Dr.Fone Review: Is Dr.Fone safe?

Today we bring you a special review. We have been asked repeatedly in our technology articles what we think of this program, so we decided to download it, use it and make this post with our opinions on Dr.Fone. We will tell you everything you need to know, from what it is, what it is for, its pros and cons to how safe it is.

In addition, for all our HD Gamers we get a super discount coupon with which you can download and use dr. Phone with registration on your iphone, andorid or Windows.

Deleting data, photos, notes or videos accidentally from your mobile is really easy and much more usual than we would like, the problem is how difficult it becomes to recover them.

The good news, in 2020 we have tools such as those provided by Dr.Fone , the most popular program to recover files from your devices. What few know is that Dr.Fone also has other useful functionalities aside from data recovery.

Dr.fone’s friendly interface helps you not only to recover those notes or photos that you accidentally deleted, also offers other possibilities such as:

  1. Easily pass your information and contacts from one phone to another.
  2. Repair system errors and other problems with your mobile.
  3. Easily find lost files in the memory of your cell phone.
  4. Make space by deleting data simply and safely.
  5. Always have an efficient backup of all your information.

What is Dr.Fone?

Dr.fone or Doctor fone, as some know it, started out as a fairly simple iOS to repair and recover files. Recently its developers added new features that make it the powerful tool it is today. .


One of the new features is that Dr.fone works perfectly for Android as well as for iOS (I phone). Of course the versions of the program are completely different, the Iphone suite will not work on Android and vice versa.

The creators of Dr.fone are not new to software development, the company that was in charge of creating the program is Wondershare, has years in the sector and has more than 50 million downloads in its Applications.

What is Dr Phone for?

Dr fone was created thinking of all the people who lost or deleted some important information from their phone and now want to get it back.


This tool probably has the highest data recovery rate on the market. It also offers really useful tools to easily manage your mobile. Operations like back up and restoring files become more friendly if you have this program.

Dr.fone is an easy-to-use information passing program, perfect if you want to delete all the data from a device, restore deleted files or backup your photo roll on a computer.

Is Dr.fone safe?

The answer is a resounding YES , you don’t have to worry about the security of your devices if you install Dr.fone on them. First of all, the company that supports it is recognized in the software world: Wondershare.


It is a program 100% free of viruses or malicious software, it is backed by its Norton certification. Also you can do a 7-day free trial to see if the program adapts exactly to what you need. It has worked wonders for us so far to recover files.

Before deciding to download Dr.Fone, there is one caveat we must make you: Not all data is recoverable. Dr.Fone is the program with the best success rate on the market to recover deleted or damaged information , but it is not infallible. So far it has not happened to us, but sometimes the files are simply unrecoverable.

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Have you used the program before? Tell us your or reviews about Dr.fone. We have had a great time so far, we found the files we tried to recover, and we found the interface very friendly.

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