The Best alternatives to AVG VPN

Today we will talk about VPNs. Are you looking for safe and cheap alternatives to AVG Vpn ? In this article we made a TOP 3 of the best Vpn on the market with the same characteristics, or better than those of AVG.

After having researched and tested the majority of safe and reliable Vpn, these are the recommendations that we can make as alternative options to AVG.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN stands for: Virtual Private Connection. In short, when you connect to a VPN you use a specific server to navigate. The server comes from your VPN company and is responsible for creating a new IP for you in addition to encrypting your browsing data, in other words: It makes you anonymous and hides your online activity.


Your IP is like an online identity document, a VPN server generates special connections for you, like a tunnel that does not allow you to see anyone you do on the web, not even to your internet provider.

(Top 1) THE BEST alternative to AVG Vpn:

avg vpn prices

NordVPN :

Nord is a giant company with more than 770 servers worldwide, offers VPN service (Private Private Connection) on all continents of the planet. Their technological capabilities allow them to provide you with a completely secure connection to servers in 57 different countries.

avg alternatives nord

Now, let’s go for the good Why did NordVPN seem the best option to AVG? After researching and testing the most commercial alternatives on the market, Nord left us the best sensations with a cheaper price range than AVG .

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What does NordVPN offer?

Easy to use:

avg vpn alternatives

Of all the powerful VPNs, with military grade encryption , Nord seemed to us to have the friendliest interface, really intuitive and zero hassle. It was very comfortable to configure and then you only have to click to make it work.

It is a powerful VPN, with many different capabilities and configurations, but it is novice proof.

Ultra fast connection:

avg vpn

One of the details that we liked the most was that using NordVpn it is not necessary to sacrifice speed, unlike other VPNs, Nord allows you both: Fast and secure connection. It does not affect the speed of charge or discharge while in use.

Perfect to SEE SERIES and use Streaming services:


What we liked the most, the ability of this VPN to offer you uninterrupted broadcasts. Perfect if you want to enjoy television, Netflix, Amazon Video, or Disney Plus anytime, anywhere, without unexpected pauses.

Double IP protection:

AVG ALTERNATIVA When it comes to VPN, you always have to take IP into account. First, Nord generates a unique and personal IP for every connection you make , there will only be one person with that IP in the world and it will be you.

What really impressed us about this alternative to AVG was its unique service with double protection. It will change your IP twice to offer you an extra layer of protection that no other VPN in its price range has.

Allows you to sync up to 6 devices:


After comparing the plans and price ranges of all the popular VPNs, Nord came out on top in terms of device price / quantity. Allows you to connect 6 different devices with a single plan, so it has the best dollar rate invested per connection.

Why is Nord Vpn a better alternative than AVG?

After comparing various aspects and using both VPNs for a long period of time, we found that in its annual NordVPN price is a better alternative than AvgVPN Why? It is a little cheaper, just as safe, more user-friendly and above all it has unique features.

3.49 $ / Month (Most profitable plan) 3.99 $ / Month (Most profitable plan)
Connection for 6 devices Connection for 5 devices
Secure and fast connection Secure and fast connection
30-day refund 30-day refund
It has double IP protection It does not have double IP protection

Top 2 Free alternative to AVG Vpn:

Touch VPN:

It is by far the best free VPN we could find. We tested and downloaded several, this particular one seemed the best option in terms of security, limitations and interface  FREE AVG VPN

If you want to have a VPN to use it occasionally T ouch VPN is the best, firstly it is free and secondly it is unlimited.

In general, we do not recommend using free VPNs, because they are not 100% secure and tend to have limits of use, or ask you for your credit card details.

For now this VPN is completely free, you don’t need to register payment methods and it is a good option to hide your IP.

Not everything is positive, as expected this free alternative to AVG you have its cons:

  1. It does not have an efficient technical service.
  2. Slows down your connection speed considerably.
  3. It takes time to run.
  4. You have few server options.
  5. The connection is usually cut if you are trying to use streaming services.

Top 3 Safe alternative to AVG Vpn:

Express VPN:

This VPN is positioned as one of the undisputed market leaders , it is not only safe and fast but also very efficient. With Express VPN all your data will be protected by one of the most efficient codes in the world: AES-256-bit encryption.


If what you wanted is to be completely secure and private, this is the most tested VPN and with the most robust support on the market, has a global connection and presence in more than 90 countries. You can access private connections from any continent and at any time, with an immediate response technical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The only problem and the reason why it is third in our top is its price, it seems to us that this VPN is a bit overrated if we consider that costs more than double than its direct competitors.

It is a very safe alternative to AVG VPN , but also much more expensive, currently your cheapest monthly plan is $ 6.7.

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