Best Skyrim Mods – Updated 2022

In the gamer world there are titles that are extraordinary on their own. But, since nothing in this life is perfect, there is always room for improvement. This is the case of the The Elder of Scroll saga that on this day we bring you the best Skyrim mod .

With them we will find a completely new world of possibilities when it comes to enjoying the fifth installment of this great story. So in a nutshell, being a game that presents itself, let’s start exploring this incredible world of mods .

How are Skyrim mods installed?

If you are somewhat bored of playing Skyrim in its original version. The idea of ​​using the mods of this game is not starting to sound bad at all . So, if you’re starting to consider it, there are a few things you need to know before using them.

First of all is, of course, the correct way to install them. The truth is that it is not a process from another world, it is as simple as following these steps:

  • You must create an account in one of the authorized mod communities. These are Bethesda and Nexusmods .
  • Download the mods manager of any of them.
  • While installing, go to the directory where the game is installed and look for the folder named Skyrim Mods . If it doesn’t exist, you can create it manually.
  • After this, you have to run the Mod Manager that you installed.
  • In the pop-up windows, find the address of the mod folder you found or created.
  • Next, you will have to choose the community where you created your account.
  • Save all changes.
  • Now you can browse the web and select the Skyrim mod that you like the most.

Note: In the event that you have chosen to create the Bethesda option, one of the cases may occur where in the game’s start menu they enable the mods . You just have to access your account from the page and choose the file of your preference.

Skyrim mod

The best Skyrim mod

As you can get an idea, a huge variety of Skyrim mod have come out over the years. So Which are the best? It is here where HDGamers this important mission took place.

The one to explore the whole world of these mods and present you the best of all. That said, below you will learn about the Skyrim mod that we recommend you use.

Serana’s Tomb Blood Curse

  • Through this mod a condemnation is added to the player by freeing Serana if you are not a vampire or a werewolf.

Alchemy Requires Bottles Redux

  • The mod Alchemy translation requires redux bottles. Now to make potions you need empty bottles.

Live Another Life Extension

  • This is a mod corrected New Beginnings, for both male and female characters.

Smooth Magic Casting Animation

  • Through this mod a new magic launch animation is achieved.


  • Through this mod a new mission is added that takes the Dragonborn to the island of Wyrmstooth , in order to kill a dragon that is causing trouble.
    • You get:
      • New weapons.
      • Shields.
      • Spells.
      • A new cry.

Smooth Combat – Non Combat Animation System

  • This mod separates the idle animation from combat and non-combat situations when the weapon is drawn.

First Person Combat Animations Overhaul 2.0 LE – SIZE MATTERS

  • If you use this mod you will get:
    • Over 60 new animations to enhance your first-person combat experience.
    • New unique animations for katana style weapons and daggers.
    • New inactive locks and crashes.
    • No patch requirede Nemesis or FNIS.

NPC AI Lag Fix 1.2

  • This mod fixes the bug that the game engine cannot properly handle the NPC AI process after the player is waiting, sleeping and other events.

Project Proteus

  • By using this mod it is achieved:
    • Switch between player characters in the same game world or spawn as followers.
    • Permanently edit the appearance and stats of NPCs.
    • Instantly change the weather and more.
    • Permanently edit the statistics of:
    • Weapons.
    • Armor.
    • Spells.

Unequip Quiver

  • Using this mod you can remove the quiver / bolts when equipping weapons and spells or when the character unequips the bow or crossbow.

Dog Replacer

  • This mod replaces all the dogs in Skyrim with new models.

Imperial Guard Centurion Armor

  • Using this mod adds a unique and tradition-friendly armor set based on the same version of Elder Scrolls Online .

Elenwen reaches the end of her days

  • Using this mod it is achieved that Elenwen reaches the end of her days.

Whiterun Sewer Home

  • This mod shows you a simple and no-frills player at home in the sewers of Whiterun.

Skyrim mod

Whiterun Under The Bridge Player Home

  • Using this mod a home is established with:
    • Craft basics.
    • Some storage and clothing.
    • Replicas of weapons.
    • Unbreakable Skeleton Master Key.
    • Some masks.

The 4 piece Leftovers Followers LE – German Translation

  • This mod only contains the translated files of the original mod .

