Rocket League Ranks: Distribution – January 2022 (Complete List)

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Rocket League Ranks Distribution

Rocket League Ranks Distribution is one of the most striking themes for the community within this video game. After all, everyone wants to know if he is a pro or if he is part of the great swamp of noobs that exists.

In this article we are going to give you all the details about the new classification, we will disarm the available information so that you understand the complete picture. You will also find curious data that we have come across throughout the analysis, so don’t miss a thing.

Rocket League Ranks: Distribution

How to rank up in Rocket League

Remember that leveling up is just one aspect of the game that determines how good you have become playing. It also has a lot to do with your playing time. Not always a player who is in levels above yours will be better than you.

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When we look at the statistics of the tournaments and events we can see that there are great differences in level between the winners or the users who had outstanding participations.

So as a first recommendation, don’t pay too much attention to this detail, if you focus on improving your game the rank increases will come alone as you spend more hours on Rocket League.

The greatest example can be seen in high-ranking battles on 3vs3. In these types of events the supposedly elite players, top 10, usually lose easily against anyone within the top 100 of the Rocket League. In conclusion when it comes to battles and events, the ranges don’t matter, as long as they are segments that are close,

So the range doesn’t matter at all? Usually among non-professional players, rank is what determines how good your skills are. Also, who are we kidding, ranking up is always a motivation to improve within the game.

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The best advice we can give you for rank advancement is to review tutorials according to your current level. If you are just starting out and still belong to silver or bronze, then you should still be struggling to correct common mistakes.

Don’t look for the most advanced tutorials until you’ve polish your game completely. The best way to level up is to overcome the classic mistakes that all your opponents will make within your range.

So don’t worry if you are in a low rank, making mistakes, or if you are looking to enter a championship, focus on your own progress instead of obsessing about the distribution of ranks.

What rank do you have in Rocket League? If you liked our article about Rocket league, rank distribution, leave us a comment and tell us what strategies are you using to improve?

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