Kingdom Two Crowns: Hermits – Complete Guide

In the constant evolution of video games and with the continuous demand to achieve an almost tangible reality. We find games like Kingdom Two Crowns that teaches us that the most important thing about a game is precisely its playability. As simple as it sounds, it has an enviable and entertaining difficulty. For this reason, at HDGamers we bring you this small list of Kingdom Two Crowns Hermitas to get to know this simple, but complex world in detail.

What do I need to know?

Before starting Kingdom Two Crowns hermitas , the first thing you need to know is that each hermit has a specific function. However, they all share the same goal of updating, or improving, their corresponding building.

To do this, you only need to take the desired hermit with you, walk towards them, give them a coin and then they will travel with you. With this, you will already have that tower in operations.

An exception

Before continuing with Kingdom Two Crowns hermitas , we have to tell you that you will have a couple of somewhat rebellious hermits. They are called Cuerno and Ranchero and the improvement of buildings does not exactly go with them.

In the case of the Hermit Horn it will upgrade a Maxed Iron Wall to a slightly different “Horn Wall”. You will not see its usefulness until your kingdom is extensive since it will be these horns that will take care of attacks in areas far away from your capital.

On the other hand, the Rancher will update a maximized farm to Stable. It is especially useful if you want to play with multiple mounts as this is where you can save the ones you unlock.

As you can see, they are two characters that you may not be able to understand their role at first. But they will be invaluable to you.

The function of each building

Now that you know how it works and what each hermit does, we present the usefulness of their workplaces. The towers, or buildings, are structures that will allow you to travel through the world of Kingdom Two Crowns without complications. Next, we tell you in detail what each one does.

  • The Tower of the Hermit Ballista will replace the tower archers with a single constructor . Which will allow you to save on the staff you have. It also features a considerable increase in damage as well as a bonus to piercing . It is a more than valuable building when located behind an additional wall, as long as you verify its rank.
  • The Knight Hermit Tower will replace the tower with something very much like a mini castle , more precisely with a knight station . Another quality that you will love is that instead of retaining archers or a constructor . Allows you to recruit another Squire / Knight! This can be useful to go to a new Island with 3 Squires . However, this building ends up being quite unnecessary. Mainly because sending 2 groups into combat usually destroys the portal, unless they encounter a wave on the way.
  • The Baker Tower Hermit will also replace the tower with a small bakery . Although you may not see its usefulness at the moment, but it is always good to have several villagers. Having it, you can buy bread with which you will attract various homeless people. And you can imagine how useful it will be to have more hermits. However, its true use is in using it on maps where the camps are far away.

Now that you know what each tower is used for in Kingdom Two Crowns , you can come up with the best strategy. However, now you must ask yourself what would happen if my hermit is captured?

Kingdom Two Crowns hermitas

Hermit captured

Continuing with Kingdom Two Crowns hermitas , we will explain what to do in case any of your builder allies is captured by the enemy.

In case enemy troops capture your hermit , you will have two options. The first is to replace it with another that can perform the same function. Or you can also go save him.

However, he’s blocked from going and getting another one until he loses his crown and starts a new rein. But, don’t worry, there is a way to find your replacement relatively easily. As long as you don’t get attached to him of course.

Safe advice

In case you want to find a replacement and you have a lot of homeless people hanging around the outside of your walls, this trick is the ideal one. Among those tramps there are also hermits . So for optimal security, make sure you have well-guarded walls with bakeries and guards.

Only then will you have access to labor and security for your land at the same time. An idea that can bring you quite useful results when you have to change your game plan.

Consequently, as you have seen. The theme of the Kingdom Two Crowns hermits is quite complete. To all of these, it is important to remember that your success will only depend on the ability to devise a strategy that allows you to get the most out of your resources in Kingdom Two Crowns. To enjoy.

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