What Do Polar Bears Eat In Minecraft

There are many types of mobs in Minecraft, from hostile mobs to cute mobs. One creature that combines these two factors is the polar bear! This cute fluffy ball of death can be found in the arctic biomes of Minecraft. If you find one, you might be wondering what do polar bears eat in Minecraft?

The answer is raw fish, especially cod and salmon. Unfortunately, polar bears can’t be tamed, so feeding them won’t suddenly make them your best friends. However, you can feed two polar bears to breed them. This will create an even more adorable little polar bear.

Can you tame polar bears in Minecraft?

No, you can’t tame polar bears in Minecraft. This is an unfortunate case of a misleading rumor making the rounds on the internet. The only way to tame and breed polar bears is to install a mod for the feature.

We hope we have cleared up any confusion about the polar bear’s diet. Minecraft polar bears do not eat and cannot be fed, despite online reports to the contrary. Let it be a lesson that not everything you read on the internet is true.

When were polar bears added to Minecraft?

Lead Creative Designer Jens Bergensten, better known in the Minecraft community as Jeb, had hinted at Polar Bears a few months before its actual release.

How to get raw cod?

Fishing is the most common way to get raw cod, just like salmon. To reduce the wait time, use the Salmon-like Lure enchantment and the chances of being caught can be slightly reduced with the Luck of the Sea enchantment (better known for increasing treasure rather than fish). Cod catches are worth 1 to 6 experience points.

In addition, they can be obtained by trading with villagers or by killing polar bears, cod or dolphins.

What do polar bears eat in Minecraft?

Polar bears eat fish in Minecraft, so if you plan on taming one, you’ll need a lot. Polar bears have a preference for salmon, so this should be the ideal fish to tame, unlike other NPC species like cats or dolphins, who have no preference for Pisces species.

These creatures move in groups of one to four. You can tame polar bears of all sizes, however finding a single adult will be the easiest to tame

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