Soul Knight: Complete Guide

If there is a world where video games have had a more successful entry, that was that of mobile telephony. A clear example is Soul Knight, a fun game for Android and iOS that will keep you connected to the phone for a long time. But if you want to start being an expert, HDGamers brings you the best Soul Knight Guide.

What is it about?

If you have not played it yet, we will tell you that Soul Knight is a unique role-playing game combining hand-to-hand firearm action, futuristic adventures, and mind-blowing combat.

In addition to an extensive variety of weapons, scenarios and actions that will awaken your hunger by playing it quickly.

That is why we bring you this Soul Knight Guide, so that you know in depth the basic concepts of this popular game.

The Soul Knight classes

Like all role-playing games, we will start by choosing a class with which we will live the entire story of Soul Knight. Therefore, in this Soul Knight Guide we will tell you, first of all, the available classes and their characteristics.

The Assassin

The killer is probably one of the best characters. In general lines we can say that it is quite resistant to any enemy or situation, it could be said that it is bulletproof.

Furthermore, he has a much longer invincibility span than other popular heroes in the game, like the Rogue , for example. A rather useful attribute when it comes to fighting and surviving which, at the end of the day, is what the game is about.

Likewise, the killer has a truly unique variety of abilities. Which makes it downright dangerous and positioning him as one of the best characters in the game.

So make sure you give it a try at least once, to see what it’s capable of.

The only negative thing about it is that it is usually quite expensive to equip, but believe it is worth every coin you invest.

The Rogue

The Rogue, like the assassin, is another favorite in the Soul Knight universe.

It should be noted that this class is not as expensive as The Assassin , in fact, it is one of the cheapest characters to unlock, and it has a fairly unique combat roll that updates every second, giving you It gives a great advantage when you face bosses.

Although the Rogue has good arguments for being a fairly complete character, in addition to having a fairly good cost-effectiveness ratio. Always choose the Assassin, it’s still better for the simple fact of possessing a higher skill set than the rogue.

However, it is a good option to try the rogue.

The Mage

Finally, we have The Magician as the other Soul Knight class. He is quite powerful and recommendable, but at the same time he is one of the most strategic characters.

One of the great attractions of The Magician that make him so popular in Soul Knight . It is that it can unleash lightning that will instantly kill your enemies. In addition to having a visual effect thanks to incredible animation, it is one of the most powerful attacks in the game.

Just remember that this powerful ally serves to quickly eliminate normal enemies. So forget about using it against bosses. So make sure you never use it if not until he has very little to spare or as your last resort to escape alive.

Now that you know all the classes and their most important characteristics. You have to know the team with which you can defend yourself and fight in Soul Knight.

Soul Knight’s weapons

Continuing with the Soul Knight Guide, we bring you this list of weapons where you will find the best option for your style of play.

Just remember that they are tools, your skill will always be the key to success. But it does not hurt to have some bullets for a change.

Melee weapons

Melee weapons are the fastest in your arsenal. They will allow you to block bullets, if used wisely.

You can use melee weapons to protect yourself from bullets fired from any weapon.

This trick is especially useful when facing bosses, because they like to attack you with weapons that shoot many bullets. Literally a hail of bullets so trust us, this tip is pretty handy.

From a distance, the Vulcan rifle

Use the Vulcan rifle to eLimit bosses from a distance.

Don’t forget to place the scope on the rifle, otherwise you won’t be able to zoom in, which will significantly decrease your accuracy.

A great ally in battle, the grenades

We recommend buying SMG grenades as soon as you can. Since they allow you to inflict a lot of damage and eliminate bosses very quickly.

You can also use SMG grenades to take down hordes of enemies almost instantly. No matter what character you use. Although for practical purposes, they go better with magicians in these cases. But that is going to depend on your character choice.

But if you want to get the most out of these grenades, just hold down the fire button and quickly release it every millisecond. So you can unleash hell on the battlefield by tilting it in your favor.

This technique will basically allow you to spray grenades on all your enemies in order to get more deaths faster. Just remember to keep a safe distance.

A useful tip for Soul Knight

Although knowing the characters and weapons may be enough to start your adventure in Soul Knight, these tips will be very useful for you.

Chests, a surprise in every corner

This is super powerful advice, because if you apply it, you can start each game with a common weapon.

Every time you enter a dungeon , you will have a common weapon in hand, which will obviously give you an advantage over your opponents.

You can purchase the chest, for a one-time fee of 1000 gems.

Just give it a try, I know you’ll thank me later.

Always armed

Now that you have unlocked the chest, you can start each dungeon with a weapon.

Although the weapon they give you at the beginning of each dungeon sucks, it is still much better and safer than entering without a weapon.

Get rid of the common weapon, only if and when you can get a more powerful weapon.

You already have the knowledge of this Soul Knight Guide. Now go and fight to recover the mystic crystal and restore the balance of force.

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