How to optimize Windows 10 for Gaming

Hello Gamer! Today we are going to talk about a tool, or rather a resource, that will help you drastically when playing with your computer if you have the Windows 10 operating system. This trick that we will teach you works to solve and improve many of the details that affect your gameplay. Today we will learn how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming.

We will help you solve the most fatal problem that affects the game of any gamer Having lag! If your Windows 10 operating system is not optimized, you are probably suffering from interruptions in your games. It is not a secret that lag always comes at the most precise moments to make you suffer.

If you feel that improving the performance of your computer is becoming more difficult and more expensive, you’ve come to the right place. With the price of RAM through the roof and increasingly expensive graphics cards you must make sure to make the most of all the resources that the Windows 10 system can offer you.

The good news is that there is a lot to do to improve the gaming performance of your PC, as long as you are using the Windows 10 operating system. In this guide we will start from the most basic concepts and we will tell you everything what you can do without paying to improve the performance of your computer. Before reading this article, make sure that the version you have of Windows 10 is the most current.

We present you the quick guide to optimize your Windows PC and be able to play better without having to spend a single dollar.

How to optimize Windows 10 for Gaming

The first thing you should do if you want to be a good gamer is to activate the Game Mode of Windows 10. This will help you a lot especially in the graphical part. If you are having problems with variations or jumps in the number of frames when you try to play, it is because the configuration is not turned on.

With this we are not saying that the magic solution to run any game is the Game Mode of Windows 10, but it will help you a lot to activate it, especially when you are going to have a very intense game session.

Some games activate this configuration by default, however it is not always on, so we will explain how to do it manually.

How to activate Game Mode in Windows 10

To use Game Mode in Windows 10 right click on the Windows button on your desktop and access the settings.

Once inside the settings menu you have to find the tab that says “gaming” . Click on that tab and a list with all the Game Mode options will appear on the right. All you have to do at this point is click to activate it and make sure it stays on.

How to Update your graphics card drivers

As you should already know, your graphics card plays a determining role in how well your computer performs during your games. The benefits of this type of component are beginning to be more compromised with games with high graphic requirements.

By updating your graphics card you will also be updating your gaming capabilities, you can improve the general gameplay in all the titles you use.

We will take the example with one of the most common graphics cards in Windows 10 PC operating systems: Nvidia graphics cards.

To update your Nvida graphics card, as with any other, you only have to enter the official website. In this case the official website is the GeForce website, enter it and if you are a user you can find drivers to download.

An alternative way to check for updates for your video cards is to check the Windows update. To access it you must click in system settings, updates and security, finally look for the Windows update tab.

Inside it you can check the latest updates available by downloading your graphic drivers.

How to improve my connection in Windows 10 to play games

So far we have handled improvements for your off and online game. But we can not fail to take into account the most important factor when trying to have a social experience while playing: Connectivity.

If lag is affecting your winning streak the first thing you need to consider improving is your internet connection . Luckily there are certain things we can apply to make it more stable.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the signal reaches the point from which you are using the equipment with enough power.

The signals have latency, therefore, if you have low connectivity at the point where it begins to fluctuate you will go through a process of almost zero connectivity. Perhaps the problem is not the connection speed of your internet but the signal of your access point.

If you have signal related connectivity issues you can easily solve it with commercial wi-fi repeaters. There are many models, however we recommend the ones that connect directly to the wall and generate a new connection.

If you have a good signal and good speed but your team continues to present lag at the most crucial moments, perhaps the problem is the latency of your internet provider.

You can run any latency test available online to find out if your lag problem is a source failure from your provider.

How to reduce visual effects in Windows 10 to play games

Unlike the rest of modern operating systems, with Windows 10 you can easily find the performance settings of the visual effects.

This feature of Windows is a fundamental advantage that you can use to your advantage in improving the performance of your sessions.

It will be really useful for you if some games are too demanding for the characteristics of your team . What we will do is configure the operating system to prioritize performance over appearance. This will make your games look a little less quality, but will prevent you from suffering from annoying lag.

Reducing visual quality in Windows 10 is really very easy to apply:

To start, look inside the Windows window for the system settings menu.

Once inside the settings menu type in your browser the following phrase “Adjust the appearence and performance of Windows”. This should give you the option to open the window ” Performance Options “.

Once you are inside the window select the option from the first list that says: “Adjust for best performance”. This will prioritize gameplay over graphics.

How to optimize your pc for games

Then click on advanced settings within the same window. In the first list you will see two options: The first is to improve performance for programs, the second will improve performance for processes.

We are interested, when playing, that Windows uses all possible resources to run programs, if it is not checked, click it to be as follows:

How to activate the “high performance mode” in Windows 10

The last trick we can give you to configure your entire PC based on games is to activate high performance mode.

Computers are typically programmed to perform at a moderate electricity consumption. Especially laptops are configured to extend the life of your battery as much as possible.

by default Windows 10 is setting its performance mode to “balanced”, but when it comes to gaming what we need is the most resources.

To activate the high performance mode go back to system settings, look for the option that says “Power & Sleep” and inside it look for the additional settings “Additional Power Settings.

Once you are in the power options window, click on the option that says “high performance”. The new configuration of your device will start working immediately. You will consume more resources and your laptop battery will drain quickly, but you will be one step closer to the ideal gaming PC.

Done! With these 4 tricks it should be enough to considerably improve the performance of your computer and avoid lag. If you want more tricks on how to optimize Windows 10 for games leave us a comment.

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