The Long Dark Complete Map

The Long Dark Complete Map

For lovers of open world video games, a skill they must have highly developed is that of reading maps. A clear example of this can be found in the map of The Long Dark. Although it may seem somewhat complicated to understand, with the help of HDGamers you will see that it is quite the opposite.

Before going on an adventure in The Long Dark

One of the greatest teachings that video games can give us is planning. A quality that will give us the possibility of preparing correctly for adventure. In the case of talking about The Long Dark map, it happens just that.

Below we will present everything you have to know with the maps of one of the best games you will find on the market today.

What will I find on these maps?

It is a fairly common question when we are faced with the adventure of traveling to an unknown place. Although we are talking about a simple game, remember that these teachings are more than valid for life itself.
Answering this question. In the maps that you will see below you will have the opportunity to meet characters that make the game’s history richer.
On the other hand, you will find resources, mission rewards, allies, equipment and much more that will make your trip a unique experience. In addition to giving you long hours of play.

The maps in The Long Dark

At this point, we’ll give you a more visual guide to all of the map locations as well as the highlights on them.

It should be noted that these points of interest are represented by figures in white, in order to distinguish it in an outstanding way.

On the other hand, it is important that you know that The Long Dark map is made up of the following 10 small maps:

  • Mystery Lake.
  • Coastal Highway.
  • Broken Railroad.
  • Winding River.
  • Timberwolf Mountain.
  • Desolation Point.
  • Pleasant Valley.
  • Ravine.
  • Crumbling Highway.
  • Milton.

Mystery Lake

Coastal Highway

Forlorn Muskeg

Broken Railroad

Winding River

Timberwolf Mountain

Desolation Point

Pleasant Valley


Crumbling Highway


Now that you have all the The Long Dark maps at your disposal, all you have to do is go on an adventure and explore the world of this wonderful game.

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