Discover How to Defrag your Windows 7, 8 and 10

Discover How to Defrag your Windows 7, 8 and 10


Today we will teach you how to defragment your Windows operating system regardless of the version you have. This method that we will teach you works for the following types of systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Despite popular belief defragmenting a hard drive when you have Windows is not that complicated. If your computer is running underperforming it may be time to think about removing the fragmentation it presents.

Why defragment your Windows operating system?

In some occasions and after the passage of time your team suffers what is called fragmentation. Your desktop or laptop slows down because it takes longer to find files on the hard drive.

A fragmented file is divided, stored in different locations on the hard disk. Fragmentation of files presents no risk. A fragmented system will only be slower, no more insecure and you will not risk losing information.

What is a fact is that your computer will consume more RAM and therefore it will be slower when working with files that have been fragmented. Imagine that you must find a puzzle inside a room, but instead of being stored in one place, it has pieces spread all over the place. Your computer slows down because it first needs to find all the pieces of the file before you can work with it.

The ideal is to have files that are located inside the hard disk consecutively, so your computer will work as fast as its characteristics allow it.

In summary, if your disk is fragmenting you will never be able to squeeze the juice out of your PC, it will always work below its capabilities.

The good news is that defragmenting your computer is not only easy, it is also simple and you can do it without downloading any additional programs.

How to defragment Windows:

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