This is how Enhance Gear at AFK Arena

Today we are going to show you how to improve your team at AFK Arena like a pro. Levelear team in this title is not so complicated, the difficult thing is to do it well, resulting in long-term advantages. In this article we will not only tell you how to improve the equipment in the most correct way , we will also count classic beginner mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

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We know that many players have difficulties in defining a strategy when it comes to improving their team. Worse yet, we know of many who don’t even have a strategy in mind. If you make a mistake improving your team you will lose many coins in the process , therefore you will also waste your effort and your playing time.

One of the most repeated failures is that of the players improving equipment that in the fury will be completely unnecessary in the game. This type of behavior will make you spend almost twice as many coins during your entire existence within the AFK universe.

In this guide we will show you a true strategy that you can follow when it comes to obtaining and improving the equipment of your heroes. It doesn’t matter what level you have, but it is much better if you read this article when you are still a novice. We will show you the best maneuvers from the first to the last stages of AFK.

Strategies to improve the team:

In summary, the way to improve equipment within AFK is by feeding articles. In other words, you must use different items or chips to improve the current team.

Each upgrade you make will cost a certain amount of coins, which will increase. This is why it is so important to have a defined strategy from the beginning.

Follow this tactic to save you trouble, time and especially gold. We divide our guide by faces of the game.

Remember, what we will be teaching you is a general strategy, you can then adapt it to your particular game.

The good thing is that we will give you effective foundations for any style of play, we will not tell you how to play, we will teach you how to do it better.

The early game (Chapters before 16):

The most important thing in this phase is Hold the temptation! As much as the game seduces you to spend your coins and your team better not do it Resists gamer!

During this stage of the game you will not get any kind of mythical equipment and any improvement you apply will be completely useless later, that is why you should avoid upgrades at all costs.

Don’t worry, all those materials will be used later, save the coins and equipment to feed something cool in the future. It will be worth it!

Also, with the equipment you find during this stage, it will be enough to survive and advance. Base your success on a good game strategy and hero mix instead of improving your team like crazy.

If you are having trouble moving forward with your current team, it is common for this to happen, get new gear in “Guild Hunting” mode.

Intermediate game (Chapters after 17):

At this stage it gets good. For these chapters you will start to obtain mythical equipment (Red) in your rewards from the arena and of course also from the Guild Store. Remember to do Guil Hunt frequently to increase your chances of getting new mythical gear.

From now on you can give yourself the satisfaction of improving the equipment you want to dress your favorite hero in red from head to toe. From now on the mythical team can be upgraded to T1 and then to T2, there are no higher upgrades so you can level up everything you need without regretting it later.

The advantage is that now you have much more resources and much more gold than you would have if you had dedicated yourself to improving everything from the first chapters.

Follow these tips throughout the stage:

Don’t spend diamonds on equipment:

Never pay for diamonds to buy or upgrade equipment, even if that equipment is legendary. The treatment you will receive for your diamonds is really miserable, it will be like making the worst purchase of your life.

Never buy equipment that is not mythical:

Just like we told you in the beginning about improving equipment, the rule also applies to buy any type of instrument below the mythical level. Such behaviors are a long-term waste of money within the AFK Arena.

Resist the temptation!

Never better team without faction:

Upgrading equipment is expensive, once you get enough requirements to make upgrades to T1 and T2 you will realize that faction gear will have 30% upgrades.

It is not worth upgrading to any non-mythical team or any team that does not have a defined faction.

Advanced game:

We consider you to be in an advanced game stage once you have the stones to advance your Mythical team to T1 and T2.

As a first general tip, make sure you know which heroes you will be using in the future, upgrading to T2 is really a colossal gameplay effort to waste on the team with the wrong faction.

Which team to improve first?

There is a specific order of what should be bought and improved first and what not.

We place all the objects here in order of importance, always improves as follows:

  1. Boots
  2. Weapon
  3. Helmet
  4. Armor

What is the logic? If you have more speed you can attack more often, that’s why the boots go first.

Once you are attacking, the most important thing is the sword, but if you attack fewer times, it will be worth having the most powerful weapon.

Finally you can improve the defensive part of your hero with the helmet and armor. In particular we prefer to improve helmets first.

Improving from mythical to T1:

As we mentioned before, NEVER apply a T1 enhancement to any item that does not have a faction. Make sure to improve the equipment that when combined will generate an extra 30% boost. Any other use of the T1 will be a waste.

If you have agility and strength equipment upgrade boots first, then weapon.

If you have an intelligence team upgrade your weapon first, intelligence items don’t grant speed.

Upgrading to T2:

With these improvements you don’t get any speed, precision or dodging ability. For this reason, we recommend that you always start improving your weapon when you have to advance to T2.

You already have the basics to progress smoothly and with many wins at AFK Arena. Now that you know how to improve the team What other secrets do you want us to tell you? We have saved a couple of tricks for another article. Remember to register on our page so you don’t miss them.



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