Pokemon Sword and Shield: All guides, tips and tricks

Updated: November 16, 2019
Pokemon Espada y Escudo: Todas las guías, consejos y trucos

With every new Pokémon game comes a new set of Pokémon , mechanics and a region to discover, and Pokemon Sword and Shield are no exception .

The vibrant region of Galar is a constant delight to explore, encourage and reward collecting and fighting in equal measure, and the great battles add an exciting dimension to the familiar gym formula to offer a captivating adventure from start to finish. But most notable is that Sword and Shield reduced the tedious and prolonged elements of previous games in favor of amplifying what makes Pokémon great in the first place.

This is the most balanced Pokémon game you have felt in a long time, and with that, Sword and Shield marks the best new generation of Pokémon games in years.

We show you below all the tips, tricks and guides of Pokemon Sword and Shield :

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