All the best Minecraft Seeds

The universe of Minecraft is so vast thanks to the freedom it gives to the imagination of its players. But what better way to further expand these worlds than by sowing new ideas. It is here where the famous seeds that this game gives its users enter. So HDGamers brings you the guide for Minecraft seeds .

What are the Minecraft seeds?

The Minecraft seeds are nothing more than files that allow users of this popular and versatile game to create new worlds to explore.

Likewise, it offers them the possibility of new missions, maps, challenges and much more with which they can spend long hours of entertainment.

Likewise, the Minecraft seeds opens the catalog of resources with which you can create any number of objects, buildings, environments and much more. Where the only limitation will be your imagination.

What is the use of Minecraft seeds in my game?

The greatest use that Minecraft seeds provide in games is to meet new worlds with their respective challenges and opportunities.

In this sense, these seeds will not only offer us challenges but also the chance to put our ingenuity and creativity to the test to create a world where only our imagination will dictate the parameters of its composition.

What are the best seeds of Minecraft?

As we have been exposing it, the Minecraft seeds are so varied that the decision on which one to play will always rest with us.

Mainly it will depend on our tastes or ambition. However, at HDGamers we have taken on the task of creating a selection with the best seeds based on their playability, ingenuity and degree of difficulty it offers.

In short, the next samples will be, at our discretion, the Minecraft seeds that you should play if you are looking for a real challenger to your building and survival skills. After all, Minecraft will give you everything to achieve your goals.

Before continuing, it is important to consider the fact that many of the seeds that you will learn about in this article will work better in certain versions of the game. Therefore, in the next section we will specify in which version each seed runs best.

Seeds for version 1.1

In this section, we will introduce the best seeds created for versions 1.1 of Minecraft .


The first of the seeds that we are going to highlight is one that gives us the possibility of finding one of the most difficult buildings to find. In this sense, we refer to the WoodLand mansions .

But, the reason these locations are special is not because of the aesthetics of it. It is about the quality of accessories and resources that we can find within them that will make our ideas unique creations.

Likewise, the ease of being able to assault them is something that makes this seed one of the most valuable of all that we will present in this guide. Without a doubt, one of the ones you should always have on hand.

  • Seed: throwlow
  • Game version: 1.1.4

Minecraft seeds


One of the most popular seeds of all that we will show you is, without a doubt, this one from the Triple Ocean Monument Island . Not only for the ease it offers its players by having a vast terrain with infinite essential resources, but for the adventures it presents.

In this sense, you will have to fight with certain species that are also in search of these invaluable resources and that are not very fanatical about the idea of ??sharing.

  • Seed: 6073041046072376055
  • Game version: 1.1.4


If you are looking for a real survival challenge in an extreme scenario that will take your skills to the limit. The Frozen Islands are your best choice of all seeds from Minecraft .

It is an ice age around your small piece of land where you will have to fight to find extremely scarce resources, so we recommend that you leave a small piece of fertile land to make surviving an easier task.

In addition, you will have to face the wild challenges of these frozen lands such as polar bears and other friends who are in search of refuge and resources to live. After all, you are not the only one to be immersed in that world.

  • Seed: -7865816549737130316
  • Game version: 1.1.4

seeds for Minecraft


Although we may encounter problems that seem to have no solution in the universe of Minecraft , it will always be a good idea to have a helping hand that will facilitate our work to survive.

We could say a stroke of luck and this is precisely the idea behind this seed , since it offers us a quiet place, without constant threats to our integrity. In addition to abundant resources and excess food for days. Without a doubt, a great option for those who start in the world of this popular game.

  • Seed: 673900667
  • Game version: 1.1.4

Minecraft seeds


Although we already talked about these buildings previously, in this case we refer to a seed that works in a different version. In addition, it has a certain degree of difficulty higher than that already mentioned since dangerous species inhabit the corners of the mansion.

However, it is a seed that fulfills the same function of generating one of these buildings near our location. Therefore, it is still a good idea to have her whenever we need some special resources or are hungry for an exciting adventure.

  • Seed: -4589128118707775879
  • Game version: 1.11

Shipwrecks and villages

The following Minecraf seed is about one that will take us on an adventure in deep and treacherous waters. A sea so dangerous that it will attack us without mercy, turning us into real shipwrecks.

But there is no need to worry because in this friendly world we can explore the home of other unfortunate travelers and find special objects of great value and, last but not least, a completely new environment away from the countryside and the plains.

