Mist Survival: Map – Complete Guide

In any survival game, the most important thing we have to know is the map. It is a fundamental part for the success of each game and in Mist Survival is no exception. That is why in HDGamers we bring you the Mist Survival map.

The map

Inventory slot upgrade location

Inventory slot update location.

This guide will show you, at the position of each color circle, the location of the inventory update.


It is the location of the inventory update, just make sure you have a lever in your inventory somewhere you need to enter through the door.


It is the bandit camp, sometimes the inventory update will be generated randomly in one of those camps.


It is the first generation point of the most possible player.

mist survival map

Now that you have the Mist Survival map, your chances of success will only depend on the strategy you form and your skills for Mist Survival.



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