Best Fallout 4 Mods – Updated 2022

The world of Fallout continues to give a lot to talk about thanks to the appearance of new additions to the game. The famous Fallout 4 mods are giving us an incredible window into a world of truly incredible possibilities.

With them we can make those minimal features that were considered improvable, already what we expect. So get ready, because HDGamers brings you everything you need to know about Fallout 4 mods.

How are Fallout 4 mods used?

The first thing we need to learn is how to install them. At this point, it is important to highlight the fact that, unlike other games, there are mods for all platforms where it is available Fallout 4.

Therefore, we are going to begin to teach you what you need to be able to install it in each of them and thus be able to enjoy its incredible benefits.

For PC

  • First, you must download the Bethesda launcher.
  • Next, download the Fallout 4 mods that you want to use.
  • The next step is to move them to the mods folder inside the game directory. In the event that it does not exist, you can create it without problems.
  • Open the Bethesda launcher.
  • Select the mods option.
  • Choose the mods you want to use in the game.

For PS4 and Xbox One

  • On PS4 and Xbox One there is a separate mods section in the start menu:
  • Pressing will ask us to connect our account
  • Then, we can navigate between the mods directly from the console.

mods de Fallout 4

The best Fallout 4 mods for PS4

Now that we know what to do to install the Fallout 4 mods on our console or computer, we can focus on getting to know them.

However, as you can imagine, due to the passage of time, we have a huge variety of mods for this game. This makes it a bit tricky to decide which ones are the best.

This is the reason why HDGamers have decided to bring you a guide showing you the best Fallout 4 mods for each platform. With that said, here are the most fantastic options for PlayStation 4 .

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Through this mod you get:

  • Fix errors for Fallout 4.
  • Hundreds of gameplay.
  • Search.
  • NPC.
  • Object.
  • Element.
  • Text.

Cheat Room

This is a mod that adds:

  • A new secret room where we can find almost all the items in the game.
  • If you want a specific object, you just have to go to it.

No Build Limit

With this mod you will be able to:

  • Remove building limits.
  • Works with the base game.
  • Increased settler limit.
  • Consciousness.
  • Cable length.
  • Corpse collisions.

Scrap That Settlement!

This mod adds the option to tear apart practically everything in a settlement:

  • Hedges.
  • Skeletons.
  • Roads.
  • Catwalks.
  • Huts.
  • Buildings.
  • Structures.
  • Objects that will be scrap.
  • There will no longer be fixed garbage in your villages!


This mod allows you to craft items with no material or skill requirements.

UCO (core component of Unified Clothing Overhaul)

This mod that allows you to customize your character with all the objects you want, without the restrictions of the original game.

Better Graphics and Weather

This mod improves:

  • The graphics.
  • The weather in the game.
  • The lighting.

Jetpack – Longer / Higher Flight Time

This mod allows you to:

  • Fly higher and a greater distance.
  • Build in workstation Power Armor a jet-pack.

Legendary Pip Boy Skins

This mod improves:

  • Stealth abilities.
  • Good luck.
  • Fall damage.

Outfield Retreat – Player Home

The mod adds:

  • 50 power armor.
  • Has cloud storage between workstations.
  • Shelf Bobblehead .
  • Double bed gives bonus.
  • Supply of clean water to survive.
  • It has a day and night cycle.

Plenty ‘O’ Exploration

With this mod, the doors of Fallout 4 will be open to:

  • Access the homes.
  • Know the stories of those who once lived in them.
  • Get to know the new places to explore.


This mod adds:

  • Ranges or combat sights that:
    • They allow quick target acquisition.
    • Keep your peripheral vision intact.
    • You can create the scopes in the workbench.

SimpleGreen – SimpleSeasons ‘Spring’

The function of this mod is:

Modify the appearance of the grass and trees to reflect the four seasons of the year in Fallout 4 .

Stronger DogMeat

Through this mod it is done that:

  • Meatball canine companion be stronger.
  • Deals more damage.