  • Seed: -613756530319979507
  • Game version: 1.14

Seeds for version 1.9

In this section, we will introduce the best seeds created for versions 1.9 of Minecraft.


Our next stop on this tour of the best Minecraft seeds brings us to one that, in a way, doesn’t give players more than a visual upgrade.

It is the seed of Mountain Cliff which, in short, will only allow us to generate a rock structure with few valuable mineral resources. However, it will create the ideal environment to raise sheep in exorbitant amounts. Without a doubt, a Minecraft seed more practical if we want to eat and dress in a better way.

  • Seed: -969535336
  • Game version: 1.9


If we are talking about geological wonders, the seed of the Leg Islands should get a good number of mentions. Not only because of the strangeness of the structure that this seed generates. But because of the fun it is to try to climb to the top of it.

In addition to this, the quality of the resources that we can get in it is incredible, so, in general terms, we are talking about one of the most practical and fun seeds of the game that you can not stop trying.

  • Seed: -7261691309120837834
  • Game version: 1.9


What if we can get two different game modes from a single seed? It is on this idea that our next seed of Minecraft l is called simply Two Little Islands .

So as not to dwell too much on the explanation. This seed consists of generating two islands where in one we will live with sheep and in the other only with wolves. Then, the way and style of survival will be based on our ability to adapt to the fauna that accompanies us in the land mass where we are. Because it is one of those great two-for-one promotions, we consider this seed to be one of the most important in the game.

  • Seed: -6185261765285097501
  • Game version: 1.9

Minecraft seeds


Returning to the idea of ??surviving in icy conditions, we find this new seed. In it we will enter to survive in a completely frozen forest that, by itself, represents quite severe conditions for life itself.

However, it gives us the advantage of meeting a couple of quite cozy igloos. However, if we are lucky and a little patience, we will know how to choose the right one.

In this sense, only one of them will have a huge and virtuous secret hidden under one of their rugs. It is a basement that, despite having to dispatch an old zombie that lives in it, easily becomes an ideal base to survive in an environment that will constantly try to kill us.

  • Seed: -3500229128833691836
  • Game version: 1.9


One of the most practical and complete seeds that we have come across in our journey is that of the Librarian . As its name implies, it is a seed of Minecraft that generates a small cabin inhabited by a hermit whose history we can easily despise.

What should matter most about his work is the rough environment full of animals such as sheep, cows and horses. In addition, it has a great variety of vegetation so the seeds for our food will be easy to find. Without a doubt, one of the best options if we are looking for something easy to start understanding what the game is about.

  • Seed: -1480351183376464763
  • Game version: 1.9


One of the most striking activities that Minecraft offers us is, without a doubt, riding. Therefore, in this list of seeds of Minecraft , one could not miss one where horses were the center of attention.

In this sense, with this seed we will find ourselves in a fertile world full of our equine friends with whom exploring every corner of this map will be an everyday thing. More when there is a wide variety of chests with incredible treasures hidden in this plain.

  • Seed: 8678942899319966093
  • Game version: 1.9

Minecraft seeds

Seeds for version 1.8

In this section, we will introduce the best seeds created for Minecraft versions 1.8.


When we are tired of exploring plains, jungles and forests but we do not know what else to do in the vast Minecraft universe. At HDGamers we can suggest you try the seed of the Underwater Temple.

Beyond the majestic appearance of a building of such dimensions hidden in the depths of the sea. This Minecraft headquarters will allow us to explore a completely new world. In addition to offering great challenges with enemies and traps everywhere.

In case all this does not end up convincing you to try this seed, we can add its extensive variety of unique resources with which your creations and adventures will have no point of comparison.

  • Seed: -5181140359215069925
  • Game version: 1.8.8


If you happen to be the villain of the stories in each game, this seed will be your favorite. Not only for representing one of the most impressive monolithic monuments in the entire known universe of Minecraft .

But because it is one of the ideal shelters for the construction of a base where you will have abundant clean water, resources every day and a variety of foods with which to survive will not be as big a problem as trying to make life impossible for passers-by. .

  • Seed: 8858351513851407858
  • Game version: 1.8.8


One of the most particular seeds we have come across is precisely what this world generates for us. It is a small island not far from where you usually appear where you will find mushrooms and red cows.

Although it has no greater challenge than trying to avoid dying from an overdose of hallucinogenic mushrooms. It is ideal to have a good time and find meat easily.

  • Seed: 5387364523423380365
  • Game version: 1.8.8


This seed is ideal for fans of the Middle Ages inspired worlds. Since it will generate a set of villages, temples and dungeons full of adventure and great treasures waiting for adventurers hungry for a great story to tell.

