The Isle: Admin Commands – Complete Guide

The survival instinct is one of the most basic that every human being possesses. So it is easy to understand the reason that games that seek to exploit this sense to the fullest, such as Fornite for example, are so successful. The Isle is another great alternative to live the experience of fighting for our virtual lives and Let’s talk about Gamers brings you The Isle admin commands to that living is just a hobby.

Codes and their use

It is important to mention that only administrators of the server have the ability to use certain commands to preserve the integrity of the game.

If you have the opportunity to have this range, you will know when you see yellow your name on the screen and with it, you have access to the following list of commands the isle

  • / kick [player name] [motive]
    • Eject a player from the server for a specific reason.
  • / kickid [steam ID] [reason]
    • Eject a player from the server using his Steam ID.
  • / ban [player name] [hours] [reason]
    • Prohibit a server player for a certain amount of hours.
  • / banid [steam steam] [hours] [reason]
    • Prohibit a player using his Steam ID
  • / unban [steam ID]
    • Unseat a player.
  • . / announce Advertise [message]
    • Make an announcement to the server that everyone can see.
  • / heal Heal [player name]
    • Heals a broken leg or hunger and thirst.
  • / slay [player name]
    • Kill a useful player if someone wants to change dinos.
  • / goto [player name]
    • Teleport to the position of a player; It is useful if someone gets lost or gets stuck.
  • / bring Bring [player name]
    • Vice versa; Teleports a player to your position.
  • / time [Time]
    • Change the game time per hour.
  • / grow [player name]
    • Evolve your person or that of another player until the next stage (they still have to click on “Growth”). The player heals automatically.
  • / weather [weather condition]
    • Change the weather.


Next, we will leave you some considerations when using these codes correctly

  1. As mentioned, do not type the keys when entering commands

Example: / weather rain; instead of: / weather [rain]

  1. They can kick or ban a player using his player name or Steam ID, not both
  2. Most servers have consequences for administrators who abuse these commands

Example: teleport to a player’s position to kill him for food

  1. Ensure that there is no space between / and the command

Example: / time day ; instead of / time day

Now, with the list of the isle commands that Let’s Talk about Gamers for you, you have all the tools to be an exemplary administrator organizing entertaining and fair games.

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