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The hunger and thirst of every gamer to try new things in the gamer universe is a condition that we can hardly see, but that all gamer feel. Perhaps that is why we are associated with vampires and if we add to that the appetite for wanting to improve our favorite games, the night begins to look quite attractive. But, if we decorate it with Code Vein mods , it will become irresistible.

With them we will be able to access a completely new world of possibilities. From improving the graphics to complementing the gameplay and much more. Without a doubt, they are accessories that we can hardly refuse to try.

How to use Code Vein mods?

If you are already feeling the thirst for these fantastic Code Vein mods flood you, you will have to resist it a bit. After all, you don’t want to download them and find that you forgot something extremely important.

By this we mean that at that time, you will not know how they are installed correctly. Fortunately for you little video game vampire, HDGamers will teach you everything you need to learn to enjoy these incredible mods.

The truth is that the issue of how to install them does not have much difficulty. Still don’t believe us? Of course not, after all, we are just a strange shadow of the night that will try to guide you down a path that you do not know. But don’t worry, give us the vote of confidence and you will see that you will be able to enjoy Code Vein like never before.

  • The first thing you should do is go to the folder where the game is installed.
  • Once in it, go to this address: CODE VEIN CodeVein Content Paks
  • Here you should find a folder called mods . If it doesn’t exist, you’ll have to create it.
  • After you have these steps ready, you can proceed to download all the Code Vein mods that you like.
  • To install them, just unzip the files and send them to the mods folder that you just created or found.
  • Finally, run the game as administrator and enjoy.

Code Vein mods

What are the best Code Vein mods?

As you may have noticed, it is not something that requires a lot of knowledge or time. Like the Code Vein commands that We showed you previously, with the theme of mods we will experience some quite similar things.

However, we will not go into much detail about these incredible benefits Why? Simple and straightforward, because from now on we will show you which are the best Code Vein mods accompanied by a brief description of what they will do to your game. Ready or not, here we begin.

Skyrim Weapons

  • This mod changes the way your weapon looks in a Bethesda bug weapon.

Slicked Back Hair (Male) (Inspired By Vergil’s Hair From DMC Series)

  • This mod will give your character some similarity to the Vergil .

Son Goku

  • This mod will make you the legend.

Note: You will not get any kind of Ultra Instinct BS.


  • Through this mod you can do this:
    • Makes the graphical review of the game.
    • It looks like you are in a real DS game.


  • Through this mod you can save the world.

St. Patrick’s Mask

  • Through this mod you can spread the deaths with the mask of Saint Patrick.

Stop The Environmental Sound Effects Of The Base

  • If ambient game noise bothers you, use this mod to completely silence it.


  • Use this mod if you want to amplify your character’s frenzy. This will give you a really high increase in your attack strength and combat speed.

Sword Of Rupture Ea Over Argent WolfBlade

  • Use this mod to turn the sword Shirou into one of the weapons in the Fate / Stay .

The Breakdown – ReShade

  • With this mod you make a graphic modification in the following aspects:
    • With added presets.
    • Better image quality.
    • Shaded areas.

TopDown View Camera

  • This mod will turn your camera into one of the ones they have in Diablo and that other RPG.

Untitled Goose Mod

  • In this mod , you will become one of the geese, from the game Untitled Goose.

Vengeance Scepter

  • With this mod you achieve the conversion of your Cerulean Spear into the rude Vengeance Scepter.

Code Vein builds

Improved Visuals and Performance

  • This is the mod for improved performance and visuals it does exactly what it’s called after.

Invisible Blood Veils

  • With this mod you can:
    • Wear their capes and jackets.
    • There are two types of Invisible Blood Veils :
    • One for the ogre types.
    • The other hound-type jackets.

Invisible Mask 1 for Male and Female

  • By means of this mods Mask 1 is made invisible for both genders of the characters.

Invisible Inner Frame 1

  • With this mod you make the internal frame of your character become invisible.

Playable 2B

  • With the addition of this mod :
    • Automata no longer need some kind of introduction.
    • You will be able to replace the default female character of the game.

Colorable 2B Outfit

  • This mod comes with dual benefits.
  • If you want to dress up as the mod 2B playable character.
  • If you want to change the color of the Nier dress.

UE4 ReShade – True HDR

  • Through this mod you add:
    • A graphical overlay that allows:
    • Change or adjust your settings according to your need.

E3FX for Code Vein

  • This mod on a low-end device that improve:
    • Flowering.
    • Color correction.
    • Some aesthetically pleasing enhancements.

Fluffy Tails Accessory

  • This mod add:
    • A big fluffy fox tail.
    • The ability of colors.
    • Physics according to the needs of the surroundings.

Fox Ears

  • Using this mod kemonomimi replace :
    • The vanilla cat ears.
    • The ear mufflers.
  • By:
    • Big, lush fox ears.

Suicide Spur Capelet

  • By means of this mod the following aspects are eliminated:
    • The queues.
    • The ring of thorns from the Suicide Spur line of blood veils.

Magician Io

  • This mod :
    • Replace the default appearance of Io with the outfit of a stage magician.
    • Brand new outfit and blood veil replacement.
    • Red eyes, communal gift glow, and facial animations work as standard.

NPCs Outfit

  • By means of this mod separate the outfit of the NPCs from the outfits of the main characters.

Is there one last tip on Code Vein mods?

At this point there is not much more to say regarding these mods . The truth is, we can only give you some recommendations that will allow you to avoid suffering any kind of inconvenience in your game.

For example, we can tell you that the most convenient to play Code Vein with the mods , is that you start a game from scratch with them installed . This will give you greater guarantees that the game will not be closed unexpectedly.

Likewise, it is worth commenting that if you do not do it this way and decide to install the mods to continue your game, we advise you to continuously make a backup of it.

It is also wise not to go completely crazy installing a massive amount of mods . This will decrease the performance of your computer considerably. In addition, we recommend that you review the Code Vein builds for have a better knowledge on how to improve your character. Finally, the only thing left is to wish you a good game and that by using the Code Vein mods you get the gaming experience you are looking for.

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