How to activate Microsoft Office 2019 correctly

Having problems using the Microsoft Office package is one of the worst obstacles that your operating system can put you. It usually happens in the moments that most affect your productivity. Today in Gamers we will teach you how to activateMicrosoft Office 2019 using the product key.

Office is by far the favorite office software most used by everyone from businesses to individuals around the world who choose this program before any other. Even competing users (People using Apple devices) download versions compatible with their operating system.

For now this essential tool from the company Microsoft is still included in certain packages of its Windows operating system, we say for now because more and more the company is inclined to pay for its new Office 365 system, which is by subscription.

You could say that you have to take advantage as long as Office continues to be an accessible program without micro-payment fees.

Without further ado, we leave you this quick and simple tutorial so you can reactivate your Windows Office 2019 package completely legally.

Activate Microsoft Office 2019 totally free

Before starting to give you instructions, it is worth remembering that this tutorial only works for Windows 10 operating systems. The office suite 2019 is only available in the latest version from Microsoft.

If you do not have Windows 10 it is not a problem, the Office 2016 package is really good, you can go to the article in which we also teach you how to activate office 2016, corresponding to versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8. 2016 is without a doubt the best choice after the latest Office update.

The first thing you need, of course, is to have the Microsoft Office 2019 package installed on your computer before trying to activate it.

If you already have Windows 10 and have not yet downloaded the program, you can do it using this link: Download office 2019.

If you prefer the Spanish version, you can also download Microsoft Office 2019 using this link: Download Office 2019 in Spanish.

Both links for both languages ??are safe and legal, you will download the Office 2019 packages from the Windows page.

Remember that in We talk about gamers we only deal with issues that are legal, so this tutorial will serve you whenever you have a valid activation serial, there are many places where you can get them, at the time we will indicate which .

Steps to activate the 2019 version for free and without a license

Have you already downloaded Office 2019? Here are the steps to activate it without major problem:

  • First step: Open a text document.
  • Second step: Paste some activation code, you can try this.
  • Step 3: Make sure to save the document with the ending .bat ( Save as: office19.bat ) Remember to save this document in a location that is easy for you access.
  • Fourth step: Find the document wherever you have saved it and run it as administrator. To do this you must right-click on the text document and look for the third option from the list that says “Run as administrator”. As it appears in the image:

Then it only remains to wait a moment for your version of office to activate and that’s it! You should have Office active and ready to go without any problem. If it doesn’t work, you can try restarting the computer and repeating the process.

If it still does not work for you after repeating the steps with the newly started computer, you should look for another code, or some legal license.

There are many places where you can acquire legal Microsoft Office 2019 licenses, we can recommend you try these links:

We hope this article has served you and you are already enjoying this invaluable work tool. If you managed to Activate Microsoft Office 2019, then leave us a comment and share this article with whoever you need.

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