Yakuza 0: Catfight Guide

When walking through the streets of Kamurocho and Sotenbori with Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima is Yakuza 0 finds you with a series of characters that hold you in an endless number of mini-games. And that is why it is HDGamers we bring you the best guide to catfight in yakuza 0. With it, you will never lose a feline contest.

Something you should know

Before we begin, we have to tell you that this minigame is really unfair and very unbalanced against us. If you enter without preparation, you lost losing a LOT of cash.

That is why it brings this little guide to include the balance a bit in our favor.


The first thing you will have to decide is which fighter goes to a star. Here we will have a wide variety of options with different statistics and skills that can affect the result quite drastically.

From Let’s talk about Gamers we recommend that you choose Jennifer .

The reason, very simple. She has the highest and most rounded stats in the lineup and has a skill that can take a piece of the enemy’s health bar from the start.

However, you should also be aware of the factors that may affect the condition of the fighter that will appear below the screen.

If they are not in favor of Jennifer , then you should choose Francisca, if for some reason it is not optimal, then go with Momoko .

In general, any fighter you choose must have an outstanding ability (outside the Stone, Paper, Scissors triad) and two statistics of the same level.

Identification of variables

The variables that can affect victory are twofold.

1) Condition

2) Probability

The condition can be determined by the small scrolling text in the lower screen, which details the events that occurred around the fighters and how the impediments ensured the fight of their chosen fighter is in good condition and not is stressed or affected by some other reduced subcondition.

The probability is the number shown below the name of the fighter, make sure it is as low as possible, the smaller the sea, the better.

fight cats in yakuza 0

The real fight

  • Once the fight starts, you can decide which hand (Rock, Paper, Scissors) you can use the fighter.
  • Go for the opposite of the enemy’s weakest statistic (if the enemy has a star in Rock, choose paper).
  • After which, by going through the options depending on what the enemy responds to (if he chooses stone, suppose the enemy will choose paper below and then the scissors accordingly, etc.) he might be able to win.
  • However, given the RNG nature of the game, it will not always work that way, the most reliable option is to look at the color of its icon and the enemy.
  • If your enemy’s icon is white, assume that they will use their weakest statistics and counteract.
  • If colored, use one of the other two counters, if yours is blue, use your weakest ability, Green, use your second strongest and red, use your strongest.

This is not the way to win definitely, but it should give you an advantage over AI.

Now, how about mixing buttons?

What I discovered is that you should never crush as hard as you can when instructed, start a little slow and increase it.

This works possibly because AI tries to overcome it slightly, so you should always have room to breathe.

While it is not a way that will guarantee victory in the cat fight in yakuza 0. If it will be something that increases your chances of winning. Although you should know that, apart from everything you read here, you will always need the goddess of fortune to smile at you.

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