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Lovers of Aether: Walkthrough and Rewards


If there is something that video games give us, they are friendships that are forged day by day in each mission or instance. In each adventure we find a friend. So, we can say that games like Lovers of Aether to enhance this value. For this reason, at HDGamers we bring you the best Lovers of Aether guide to find real friends .

What are the Lovers of Aether achievements?

These are actually titles you get by completing a mission or going through a specific part of the story.

In this sense, it is important for you to know that Lovers of Aether is a visual novel that lacks an omission function, so we recommend that you be very careful with the options you click on.

But, it does not mean that you do not have to read correctly what the plot tells. Because if you click incorrectly or choose the wrong option, you will simply reload a previous checkpoint. Thus losing all the process and the achievements obtained up to that moment.

In addition, you have to understand that the only way to achieve these achievements is through encounters with the characters. And we emphasize that as easy as it may seem, always be careful to read carefully what appears in the story and avoid wasting time and effort.

In short, it is a game where you have to read and walk very carefully. However, here we offer you this Lovers of Aether guide with which you can easily guide yourself through the plot of this interesting game.

First meeting

Starting with this Lovers of Aether Guide, you will start the first meeting after the endings of Etalus, Elliana and Ranno .

  • Write the name you want.
    • Yes. A true beauty.
  • Etalus .
    • What’s wrong?

Insurance. (Keep choosing it, until it’s done).

  • Elliana
    • What’s wrong?
  • Ranno
    • What’s wrong?
    • I mean … I guess I would pick it up and throw it in the trash.
    • I have someone in mind.
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