Warframe – Weapons: Tier List – June 2023 (Complete List)

The very idea of  extinction ends up being a trigger for the exploitation of the hidden potential of an entire species. This is the idea that surrounds Warframe and that will make you live epic adventures of shooting and endless action. That is why HDGamers brings you the Warframe tier list weapons to prepare you for battle.

Before beginning our journey through the fascinating world of the tier list of weapons of Warframe , it is important to know in detail the ideas on which the story of this awesome game was developed.

What is Warframe?

In this sense, the most outstanding thing that we can see with a simple search for Warframe is that it is a first or third person shooter game. On the other hand, it contains such an extensive and well-told story that it ends up being a really compelling game from the first moment.

It basically consists of playing a member of the Tenno species who must explore the entire solar system to find the various armor that will allow him to achieve his own survival.

But do not trust yourself as there are many enemies who seek the technological riches of the Tenno for their own benefit. In the middle of this stellar war is where you can live incredible adventures full of action and that will put all your survival skills to the test.

What is the Warframe tier list Warframe tier list weapons?

Remembering that, basically, you will enter a galactic revolution where the objective will be to avoid the total extinction of the Tenno race. For this you will have an arsenal worthy of any revolt.

Like the graphics and variety offered by the Warframe armor that we have previously described, the weapons in this incredible game have a unique diversity that has nothing to do with envy any other game of its genre.

That is why, from the extensive gallery of weapons , the problem arises of being able to know the detail about each one of them to know how to equip our character correctly.

Therefore, it is vital to have a tool like the Warframe tier list weapons that in HDGamers we set ourselves the task of making. Which can be defined as a guide where you can see, first hand, the qualities and potential of each of the weapons available within the game.

Why is it important to know the Warframe tier list weapons?

In this vein, having the Warframe tier list weapons that we bring to all our readers will be a huge advantage to have great chances of success and each and every one of the missions that you will have to face in your search for the galaxy.

The reason for its importance is that as it is a guide where the level and potential of each of the weapons in the game are exposed, you will have a clearer and easier picture of what to choose when equipping your Tenno < / em> for each battle.

Consequently, having the Warframe tier list weapons will always be important as it can mean the difference between Tenno survival and extinction.

Warframe tier list weapons

The structure of the Warframe tier list weapons

Now that you know a little about the basics of the game and the concepts used by the Warframe tier list weapons , it is time to present the guide with which you can explore the entire galaxy without problems.

For this it is important to remember that the arsenal of every character in Warframe is made up of three different types of weapons. Which are the primary, secondary and melee.

However, since the last updates we have obtained a series of new generation weapons that allow us to inflict negative effects on our enemies. Therefore, they also deserve their place in our Warframe tier list weapons as weapons of effect.

The levels of the Warframe tier list weapons

On the other hand, within each of these classifications you will find the levels assigned to the value and general potential of the weapons in the game. These levels are as follows:

Warframe tier list weapons: Level S

Weapons that belong to this tier are generally the best in their category. However, they are not always easy to learn to control properly.

Warframe tier list weapons: Level A

The A level is about competitive weapons and with enormous potential to efficiently accomplish any mission. In this sense, the details that distinguish them from level S are minimal.

Warframe tier list weapons: Level B

At this level we can find the so-called “ average weapons ” because they are those tools that do not have much to highlight.

Warframe tier list weapons: Level C

From this point on, we will see weapons that are only useful in very specific situations. Therefore, they are little recommended.

Warframe tier list weapons: Level D

In this last level of the Warframe tier list weapons you will find specimens whose dominance is quite natural. However, its performance is very bad and its effectiveness in battle is practically nil.

Warframe tier list weapons: Primary

In this first category of the Warframe tier list weapons we will find, in general, medium and long-range automatic and semi-automatic rifles. They’re pretty much your first choice at the start of every fight to land killing blows long before you start taking damage to your shields.

Level S

  • Rubico Prime.
  • Acceltra.
  • Ignis Phantom.
  • Trumna.
  • Bramma Kuva.

Level A

  • Kohm Kuva.
  • Stahlta.
  • Corinth Prime.
  • Fulmin.
  • Vectis Prime.
  • Chakkhurr Kuva.
  • Amprex.
  • Shedu.
  • Opticor Vandal.
  • Tiberon Prime.
  • Hek Vaykor.
  • Soma Prime.
  • Ogris Kuva.
  • Baza Prime.
  • Quartakk Kuva.
  • Supra Vandal.
  • Tigris Prime.
  • Zenith.
  • Plasmor Ark.
  • Tonkor Kuva.
  • Sybaris Prime.
  • Exergis.
  • Dread.
  • Lenz.
  • Panthera Prime.

