Skyrim Tier List

Skyrim Tier List - Updated January 2022


There are few adventures that will offer us a real challenge. Within them we can consider Skyrim which has a huge variety of missions and obstacles that will give us more than a headache. So one of the best ways to overcome them is by choosing the best character, the one you will meet with the Skyrim Tier List.

It will be thanks to a guide like this that you will learn the potential of each of the characters available in the game. So, without further ado, let’s start exploring this amazing world.

What is Skyrim’s Tier List?

First of all, we will show you which are the most powerful characters in the game ordered from the best selections to the least recommended.

SS level

  • Orsimer or Orc.

Level S

  • Imperial.

Level A

  • Nord.
  • Argonian.

Level B

  • Breton.
  • Dark Elf.

Level C

  • Wood Elf.

Level D

  • Redguard.
  • Khajiit.

Level F

  • High Elf.

Skyrim tiers list

The Skyrim Tier List: What does each character bring?

Obviously, just knowing them is not enough to know why they are in that position. Therefore, in this second part of our Skyrim Tier List we will tell you a little more about them.

Orsimer or Orc


  • Orcs.


  • Warrior.


  • They live in fortresses.
  • They are the second highest playable race in Skyrim .
  • They are the best option for any construction that does not focus on the use of magic.

Skill bonuses

  • Heavy Armor +10.
  • Block +5.
  • Lovely +5.
  • One-handed +5.
  • Smithy +5.
  • Two hands +5.


  • Flames (Destruction).
  • Healing (Restoration).

Special skills

  • Berserker’s Wrath.



  • Imperial.


  • The most educated.
  • Rich.
  • Disciplined.
  • Formation of your citizen armies.
  • Best language of the races in Tamriel
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