Inpa Sekiro Combat Less Intrusive HUD II LE

  • Through this mod it is possible to convert the boring combat system Vanilla into the Sekiro system.

Alternative Crafting System

  • This mod adds the ability to make any item (even other mods ) by any blacksmith in skyrim without patches of any kind.


  • The blacksmith will temper your weapons and adjust your armor just for the cost of the material.
  • Blacksmiths have the vanilla perk corresponding to their blacksmith skill level.
  • So they can create armor from any material they are aware of.
  • The more skilled the locksmith, the more expensive their services will be (because they are busy) (customizable).
  • Creation takes time (customizable).
  • It’s an easy fix for those tired of leveling up creation (and breaking their own character’s personality) just to get to that great new armor or weapon or keep up with the difficulty. </ li >

Dragonhide Fixed

  • Using this mod you will be able to:
    • Dragonhide does not nullify Ebonyflesh or other meat spells that give lower damage resistance.
    • The opposite of the previous point, Ebonyflesh and other meat spells nullify Dragonhide even though Dragonhide provides better superior protection, if the meat spell is cast when Dragonhide is active.
    • Nullify the armor.
    • Meddles with physical resistance despite leaving magic resistance alone: ​​

Inpa Sekiro Combat Less Intrusive HUD II LE

  • Using this mod you achieve:
    • Convert the boring Vanilla combat system into the Sekiro system. This is a backport

Arcane Duplicator Ita

  • This mod modifies Arcane Blacksmith Perk by adding the ability to create usable replicas of almost any artifact and unique item that exists in the game.

Amorous Adventures (sexlab) ITA

  • Use this mod if you want the player to playbe a playboy.

Thunderfury and The Stronghold of Azzinoth Redux

  • Using this mod you add:
    • One-handed sword, Thunderfury.
    • A heavy shield, the Bulwark of Azzinoth.
    • 18 Base Damage / Sword / Daedric.
    • 40 Armor Classification.
    • Power strikes at close range knock back enemies.
    • Blocked hits deal a small amount of knockback damage to the attacker.

Hana Racemenu Overlays

  • Using this mod of the Male Warrior Masks you get a set of 15 war books of random designs for your battle-hardened warrior.


  • By using this mod the following are added:
    • Dark Seducers.
    • A summoning spell.
    • A one-handed sword.
    • Wind-kissed blade (single hand).
    • 16 p. base damage / Sword / Daedric.
    • New creatures.
    • New spells.
    • New weapon.

Style parry system

  • This mod introduces the “ MORDHAU ” parental system to Skyrim .
  • Feint, Accel and Drag sound is also implemented.

More Monstrous Volkihar

  • With this mod you will make Harkon, Valerica and Serana look like the rest of their clan by changing them to use the beautiful wrinkled faces of Dawnguard and bat-like traits:
    • Brow ridges.
    • Big fangs.
    • Ugly faces.

Dragonslayer Markus – A Standalone Follower

  • This mod adds:
    • A new fan of the game: Dragonslayer Markus .
    • He wears full dragon plate armor (no shield).
    • Use a Daedric Sword with a fire enchantment.
    • He has a hunting bow.
    • Some iron arrows.
    • Possesses a high level of combat skills.

Morrowind Creature

  • Through this mod three types of new creatures are added.

Pets Kingdom – Pets of Skyrim

  • Through this mod the cats (wild and pets) of Pets Kingdom and Pets of Skyrim obtain consistent footprints, even with < em> Better Animal Footsteps .

Last tips on Skyrim mods

After knowing this great selection, you might be wondering Is there anything else we need to know about these mods? The truth is that the answer is a resounding yes.

But it does not happen to show you another list with more options. Here we will focus on commenting on some traits with which you can save and take care of your game.

The first one is to tell you that depending on the community where you are registered, the use of its mods is restricted . That is, not all mods of one are compatible with the other.

Also, remember that mods take up a considerable amount of space. So you should make sure you have the capacity on your hard drive to enjoy them .

It is also worth remembering that the Skyrim builds that we present to you above are valid for any Skyrim mod that you decide to install. That said, we can only invite you to enjoy one of the most important gamer adventures in the world.



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