The Forest: Crafting Guide – All the Recipes

If we talk about games full of mystery and darkness, The Forest is a title that cannot be absent. Belonging to the genre of survival and terror, that videogame knows how to reach the deepest part of our being and keep us with our soul in a thread during every minute of the game.

It is for this reason that from HDGamers we have created a long compilation list on one of the most relevant aspects so that you have a long life and do not end up being devoured by the natives. In this The Forest Crafting Guide you can find all the objects, armor and weapons that are necessary to fight your attackers and thus survive in this dark land.

The Forest: How to Craft

To be able to create the necessary objects during your adventure the procedure is quite simple. Open your inventory and select the right items with the right mouse button. If you do it correctly, the image of a gear will appear, which will warn you that you can combine these elements and create a new product.

Once the new object is created, you must add it to your inventory by right clicking on it. A clear example of how to craft in The Forest can be found by creating a molotov bomb. Place both the cloth and alcohol on the basis of craftsmanship and you will see that the gear is shown before you. Press on it and save your Molotov cocktail without problems.

The Forest Armor Crafting

Lizard Skin Armor

  • Lizard Skin

This is the easiest armor to get inside The Forest. All you have to do is kill lizards and create armor. You can use up to 6 of these.


  • Raccoon Skin + 4x Boar Skin + 6x Deer Skin + Rabbit Fur + 2x Cloth + 2x Rope

This gives you protection against enemy attacks and also against the cold.

Stealth Armor

  • Lizard Skin + 15x Leaf

As the name implies, this armor, in addition to giving you greater defense, also gives you a stealth bonus.

Bone Armor

  • 6x Bone + 3x Cloth

This armor offers you twice as much protection as that made with lizard skin.


  • 5x Stick + 2x Rope

As you may already be imagining, this resource will be of vital importance when you have to move through the snow. Try to have it in your inventory.

Rabbit Fur Boots

  • 3x Rabbit Fur + 2x Rope

These shoes will help you improve your stealth and, at the same time, will give you the chance to protect yourself from the cold.

The Forest Containers Crafting


  • 2x Rabbit Fur

With this object you can store a large number of mushrooms and berries, so build it as soon as possible.

Stick Bag

  • Rabbit Fur + 2x Rope + 3x Cloth

This item doubles the number of sticks your character can carry.

Rock Bag

  • Boar Skin + 3x Rope + Cloth

This item doubles the amount of stones your character can carry.

Throwable Rock Bag

  • Rabbit Fur + Rope

This item increases the amount of throwable stones your character can carry to 25.


  • 3x Rabbit Fur + Rope

This item increases the number of arrows your character can carry to 20.

Spear Bag

  • 2x Boar Skin + 2x Deer Skin + 2x Cloth + 3x Rope

This item increases the amount of Spears your character can carry to 5.

Water Skin

  • 2x Deer Skin + Rope

This item will allow your character to transport water.

The Forest Weapons, projectiles and bomb

Crafted Ax

  • Stick + Rock + Rope

The most basic ax you will find in the game.


  • Stick + Cloth + Electrical Tape

A weapon of distance that will surely help you keep your health to the fullest.

Crafted Bow

  • Stick + Cloth + Rope

The most basic arc you’ll have inside this game.

Upgraded Stick

  • Stick + Cloth

An improved version of the classic stick.

Upgraded Rock

  • Rock + Cloth

An improved version of the classic rock.

Weak Spear

  • 2x Stick

This spear will allow you to fish and fight.

Upgraded Spear

  • Weak Spear + 2x Cloth + 3x Bone

An improved version of the spear.

Incendiary Spear

  • Upgraded Spear + Cloth + Booze

This version of your spear will allow you to make your enemies burn.

Arrow (5x)

  • Stick + 5x Feather

These arrows are indispensable if what you want is to attack your enemies with your bow.

Bone Arrow (5x)

  • Stick + 5x Feather + 5x Bone

These arrows cause 40% more damage to enemies hit.

