What Does Smite Do In Minecraft

In order to enchant a weapon with Smite, players must first create an enchantment table. To do this, they must collect materials such as 4 obsidian blocks, 2 diamonds and a book. Players can use the enchantment table to enchant any item by right-clicking on it after creating it.

The player will be brought to the enchantment screen, where they must first select the weapon they wish to wound-enchant before beginning the process with a lapis lazuli. Once everything is done, players just need to use their Smite Enchantment book to give their weapon the special abilities.

Smite vs Sharpness: What is the best enchantment in Minecraft?

While Smite increases damage against undead monsters, Sharpen provides the same effect against all enemies. Sharpness V deals 10 more weapon damage and is clearly less powerful than Smite. However, Sharpness is a universal effect and Smite only has an advantage in certain situations.

So when fighting Wither, picking Smite over Sharpness is a no-brainer. At the other end of the spectrum, sharpening is usually more beneficial.

What does Smite do in Minecraft?

Smite makes your game easier by increasing your weapon’s ability to deal more damage per hit. Killing dangerous enemies and mobs can be a test. You know you will win in the end, but hitting over and over again and messing around with entry level weapons is not the way for a pro-Minecrafter.

To shorten those tedious battles so you can focus on more competitive and accomplished tasks. Punishment enchantments are present in the Minecraft universe. Whether it’s a wooden or netherite sword, anything can be enhanced with smite.

What is the purpose of Smite?

We now understand what the Smite enchantment does, so let’s look at the different targets. A heavy hit on a Netherite or Diamond sword will kill any undead in one hit. If you land two regular hits on either weapon, it will take two normal hits. However, landing a critical hit is much easier. you have to hit while falling.

The enchantment is extremely useful when you kill a lot of Wither Skeletons to summon the Wither. It will be much easier to complete the task if you have a max level Smite sword, and you won’t have to spend as much time polishing.

You can add the smite enchantment to any sword or axe, and its level ranges from one to five. For each level added to the enchantment, more damage is added to your weapon. For example, Smite I adds 2.5 or 1.25 hearts of damage to your sword or axe, while Smite V adds 12.5 or 6.25 hearts. This means that a netherite sword can deal more than 10.25 hearts of damage to an undead enemy. However, you cannot have arthropod sharpness or flails on the same weapon unless you use commands.

You can enchant your weapon with smite at an enchanting table. There is also a chance that you can enchant a book with smite. If you have a book enchanted with the word Smite, you can use an anvil to add the enchantment to your weapon. You can also take two swords or axes with smite to combine them and increase the smite level of the weapon. For example, taking two swords with level two punishment will create a sword with level three punishment.

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