How to install Windows 7 from USB - Complete Guide

How to install Windows 7 from USB – Complete Guide 2021


Congratulations! You got yourself the most complete and safe internet guide to install Windows 7 in 2020 from a USB memory , a pen drive or any data medium you have, such as an external hard drive for example.

Below we will show you the detailed step by step so that you can install your Windows 7 operating system satisfactorily and smoothly if you have it on a USB stick. At the end you will also have a short quick tutorial to activate it.

At the end of this complete guide you will get to have fully operational and without restrictions the second most downloaded operating system in the world: Windows 7.

First step: Choose the correct memory

First you will need the right tools, we will start by talking about USB sticks.

You will need to have a USB memory that has at least 8 GB of storage , we recommend a good memory, from a reliable brand, in this case saving and buying an inexpensive one of dubious origin may be more expensive . The ISO file has a weight of 8 Gb, that is why if your memory has less space it will not work.

Remember that there are memories that have a little less than the declared space, so it is better to opt for one of 10 or 12 Gb.

The pen drive or memory you choose must be completely free of information, there can be nothing inside it . If you accidentally leave a file inside, the application we use in this guide will ask you to format the USB key, so to prevent you from deleting files permanently and unintentionally, make sure that the memory is empty.

Step Two: Download Windows 7 version for external storage sources

Once you have the correct USB memory you will need to download Windows 7, in a version available to be installed from a USB flash drive. We leave you two viable options depending on your particular case:

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