Mirror: Uncensor Patch

A little explored world of the gamer universe, or at least one of the least publicly commented. It is the games with content for over 18 years. How is Mirror that, at first, does not present explicit material. But with this Mirror uncensored patch , it will become a real work for adults only.

Before playing

Remember that Mirror is, by itself, a game with high erotic content.

By installing this Mirror uncensored patch , you will significantly increase this material. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Just remember to keep minors away from your play area while enjoying this patch .

How to install the Uncensor patch

First of all, download the patch using these links:

Second, unzip the file and copy the “gameasset” file to the “Mirror / game_Data / StreamingAssets” directory and overwrite the existing file.

Note: if the game is still censored, read the full instructions inside the file.

How to Uncensor DLC

Now you just have to unzip the file and copy the file “dlcasset” in the directory “Mirror / save”.

Alternative way to patch

At this point, you should rename the gameasset file to gameasset18 before placing it in the StreamingAssets folder.

Go to Mirror \ save

Open the Game.ini file

Change this line for Win: “Assets = game_Data \ StreamingAssets \ gameasset”

Change this line for Mac: “Assets = game.app / Contents / Resources / Data / StreamingAssets / gameasset”

Change it to: “… StreamingAssets \ gameasset18”


Main game patch

Daisy / Dark Elf – Partially uncensored.

Yoko / Archer – Completely uncensored.

Cai Yun / Zombie – Completely uncensored.

Lin / Ice Dragon – Completely uncensored.

Unita / Orc – Completely uncensored.

Ketsuno Ana / Warrior – Completely uncensored.

Augie Terry / Egyptian Queen – Completely uncensored.

Martha / Priestess – Completely uncensored.

DLC patch

Leah / Succubus – Completely uncensored.

Madoka / Homunuculus – Completely uncensored.

Hill / Slave – Completely uncensored.

Mafercca’s / Alchemist – Completely uncensored.

Now that you know how to have the uncensored mode for over 18 years thanks to the Mirror uncensored patch, just enjoy the game always taking into account taking care of the little ones in the house. Play and enjoy being a gamer but with responsibility.

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