Why are VPNs Awesome for Gaming and Gambling Online

By now you have probably heard that many people are using a VPN on both their computers and their mobile devices. These applications or software programs are used to hide your original IP number, so you can connect to a network anonymously. 

As many believe, running a reputable VPN service helps boost your security. Cybercriminals will find it much harder to gain access to your device if you are running a VPN, however, there are in fact, many other reasons why people spend their hard-earned cash running a VPN service.

Of course, cybercrime is a major issue nowadays, in the United Kingdom alone, cybercrimes are reported more than any other crime. Cyberattacks are as common as having your car broken into or you being involved in a car accident. But there are plenty of other advantages that will help you with gaming and gambling online when using a VPN.

Get Better Odds with a VPN

If you enjoy gambling, you might have noticed you are unable to gain access to betting sites from all around the world. Most are restricted, and will only allow punters to gamble on games that are in that country, or they are offering far better odds in a different country. Let’s take a soccer game played in England as an example.

You are based in New York and the odds you are getting for Manchester United to beat Liverpool are 1/3, and on the American online betting site, you are getting odds that are 1/5. You can easily change your location from where the router is located, so the site thinks you are placing the bet while you are in the United Kingdom.

Also, lots of sites offer promotions and deals in an attempt to attract new customers to their betting sites. Offer plenty of coupons and bonuses to their members, however, you may need to run a VPN in order to gain access to the site. 

In countries where gambling is illegal and you want to put a wager on, running a VPN is often the only way you will be given access to the website. The best VPNs out there will allow the user to choose from servers based in a wide range of cities throughout the world. So if the online casino is based in the Republic of Ireland, choose a server that is based in Dublin.

If you are Abroad, you might not be able to Access your Betting Account

If you are in a different country for work or you are on a vacation, you might find it impossible to access your account. That’s because a lot of casino sites are blocked in other countries, even in countries where gambling is completely legal. To avoid this from happening, run your VPN service and choose a network location close to your home. 

The same goes for gaming. You might not be able to download new releases while you are away from the country you normally play in, so using a VPN will allow you to gain access. Plus, if you live in Europe you might have noticed that many games and movies are released in the United States before anywhere else in the world. To download the game, all you need to do is change your current location.

Security is Very Important when you are Gaming or Gambling Online

The initial purpose why VPNs were developed was to improve security on private networks for large corporations and companies. These businesses often sent private data and resources through these networks, so making sure cybercriminals were unable to access the data was and still is to this day very important. 

Nowadays, there is plenty of top of the range VPN services available for the average internet user. Although there are plenty of free VPNs on the market, it is probably best to pay a small fee and run a VPN service developed by a reputable company. 

When you are playing online, whether it’s gambling or gaming, you should consider using a VPN because:

  • Secure bank details: If you are purchasing a new game or you are putting a bet on, you may have to enter your bank details. Cybercriminals are constantly looking to see other people’s credit and debit details, so they can take funds from their victims’ accounts. 
  • Swatting: If you have never heard of the term ‘’swatting’’, you might be very surprised by what some people do for entertainment. Gamers, normally well known gamers, sometimes become the victim of “swatting”. This is when somebody watching them game or a fellow gamer contacts authorities and warns them about the victim. Sometimes they say the victim has a loaded weapon or they have a person held hostage, in the hope that authorities come bursting through the door and it’s all live on their webcam for the world to see. To some, this might seem like a funny prank, however, it is extremely dangerous and many people have died. The culprit normally gets their victim’s address from their VPN. So to reduce the chances of this happening, running a good VPN will certainly help. 

Whether you game or gamble online, you should consider downloading a VPN anyway. If a cybercriminal manages to get into your device, they will easily be able to find personal and private data.

Pictures of your family members and friends, bank details, work documents, etc. might all get exposed. Identity theft nowadays is a major issue around the globe and it could take decades to get everything back. It is very difficult for authorities to solve cyber crimes, so spending a small amount of cash on running a VPN might prove worthwhile.


Unfortunately, there are some downsides when running a VPN while you game or gamble. Sometimes, a VPN can cause the game to slow down. If this happens while you are gambling you might get removed from the site, and if it happens while you are gaming you might be kicked off the game.

It certainly affects the gameplay if your connection is sluggish. If this is happening to you while you are playing with a free VPN, consider purchasing a well-known VPN package instead.

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