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For a long time, jailbreakers enjoyed one of the most popular apps ever developed. AppCake was designed to offer an easy way of installing unsigned apps and games on our devices but was only available through Cydia. Now AppCake can be used by any iOS user and doesn’t need a unlock or jailbreak to work. Best of all, it is still completely free to use.

How to Install AppCake:

Clearly, Apple won’t allow this into the official store given that it contains all the other apps they won’t allow but downloading it is pretty simple. It would help if you used the Safari browser to do this, as it works better. Still, there is something to be aware of – to ensure it worked for everyone, AppCake uses expired enterprise certificates, and these are liable to be revoked by Apple at any time. This will cause the app to crash, and you need to start over. An anti-revoke app will stop this from happening.

  1. Download AppCake using Safari browser
  2. Tap Install on the on-screen message
  3. AppCake goes to your home screen when the installation has finished.
  4. Now open iOS Settings and go into General Settings.
  5. Tap Profiles & Device Management
  6. Tap the AppCake Profile and tap Trust
  7. Close Settings – Now, you can use AppCake for all your apps.

How to Use AppCake:

AppCake is easy enough to use, and there are two ways to do it:

Method 1: Installing Pre-Loaded Apps

  1. Open AppCake from your home screen
  2. Tap on any of the app or game you want to install
  3. Tap on Install and follow any other directions on the screen
  4. Follow step 4 onwards in the installation guide.
  5. The app is ready to use

Method 2: Installing External IPA Files

  1. Open Safari browser and find the IPA files you want to download
  2. Download them and send them to AppCake
  3. Open AppCake and tap on the Downloads section
  4. Tap the file you want to install
  5. Follow the on-screen directions, and the app will be installed.
  6. Again, follow from step 4 onwards in the installation guide before you use the app.

What is AppCake?

Released by iPASTORE in 2008, AppCake was developed by iPhoneCake as an iOS platform for unofficial apps and games. These are unsigned files that Apple refuses to allow into the official app store because they don’t meet their strict policies on apps.

Lots of users turned to Cydia Impactor to do this but, while it is a useful tool, it is somewhat limited. First off, users need to download their own IPA files from the internet first and then use Cydia Impactor to sideload them. AppCake lets you do that, but it also has thousands of pre-installed apps and games too. And Cydia Impactor also limits you to only three apps at a time on your device, and as one of those is the tool itself, that leaves you with just two – AppCake has no restrictions whatsoever.

AppCake Features:

AppCake has plenty of cool features for all users:

  • Completely free to use
  • Supports all iOS devices on iOS 9 upwards, including iOS 14
  • All content is in useful categories.
  • You can even jailbreak your device by downloading Electra or Unc0ver utilities from the store.
  • Thousands of pre-loaded apps and games
  • Option to sideload your own files

If all that wasn’t enough, the developers also threw in a few extra features you won’t find in any other similar store:

  • File Manager – Monitor progress of your downloads and catch any issues and manage all your downloaded files
  • Web Server – upload and download your files using any web browser.
  • Search Facility – find specific apps and games easily and quickly.
  • Customized Settings – sop app crashes on iOS 12 and iOS 13, have your downloads automatically install, and .more

How Safe is AppCake?

AppCake is one of the safest app installers to use, having gone through stringent testing at every development stage. The developers have one of the best reputations and have no intentions of losing it by providing users with an unsafe app to keep it monitored. Any issues are fixed immediately with an update.

Other updates include security enhancements, new content, and improvements to the app, and installing them is highly recommended to keep your device safe. You don’t have to jailbreak to use AppCake, although you still can if you want, and you don’t provide your Apple ID. Our tests did not reveal anything nasty like viruses, malware, or anything else.

AppCake has always been a popular app store, even more so now that no jailbreak is needed to install it. Not only does it offer an easy way of installing third-party apps, but it also gives you a safe way of installing jailbreaks should you want to. Try AppCake on your device today and learn why millions of people use it as their app store of choice.

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