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Currently, it is difficult to find any activity that is not related to technology. A phenomenon that has changed society to a point where any trade that requires a computer also needs the motivation that music generates. So HDGamers will teach you what to do in case headphones don’t work in Windows 10.

The importance of using headphones

In a world whose society revolves around the possibilities that technology offers to carry out the vast majority of its activities. Regardless if they are professional, educational or recreational; headphones will always be a striking accessory for any frequent user.

More when it comes to video players who, regardless of the degree of professionalism they have in the game, always share the same taste for sitting down and enjoying both the soundtracks of each title as well as the audio effects that are present in those incredible worlds that video games bring us.

In this sense, headphones tend to be a more than important accessory in the catalog that every player requires to enjoy his great passion. In addition, it is a tool that will allow them to communicate with the immense Gamer community around the world regardless of what platform they are using and without disturbing anyone in their homes.

Therefore, when headphones don’t work in Windows 10, it causes a major problem of both concentration and communication. Consequently, at HDGamers we have given ourselves the task of presenting this guide with the possible causes of the problem as well as a series of methods for its rapid correction.

Why the headphones don’t work in Windows 10?

The case when headphones don’t work in Windows 10 has a wide variety of alternatives to describe the origin of this problem. Among which we can talk about problems with the equipment as well as with the drivers.

It should be noted that most of the problems are in the failure of some protocol of the equipment configuration in its audio ports. However, this does not mean that the cause of the headphones not working in Windows 10 is that the cable of the headphones is damaged.

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons why this difficulty arises. Therefore, we set out to explore various options to find a solution so that you can continue enjoying this great accessory.

los auriculares no funcionan Windows 10

What to do when the headphones don’t work in Windows 10?

In this order of ideas, we have found the following methods that will give us a solution when we find that the headphones do not work in Windows 10 and the source of the problem is at the software level.

Headphones do not work in Windows 10: Restart the computer

The name of this suggestion may not give you much confidence in solving this uncomfortable problem. But, in a nutshell, it’s a first method that will allow us to rule out any driver errors in the first place.

To be able to execute this method you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Connect the headphones to the computer.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. When the process is done, check that the headphones started working properly.

Give Windows permission to automatically update drivers

If the above method to fix the problem when headphones are not working in Windows 10 failed. It is not a reason to trigger all alarms since, next, we will present you with a series of options to solve it.

In this sense, it is important to note that from now on, we will consider that the origin of the problem is at the level of its drivers. Therefore, the first method that we will recommend in this case will be to give permissions to the operating system to update them.

That is, it must be considered that one of the drivers must renew its version and therefore it is generating an operation conflict with the operating system in question. If this is the case, it will be solved by following the steps below:

  1. First of all, go to the volume icon in the notification bar and right click on it.
  2. This will allow you to display a window where the sound configuration option will be available. Here you will have to clickin the sound control panel.
  3. Once in it, make sure you are inside the playback tab.
  4. Here you will have to choose the speakers / headphones option by clicking on it.
  5. In the controller overview tab. Go to the properties button.
  6. Click the change settings button.
  7. In this same window, switch to the drivers tab and select the update driver option.
  8. Once here, select the option Automatically search for updated driver software .
  9. Then you just have to restart your computer to save the changes and the operating system will automatically update these drivers.

Personally update the drivers

If you are one of the people who does not like to give all the freedom to a machine to solve its problems, this method is ideal for you.

Following the same idea with which we started in the previous suggestion, with this process we can give you a viable solution when the headphones do not work in Windows 10 and the error generated is in an outdated audio driver and sound.

To find the latest updates and install them correctly on our computer, we just have to follow these steps:

  1. First, we have to go to My PC , right click on it and select properties .
  2. When we enter the properties window, we have to go to the left panel and choose device manager .
  3. When we are in it, we will have to locate the options of sound, video and game controllers .
  4. Once in it, we just have to unfold it and select with the right click the properties of the high definition audio driver .
  5. In these properties, we go to the drivers tab and activate the update driver button.
  6. Although it is a process similar to the previous method, at this point we will choose the option to search my computer for the driver .
  7. Then we will have to choose the option to allow choosing from a list of audio device drivers on my computer .
  8. Later, we will select the high definition audio device.
  9. What remains is to always click next and accept all the terms and give all the necessary permissions.
  10. To finish, like the previous alternative, it only remains to restart the computer to save the changes and verify that the error that headphones are not working in Windows 10 was solved

Disables any audio enhancement

The next method that we will introduce you is quite linked with the previous two. However, the concept of this is the antithesis of them.

In other words, it is a matter of visualizing that the problem is not a lack of updating the drivers, but rather the same improvement that is no longer compatible with the operating system protocols. That is why we will be forced to deactivate any renewal that has been previously installed.

To do this, we just need to follow the steps that we will present below:

  1. The first thing we need to do is right-click the volume or speaker icon on the taskbar.
  2. Here we will locate ourselves in the Sound option.
  3. Next, go to the playback tab.
  4. Then right click on speakers to display its options and select properties .
  5. In this window, go to the enhancements tab.
  6. In it, you will have to disable permission for all enhancements .
  7. Click the apply button, then accept.
  8. Like the previous methods, it only remains to restart your computer to save the changes and verify that the error that headphones are not working in Windows 10 stopped showing up.

Set the headphones as a default device

In the event that you want to download any future conflicts with the drivers and this causes the headphones not to work in Windows 10 . A good idea is to configure them as a default device on your computer.

To achieve this end, just follow the steps below to the letter:

  1. The first thing to do is open the configuration windowon the operating system by simultaneously pressing the Windows keys and the letter i .
  2. Once here, select the System options.
  3. When you enter this new window, locate the sound option in the left panel.
  4. The description of the output device will appear on the right. In this window you have to click on manage sound devices located at the end of it.
  5. In it you will find the option of speakers that, when you click on it, you will find that they are disabled. In this case, click the button to enable them.
  6. Then go back to the sound settings and from the drop-down menu locate the option choose your output device to add the headphones a from the list.
  7. Finally, you just have to restart the computer and verify that they are already working properly.

An alternative to this method

It should be noted that within this method that we have presented to you to solve the problem when the headphones do not work in Windows 10 you may find that the error persists. Therefore, at some step there was a failure or it did not run correctly.

In this scenario, there is always a plan b for him. To carry out this alternative you just have to follow the steps that we will describe below:

  1. First, click on the Volume icon on the taskbar.
  2. Open the sound settings.
  3. In the related settings, head to the sound control panel .
  4. At this point, make sure you are inside the playback tab.
  5. Here, right-click any empty area and select the show disabled device option.
  6. This will allow you to view your headphones which you will have to right-click and select the option to set as default device .

Last ideas when headphones don’t work in Windows 10

To end this guide where we explore some reasons why headphones don’t work in Windows 10 and their possible solutions. We have left some recommendations without which none of the methods we present could work correctly.

The first one is that you always have to have the headphones connected to the computer. As obvious as this sounds, it is a fairly common mistake to find yourself fighting against controllers and that the error continues to appear when you do not have them connected to the computer.

Likewise, it is always a good idea to run the troubleshooter to give, at least in general, a probe that allows us to know an idea of ??the origin of the problem. This is more than everything to rule out that the error is at the software level.

Finally, we can only invite you to keep calm when the headphones do not work in Windows 10. It is a mistake that usually has solutions as easy as the ones we have described or, in the worst case, it consists of acquiring new ones. So from HDGamers we call on you to be patient and reaffirm our commitment to continue presenting options to solve this type of problem.

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