Level B

  • Hind Kuva.
  • Phantasma.
  • Lanka.
  • Grakata Prisma.
  • Kohm.
  • Karak Kuva.
  • Synapse.
  • Tigris Sancti.
  • Zhuge Prime.
  • Battacor.
  • Corinth.
  • Cernos Prime.
  • Phantom Strun.
  • Komorex.
  • Chip.
  • Cernos Mutalitica.
  • Grinlok Prisma.
  • Glaxion Vandal.
  • Gorgon Prisma.
  • Cernos Rakta.
  • Basmu.
  • Drakgoon Kuva.
  • Stradavar Prime.
  • Penta Secura.
  • Daikyu.
  • Tenora.
  • Ferrox.
  • Opticor.
  • Hek.
  • Boar Prime.
  • Boltor Prime.
  • Dex Sybaris.
  • Quellor.
  • Quanta Vandal.
  • Zarr.
  • Scourge.
  • Simulor Synoid.
  • Rubico.
  • Hema.
  • Boltor Telos.
  • Baza.
  • Vulkar Ghost.
  • Sobek.
  • Ignis.
  • Vectis.
  • Latron Prime.
  • Phage.
  • Snipetron Vandal.
  • Paris Prime.

Level C

  • Nagantaka.
  • Braton Prime.
  • Argonak.
  • Ghost Latron.
  • Braton Vandal.
  • Miter.
  • Soma
  • Ghost Karak.
  • Torid.
  • Tonkor.
  • Gorgon Ghost.
  • Tigris.
  • Zhuge.
  • Supra.
  • Mutalitic Quanta.
  • Quartakk.
  • Attica.
  • Burston Prime.
  • Grakata.
  • Tetra Prisma.
  • Sybaris.
  • Javlok.
  • Paracyst.
  • Buzlok.
  • Panthera.
  • Dera Vandal.
  • Ogris.
  • Tiberon.
  • Drakgoon.
  • Convectrix.
  • Stradavar.
  • Simulor.
  • Cernos.
  • Glaxion.
  • Grinlok.
  • Veldt.
  • Boltor.
  • Mk1-Strun.
  • Penta.
  • Snipetron.
  • Flux Rifle.
  • Harpak.
  • Karak.

Level D

  • STRUN.
  • BOAR.
  • PARIS.
  • MK1-PARIS.
  • TETRA.
  • DERA.
  • HIND.

Warframe tier list armas

Warframe tier list weapons: Secondary

In this second category of the Warframe tier list weapons we will show you your best allies when the battle is gradually approaching your position. In this sense, they are usually short and medium range pistols and rifles.

Level S

  • Nukor Kuva.
  • Pyrana Prime.
  • Brakk Kuva.

Level A

  • Tombfinger.
  • Catchmoon.
  • Aksomati Prime.
  • Athodai.
  • Zymos.
  • Sepulcrum.
  • Rattleguts.
  • Akjagara Prime.
  • Euphona Prime.
  • Gaze.
  • Kuva Twin Stubbas.
  • Akstiletto Prime.
  • Detron Mara.
  • Staticor.
  • Atomos.
  • Velox.
  • Sicarus Prime.
  • Gammacor Synoid.
  • Twin Grakatas.
  • Gremlins Prism Twins.
  • Seer Kuva.
  • Cyanex.

Level B

  • Kohmak Twins.
  • Pandero.
  • Aklex Prime.
  • Lato Prime.
  • Akvasto Prime.
  • Akbolto Prime.
  • Akarius.
  • Marelok Vaykor.
  • Pox.
  • Spira Prime.
  • Lex Prime.
  • Scisco Arca.
  • Kraken Kuva.
  • Lato Vandal.
  • Vasto Prime.
  • Ocucor.
  • Dex Furis.
  • Quatz.
  • Rogga Twins.
  • Hystrix.
  • Knell.
  • Secura Double Cestras.
  • Tysis.
  • Zakti.
  • Azime.
  • Ballistica Prime.
  • Hikou Prime.
  • Angstrum Prisma.
  • Toxocyst Doubles.
  • Aksomati.
  • Spectra Vandal.
  • Akbronco Prime.
  • Nukor.
  • Pyrana.