In addition, it will grant you from the beginning a chest with the best gifts of a blacksmith to make your quest through this interesting world easier. But, in HDGamers we suggest you to be careful, from time to time you will come across quite complex enemies and a series of chests with great gifts.

  • Seed: 686298914
  • Game version: 1.8.8


Our next stop on the tour of the best seeds of Minecraft brings us to a cliff rich in mineral resources and, above all, an unmissable climbing adventure for lovers of Heights.

It is a hidden region that hides beautiful waterfalls of both clean water and lava. Undoubtedly a quite attractive combination for any player looking for strange resources. In addition, it is protected by an ideal wooded area to establish a small base that will facilitate your survival task.

  • Seed: 3657966
  • Game version: 1.8.1

Minecraft seeds


If you are interested in starting your journey through the wonderful world of Minecraft but you want to take your first steps with the security of not being traumatized and dying within a few days. We recommend using this seed.

Not only for offering you an incredible visual setting. But for offering its players a great variety of areas full of treasures, resources, equipment and riches that make it a great option for novice adventurers.

  • Seed: -516687594611420526
  • Game version: 1.8.1


Another great option for lovers of mountaineering and high altitude exploration is the Mountain in the Sky. It is a natural mega structure that surpasses the clouds and is full of unmissable adventures.

In addition, it has an extensive variety of flat areas with trees where you can rest and recharge your energies to continue learning about one of the best options that the Minecraft seeds will present.

  • Seed: -969535336
  • Game version: 1.8.1


In HDGamers we are obliged to recommend that you visit the seed of the Temple of the Desert because it is, in a few words, one of the most complete in the entire game.

Starting with finding a building full of adventures and surprises that you can not miss, going through a wide variety of biomes ideal for any taste and lifestyle. We arrive at land where the food is abundant and varied since you will see from cows to giant squids. Without a doubt, one of the seeds of Minecraft that you should try if you are looking for a complete experience.

  • Seed: 998538147
  • Game version: 1.8.1

seeds for Minecraft


If you are one of those impulsive players and whose main characteristic is little patience. Or, you want to quickly explore all the available biomes or scenarios of the Minecraft universe, this is the ideal seed for you.

It is a world where you will find all, absolutely all the maps available at the moment in the game. So in a single world you can explore and know all the options that this popular game offers and, who knows, you end up inclining to know more complete worlds related to your favorite biome.

  • Seed: -8913466909937400889
  • Game version: 1.8.1


One of the most popular ambitions is to get diamonds and own an immense fortune from this strange resource. Despite the fact that in real life it is a bit complicated to achieve it, it does not mean that in video games it is the same.

In fact, with this seed you can find an island full of chests rich in diamonds. In addition, you can find armor for your steed and tools to defend yourself. After all, you are not the only one looking for such a precious rock.

  • Seed: 1785852800490497919
  • Game version: 1.8.1


Continuing our ambition to satisfy the desire to own an immense fortune of diamonds, what better way to achieve this than to collect them quickly. That is why this seed is ideal for adventurers.

Unlike the previous sample, in this it will be easier to find such a desired precious rock since you will not have to travel long distances to find a series of temples with abundant chests rich in diamonds.

In addition, nearby you will have the facility of having villages full of NPCs where you can exchange them for riches worthy of such precious material. Without a doubt, one of the seeds of Minecraft that you should try.

  • Seed: 939276771201220157
  • Game version: 1.8.1

Seeds for version 1.6

In this section, we will introduce the best seeds created for the 1.6 versions of Minecraft.


Before continuing with our next seed, you have to check that you have selected the Big Bioma option so that it can be generated correctly.

That said, it is an immense island covered by hills and red mushrooms with which you can spend a good time exploring and learning about the properties of these friendly resources that nature offers us.

  • Seed: -8504220077033419916
  • Game version: 1.6.4


One of the best options to start our adventure in Minecraft is, without a doubt, this seed that allows us to start in a quiet village. In addition, she gives us a chest with an armor and a sword.

So, from the first minute of the game and without having practically done anything, you already have everything to start an adventure without problems. In addition, deep down you will see a temple in the desert full of treasures, riches and much more. Without a doubt, an incredible seed to take your first steps.

  • Seed: 2976643220357667859
  • Game version: 1.6.4

To finish, we just have to remind you that the game versions that we have described in this guide about the Minecraft seeds are those where each of them will run better. However, they are equally viable for general gaming. So, from HDGamers , we only have to invite you to enjoy one of the best games today.

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