Zombie Walkers

With this mod you:

  • Check out the feral demons.
  • It turns them into slower Romero-style zombies.
  • Movement changes:
    • The sprint has been deactivated.
    • Running speed has been reduced.
  • Attack changes:
    • Disable attack types.
    • Attack base damage is doubled.
    • Add step effect
  • Health was not changed.

mods de Fallout 4

The best Fallout 4 mods for PC

In this vein, we will now show you our recommendations for Fallout 4 mods for computers.

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

By means of this mod the bugs of the original game that have not yet been officially solved are solved.

Healthier Commonwealth

This mod adds:

Realistic vegetation to the game world, including flowers and grass in the meadows, as well as leaves on the trees.

Fallout 4 HD Reworked Project

This mod provides:

  • Better appearance tests objects.
  • Redesign of its textures in high definition.
  • Improve game performance.

Alternate Start

Through this mod you can become:

  • Mercenary.
  • Scientific.
  • Or other characters.

Vault 1080

This mod adds:

  • New zone with realistic lighting.
  • An extra hour of exclusive gameplay.
  • Test charts


It is a mod for camping that adds:

  • New crafting elements.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Dog beds.
  • Fire.
  • Flashlights.
  • Cooking pots.
  • Unique sounds.
  • Various elements that are used in a picnic.

Conquest – Build New Settlements And Camping

This is one of the best mods for Fallout 4 as it allows us to build a camp or settlement anywhere in Commonwealth. < / em>

Eli’s Armor Compendium

By using this mod you add:

  • 50 new armor.
  • 20 accessories with modifiable colors.
  • A new style for our characters.

Enhanced Blood Textures Basic

In this mod it is achieved:

  • Replaces combat blood splatter, screen blood, and decapitation jets.
  • Increased amount of blood.
  • New wounds caused by:
    • Blunt weapons.
    • Blades.
    • Claws,
    • Disarmed.
    • Energy.

Everyone’s Best Friend

This mod will pallow to have:

  • Dogmeat.
  • A partner.

Frost Survival Simulator

The goal of this mod is:

  • Eliminate all vanilla missions.
  • Survive after the bomb drops.
  • The NPCs have been eliminated, but you will find new threats and enemies.


This mod offers :

  • More control over modifying your weapons.
  • Two new categories:
  • Fire mode.
  • Chamber kit (all types of ammunition).

Ponytail Hairstyles

This mod provides 32 new hairstyles for our characters, for both men and women.

Sim Settlements 2

With this mod you will be able to:

  • Recreate EA’s social simulator.
  • Place your settlement and surround it with:
  • Shops.
  • Zones:
    • Residential.
    • Agricultural.
    • Industrial.

T-49 – Armor of the Storyteller

Through this mod you can make your own story about the Narrator’s armor, the Power Armor T-49.

True Storms: Wasteland Edition – Intense Weather, sounds, effects

This is one of the best mods of Fallout 4 that it offers:

  • A complete review of the storm system with:
  • New sound effects.
  • Particle effects.
  • Textures.
  • Fog.
  • Sandstorms.
  • Most dangerous radioactive fallout.
  • Many other modifications.

Fallout 4 builds

The best Fallout 4 mods for Xbox One

Last but not least, here you will find out which are the best Fallout 4 mods for Xbox One .

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

By means of this mod the bugs of Fallout are fixed.

Cheat Room

In this mod they have been added:

  • The holotape will automatically be added to your inventory.
  • It is enabled in your load order.
  • God mode.
  • Infinite ammo.
  • Infinite transport weight.
  • Ap infinite.
  • Easy blocking.
  • A shooting death.

Place Anywhere

This mod adds:

  • Possibilities for the construction of settlements.
  • Objects are:
    • They can place in red areas.
    • Give them precise movement and rotation.
    • Resize them.
    • Freeze them.
    • Toggle your setting.
    • Disable / enable them to exclude them from various group selection / move points.

