Pokémon Go: How to get Trevenant

The beginning of the year brings with it a huge variety of new features for the various Pokémon games. On this occasion, we will tell you how to get Trevenant in Pokémon Go.

One of the most powerful and terrifying characters in the game with which you can get a huge amount of rewards. Without further ado, let’s begin to uncover all the mysteries of his arrival.

How to get Trevenant in Pokémon Go

The biggest thing any gamer is wondering right now is how to get Trevenant in Pokemon Go. The answer is quite simple, you can’t by conventional means.

As we saw with Metang in Pokémon Go, which we recommend you visit if you are interested in getting a semi-legendary Pokémon, the only way to get Trevenant is by capturing a Phantump and evolving it.

how to get trevenant in pokemon go

How to get Phantump in Pokémon Go

In this order of ideas, we must now set our sights on encountering a Phantump. It should be noted that these are a little easier to find and we can capture them in the following ways:

  • In nature.
  • We can also hatch 7 km eggs.
  • Completing research tasks.
  • Completing first level raids.

How to evolve into Phantump

Once we have Phantump, the only thing left to do to get Trevenant is to evolve it; however, this will not be as simple a task as we would like it to be.

  • One way is to have him gain experience in battles. It is the easiest but the one that will take the longest.
  • Another alternative is to give it candy, although you will need 200 to make it evolve.
  • Finally, and the way we most recommend is that you exchange a Phantump with another player. 

While this is a really practical option, we wouldn’t rule out the other two to get your hands on this fantastic old mysterious tree. On the other hand, if you want to explore other options to make Phantump evolve, we leave you the guide on how to evolve a Pokémon in the Niantic game.

That said, we already know all the possible ways on how to get Trevenant in Pokémon Go. So it only remains to invite you to continue enjoying this wonderful title safely.

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