Star Control Origins: Starbase Locations

If location in your own city is a problem, imagine traveling through outer space and the problems you will have when you get lost in the infinite universe of Star Control Origins. Fortunately, from Let’s talk about Gamers we bring you a map with all the star control origins star bases location.

Full Map

Here is a complete map of the 11 locations of star bases.

  • Inner Source Starbase – Near the Sun
  • Greater Void Starbase – Near Delta Turkey
  • Sanctum Starbase – Delta Xiphios A
  • Origin Survey – Alpha Gladius A
  • Perilous Range – Alpha Acroix
  • Erroneous Vector – Beta Ishikawa B
  • Monitor Deep – Beta Llvoren
  • Chrome Expanse – Alpha Domes
  • Vacant Fortress – Beta Uxor
  • Fluorescent Approach – Mu Wendigo
  • Spur Entry Starbase – Kappa Jutinim

Now you have a more than useful tool to travel all over outer space and gradually become an explorer with contacts in each star control origins star bases. It’s time to take off and venture into unknown territories of Star Control Origins.



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