Clean Water

Through this mod you will be able to:

  • Cleaning up the water bodies of the Commonwealth :
    • So that they stop having that greenish brown color.
    • Eliminate radiation damage from swimming and drinking water in the commonwealth.
  • Works with Far Harbor .
  • It is not compatible with other mods that alter the water data.

Bullet Time

This is a mod that adds:

  • Bullet time to Fallout 4 .
  • Be able to modify its parameters from the Pip-Boy .
  • Activation of hotkeys.
  • Real-time AP drain while bullet time is active.
  • Fully configurable.
  • There is no need to swap plugins.
  • Works with gamepads.
  • Bullet time is a great alternative to IVAS.

Eli’s Armor Compendium

This mod adds:

  • 50 unisex armor.
  • 20 accessories with modifiable colors.
  • Infinite amounts of mods of armor color to the game.
  • There are a lot of costumes:
  • Settlers type.
  • Mashups Vault Suits.
  • Raider armor.
  • Institute clothing.

Ellen, The Cartographer

In this mod you meet Ellen, a self-titled cartographer with:

  • More than 1200 lines of dialogue.
  • Affinity system
  • Compatible with the DLC.
  • Possibility of romance with your own custom search.

Huge Weapons Xbox

In this mod you get the following heavy weapons:

  • A mini Nuke.
  • 50 units of:
    • swing.
    • Firehydrating bat.
    • wobbly
    • NukeBall.
  • 250 Boulder.
  • 76 Both the NukeBall and the rock are thrown like a grenade.

K-9 Harness – Tactical Body Armor And Backpack For Dogmeat

With this mod you achieve:

  • 2 screenshots.
  • Tactical Body Armor and Backpack.
  • A new modular body armor for Dogmeat with:
    • New meshes.
    • Textures.
    • With side bags make them.
    • Backpack.
    • Bulletproof fabric.
    • Faction patches.
    • Of various colors and patterns.

Pip-Boy Customization Framework Reed (Main)

This mod aims to:

  • Modify the appearance of Pip-Boy on the workbench.
  • Install a compatible texture pack.
  • Include new content such as:
    • A new Pop-Boy that can be:
      • Sell.
      • Save.
      • Hand over to a partner.
      • Or the possibility of building a new one whenever we want.

Plenty ‘O’ Exploration – New interior and exterior to explore!

With this mod , the doors of Fallout 4 will be open to:

  • Access the homes.
  • Discover new places to explore.

Ponytail Hairstyles

With this mod you will be able to:

  • Have 32 new hairstyles for both men and women for your Fallout 4 characters.

Salvage Beacons

With this mod you will be able to:

  • Create beacons to place the resources that you find.
  • Put your settlers to work bringing the loot back to your settlements
  • Focus on saving the Commonwealth.
  • Requires:
    • Local Leader Rank 1.
  • Create rescue beacons at a chemical station.

Sim Settlements 2

With this mod you will be able to:

  • Recreate EA’s social simulator, but in the Bethesda game.
  • Your reason for rebuilding The Commonwealth .
  • Place your settlement and surround it with:
    • Shops.
    • Residential areas.
    • Agricultural.
    • Industrial.
  • Have an improved HUD interface.
  • Codes faster.
  • Optimized tools to manage your empire.
  • Dozens of recruitable characters to meet.
  • Tons of secrets to unlock.

Latest recommendations on Fallout 4 mods

To end our tour of the world of Fallout 4 mods , we need to give you some recommendations so that you can fully enjoy them.

In this sense, we remind you that first of all, you must create an account at Bethesda . Without this, you will not be able to access any of the mods for this game.

Likewise, it is worth remembering that it is not convenient to overload your computer with a huge amount of Fallout 4 mods. This can cause poor performance in the game or that it loses its essence. That said, the only thing left is to invite you to review the Fallout 4 builds so that you can fully enjoy this incredible game.



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