can unlock the deer for little money when you get to the second island.
  • It has identical stamina to its basic horse , however it is slower in the plains and faster in the forests .
  • It also has the ability to enchant the forest just by approaching them.
  • This makes hunting easier.

Mounts Kingdom Two Crowns

Christmas – The Great Reindeer

  • New Lands Kingdom : only New Lands: in the Christmas update during the Christmas season (December 25 to January 1) , the game has an edited version of The Great Stag that aesthetically changes to look like a reindeer .
  • The sole purpose of this is: that when you find the Christmas tree and fully decorate it so that the sled falls from the sky, the Monarch can now pull it with The Great Reindeer .
  • The sled will drop around 50 gifts over a period of time.
  • These gifts will be converted into coins when collected.

The Griffon

  • Mount unlock cost: 2 gems.
  • Cost: 8 coins.
  • While exploring the forest , you can sometimes find this mount , where it will crash into the ground from the air.
  • By riding this mount a, you can get a boost of stamina while standing on any terrain, even during winter .
  • This mount can also recoil and stun enemies with a short burst at the cost of resistance by standing still and pressing [Left Shift]. </ li >
  • This resistance cost is taken from the base resistance, and does not interact with the resistance increase, preventing the player from infinitely sending spam to the movement recoil while driving.

The Lizard (Drake)

  • Mount unlock cost: 3 gems.
  • Cost: 14 coins.
  • This mount works very differently than other mounts .
  • It can run like other mounts , but it is quite fast in all terrain.
  • However, your speed increase is not obtained by grazing on the grass , but by resting in the sunlight.
  • This makes it impossible to get a speed boost for the lizard at night.
  • At the cost of resistance, the lizard can breathe fire by standing still and pressing [Left Shift], or trying to run by tapping twice in one direction.
  • The lizard spends a second finishing before the attack, and creates a small fire trap for a few seconds that ignites all enemies that pass through it.

The Unicorn

  • Mount unlock cost: 4 gems.
  • Cost: 16 coins.
  • This mount works the same as in the previous game; spawns from the pink tree , runs faster on the grass , and grazing will “eject” 3 coins, giving the monarchs an easy way to accumulate money.

The War Horse

  • Kingdom : New La nds only: Warhorse stands on an abandoned battlefield with the remains of a fallen warrior (dressed in the colors of the crest of the previous kingdom).
  • It has noticeably more endurance than the original horse (and slightly more than the black horse ), but it has the same speed.
  • About every 15 seconds, making the galloping horse activate a protective spell that lasts about 12 secondsgundos.
  • His armor glows along with a limited number (around 20) of nearby subjects ( villagers, builders, farmers, archers, and knights ).
  • They receive a temporary benefit for their defenses.
  • However, this spell does not increase the defenses of archers and builders against floats , when they are on top of towers.
  • This mount is unlocked on the fourth island .

The Bonemare (Undead Horse)

  • Only available during a special event Icon New Lands Kingdom : New Lands Halloween , this cursed horse is truly a show.
  • Equipped with extremely high resistance, it is a highly desirable steed for any ruler who is not afraid of ghosts .
  • However, this massive advantage comes at a cost; once you get the undead horse , you cannot switch to other mounts until you lose the game.
  • The horse is available in a special location just like the other steeds , and does not have to be unlocked, players only have lucky to find it: usually spawns on later islands , it is possible to find multiple horses undead during the event on different islands.
  • With the horse there is also a subtle visual change, the ruler transforms into a semi-transparent ghost .
  • While the horse is only available for a limited period of time (after which developers always patch the event out-of-game, so it’s not possible activate it by simply changing the time and date in the operating system), it can be kept indefinitely after the event ends, as long as the player doesn’t lose the game.

Now that you know everything about Kingdom Two Crowns Mounts, you only have to start your adventure, meet new worlds and unlock incredible creatures and great companions.



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