Welcome to the Free Will Password List

Welcome to Free Will is a Visual Novel game in which every decision you make affects the plot and your relationships with the characters. It has a password in every episode. If you don’t know how it is and how you can use it throughout the game, we can help you out with this article. Of course, it would be a spoiler because if you don’t find any password list Walkthrough will help you.

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Welcome to the Free Will Password list

If you are looking for a password, we have compiled a list for your gaming interest.

List of Episode 1 passwords

The passwords are listed here in appearance sequence.

  • First Password: 69position – First Night – Free roaming at Rosaline’s house – Magazine on the table
  • Second Password: RosaRightBoob – Day 3 – Morning following date with Niki – Magazine on the dresser to the left of the bed.
  • Third Password: mrlongdick – Day 3 – Free roam at cabin party – Magazine near to BBQ.
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List of Episode 2 passwords

The passwords are listed here in appearance order.

  • Fourth Password: sweet19 – Day 4 – Morning following the party – Magazine to the left of the bed, seen after receiving f from the females.
  • Fifth Password: bigroundass – Day 4 – Free roam at Lily’s place – Magazine on the table.
  • Sixth Password: sexythongs123 – Day 6 – Free roam 2-ep2 in Rosa’s house – Magazine to the left of the computer.
  • Seventh Password: spicysenorita – Night 6 – Free entry to the club – Magazine next to Claudia.
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List of Episode 3 passwords

The passwords are listed here in appearance order.

  • The eighth password: banggang – Day 8 – Unlimited roam ep 3 at Rosa’s house – Magazine on Niki’s bed.

The Welcome to Free Will Password’s way to solve

You could also require assistance with the answers. They have a technique that enables you to choose a different option if you made a mistake. If you want to look them up, a Walkthrough is the best solution.

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In any case, the game contains all the information you require in an easily accessible manner. Simply take your time and explore every area. The fact is that you can touch with while playing free roams.



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