Is a VPN legal? Doubts resolved about VPNs

Is a VPN legal? VPNs allow you to go through the web almost anonymously. They change your IP, which is like your fingerprint in the online world and encrypt all your information, but is it completely legal?

The answer is simple, yes, these types of tools are completely legal in most countries.

If they were not legal, it would be impossible to use them in such a simple way. To achieve a secure VPN network you must have servers throughout the world, declare taxes and profits, is a business like any other.

In fact, VPNs first emerged as tools to protect the information of large companies. Then they became popular as apps that anyone can download and use.

Of course, VPNs are subject to the legality of each country, although it is legal to use them, your actions will continue to be restricted to what can and cannot be done in that country. In summary, it is legal to use a VPN , but you can’t do anything illegal with it.

What are the countries where it is illegal to use VPN?

As you can imagine, VPNs are illegal in countries where there is strong censorship of content. In order to have greater control over the information that is leaked, some governments have chosen to outlaw VPNs, limit them , censor or penalize their use.

a vpn is legal

  • China: Using a VPN in China is illegal. Having a company that provides these services based in China is possible only with a special license.
  • Russia: The government recently passed a law that completely prohibits its use.
  • Iraq: They are completely prohibited and punishable by law, their use has been suspended since the rise of the Islamic state.
  • Turkey: They are not illegal but the country’s government has taken it upon itself to block most providers.
  • Belarus: Following the example of its neighboring country, VPNs have been illegal in Belarus since 2015.

The laws for the use of VPNs vary frequently, but in general in the rest of the countries of the world, using them is legal.

Keep in mind that if you are using a VPN to bypass some location restriction, the action as such is not completely illegal, but you would be entering swampy terrain.

It is not illegal to use a VPN server in the United States, for example, but declaring that you live there to access a page if it may violate the user terms of any service.

So far, the first case of a user who has been sued by a streaming service for lying about his location has not been seen. What can happen is that your account is blocked.

Secure and legal VPN

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Using a VPN is legal, takes advantage of all the advantages that serious companies like NordVpn offer.

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