Poison Arrow (5x)

  • 5x Arrow + 4x Twin Berries
  • 5x Arrow + 4x Snow Berries
  • 5x Arrow + Amanita Mushroom
  • 5x Arrow + Jack Mushroom

One of the best versions in the group of arrows. The poison causes a decrease in movement and attack speed for several seconds.

Fire Arrow (5x)

  • 5x Arrow + Cloth + Booze

These arrows light fire when they come into contact with your enemies.

Molotov Cocktail

  • Cloth + Booze

Possibly the most popular bomb in this type of videogames. To make it work you will have to light your fuse with a lighter.


  • Booze + Circuit Board + Coins + Wrist Watch + Electrical Tape

This is the most basic bomb you can create in The Forest. While it is the weakest in the game, you may not have trouble killing your enemies with a single impact.

Head Bomb

  • Bomb + Head

An improved version of the previous bomb and capable of wiping out your enemies in a single impact.

Sticky Bomb

  • Bomb + Sap

This bomb has the peculiarity that it can stick to enemies and thus exploit them fully. Quite useful against cannibals.

Upgrading Items Crafting

Damage Upgrade

  • Teeth + Sap + weapon

Increase the damage of your weapons by 0.1 and decrease your attack speed by 0.05.

Damage Upgrade +

  • Booze + Sap + weapon

Increase the damage of your weapons by 0.2 and decrease your attack speed by 0.1.

Speed ??Upgrade

  • Feather + Sap + weapon

Increase the attack speed of your weapon by 0.1 and decrease its damage by 0.05.

Poison Upgrade

  • 4x Twin berries + weapon
  • 4x Snow Berries + weapon
  • 1x Amanita Mushroom + weapon
  • 1x Jack Mushroom + weapon

As the name implies, with this improvement you will add poison to your weapons. This allows you to reduce your attack speed and movement for several seconds.

Fire Upgrade

  • Cloth + weapon

This upgrade allows you to set fire to enemies with your attacks.

Fire + Upgrade

  • Cloth + Booze + weapon

An even more powerful version than the previous improvement.

Flashlight Upgrade

  • Flashlight + Electrical Tape + Chainsaw
  • Flashlight + Electrical Tape + Modern Bow
  • Flashlight + Electrical Tape + Crafted Bow
  • Flashlight + Electrical Tape + Flintock Pistol

Basically we are facing a technique that allows you to adhere your flashlight to your weapons, in order to have all the visibility you need in combat.

Other Items Crafting


  • 7x Cloth

Make a rope.

Blue Paint

  • 2x Blueberry + Sap

Make blue paint.

Orange Paint

  • 2x Marigold + Sap

Make orange paint.

Blue Painted Weapon

  • Blue Paint + Plane Ax
  • Blue Paint + Upgraded Rock
  • Blue Paint + Upgraded Stick

Make blue paint for 3 different weapons.

Orange Painted Weapon

  • Orange Paint + Plane Ax
  • Orange Paint + Upgraded Rock
  • Orange Paint + Upgraded Stick

Make orange paint for 3 different weapons.

Repair Tool

  • 2x Stick + Rock + 2x Cloth + 10x Sap

A tool that will allow you to repair buildings that have been damaged in your adventure.

Energy Mix

  • Chicory + Coneflower

A drink that will allow you to recover energy points.

Energy Mix +

  • Chicory + Coneflower + Aloe Vera

An improved version of the previous drink and that will completely restore your energy.

Herbal Medicine

  • Aloe Vera + Marigold

With this plant you can recover health points.

Herbal Medicine +

  • Aloe Vera + Marigold + Coneflower

An improved version of the previous herbior and that will completely restore your health points.

Upgrades can be applied to the following weapons: Plane Ax, Crafted Ax, Rusty Ax, Modern Ax, Club, Crafted Club and Upgraded Stick.

In the event that you do not have much experience in creating objects in The Forest, here is a video that shows the correct way to craft all the recipes in this fun game.

We hope this article has been helpful to you and that you will enjoy our The Forest: Crafting Guide and all the récipes that we have in HDGamers.

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