Level C

  • Ballistica Rakta.
  • Castanas Sancti.
  • Sonicor.
  • Kulstar.
  • Akmagnus.
  • Akbolto Telos.
  • Embolist.
  • Plinx.
  • Akzani.
  • Despair.
  • Fisulai.
  • Kohmak.
  • Stubba.
  • Bronco Prime.
  • Akstiletto.
  • Furis.
  • Zylok.
  • Double Cestras.
  • Aklex.
  • Akjagara.
  • Brakk.
  • Cycron.
  • Marelok.
  • Twin Gremlins.
  • Spira.
  • Hikou.
  • Akvasto.
  • Magnus.
  • Afuris.
  • Acrid.
  • Detron.
  • Stug.
  • Gammacor.
  • Ghost Twin Vipers.
  • Lex.
  • Vasto.
  • Angstrum.
  • Cestra.
  • Akbolto.

Level D

  • Spectra.
  • Ghost Viper.
  • Bolto.
  • Talons.
  • Sicarus.
  • Ballistica.
  • Castanas.
  • Seer.
  • Bronco.
  • Kraken.
  • Aklato.
  • Kunai.
  • Twin Vipers.
  • Akbronco.
  • Mk1-Kunai.
  • Lato.
  • Mk1-Furis.
  • Viper.

Warframe tier list armas

Warframe tier list weapons: Melee

Now that we have gone through the first and second lines of action. It is time to understand that we cannot always prevent the fight from coming so close as to put our lives at risk. For a chance of survival, the Tennos are martial artists capable of wielding an arsenal of melee weapons that make them complete fighters.

Level S

  • Kronen Prime.
  • Nikana Prime.
  • Redeemer Prime.
  • Kripath Plague.
  • Gram Prime.
  • Sepfahn.
  • Orthos Prime.
  • Lesion.
  • Reaper Prime.

Level A

  • Stropha.
  • Paracesis.
  • Karyst Prime.
  • Venka Prime.
  • Dokrahm.
  • Nami Skyla Prime.
  • Balla.
  • Silva and Aegis Prime.
  • Pangolin Prime.
  • Cyath.
  • Shildeg Kuva.
  • Keratinos.
  • Pennant.
  • Galatine Prime.
  • Keewar Plague.
  • Broken War.
  • Boltace Telos.
  • Skiajati.
  • Ninkondi Prime.
  • Lacera Ceti.
  • Double Prisma Butchers.
  • Fragor Prime.
  • Rakta Dark Dagger.
  • Prime Dexterity.
  • Hate.
  • War.
  • Double Prime Kamas.
  • Dakra Prime.
  • Nikana Dragon.
  • Ohma.
  • Krohkur Twins.
  • Sigma and Octantis.
  • Double Keres.
  • Tatsu.
  • Jat Kusar.
  • Titron Arca.
  • Xoris.
  • Tipedo Prime.
  • Hirudo.

Level B

  • Tekko Prime.
  • Glaive Prime.
  • Ooltha.
  • Fang Prime.
  • Ichor Doubles.
  • Guandao.
  • Ghost Machete.
  • Atterax.
  • Scindo Prime.
  • Skana Prime.
  • Dehtat.
  • Magistar Sancti.
  • Caustacyst.
  • Mewan.
  • Kogake Prime.
  • Mios.
  • Basolk Twins.
  • Cassowar.
  • Bo Prime.
  • Look.
  • Skana Prisma.
  • Lecta Secura.
  • Zenistar.
  • Jat Kittag.
  • Mazo Del Lobo.
  • Sarpa.
  • Volnus.
  • Ether Doubles.
  • Machete Prisma.
  • Dex Dakra.
  • Rabvee.
  • Heliocor Synoid.
  • Sydon Vaykor.
  • Kronsh.
  • Krohkur.
  • Obex Prisma.
  • Ack and Brunt.
  • Divided Dark Sword.
  • Gunsen.
  • Galatine.

Level C

  • Korrudo.
  • Redeemer.
  • Cobra and Crane.
  • Lacera.
  • Masseter.
  • Kronen.
  • Broken Scepter.
  • Ripkas.
  • Scoliac.
  • Ether Reaper.
  • Ghost Furax.
  • Quassus.
  • Pathocyst.
  • Orvius.
  • Tipedo.
  • Falcor.
  • Zoren Doubles.
  • Endura.
  • Machete Gazal.
  • Orthos.
  • Nikana.
  • Tonbo.
  • Ankyros Prime.
  • Amphis.
  • Silva and Aegis.
  • Serro.
  • Prova Vandal.
  • Heliocor.
  • Doubles Race.
  • Pupacyst.
  • Ninkondi.
  • Okina.
  • Cerata.
  • Gram.
  • Double Butchers.
  • Boltace.
  • Anku.
  • Kesheg.
  • Sheev.
  • Sibear.
  • Venka.
  • Karyst.
  • Ether Daggers.
  • Jaw Sword.
  • Tekko.
  • Kreska.
  • Double Kamas.
  • Destreza.
  • Sword of Heat.
  • The Dark Sword.
  • Pangolin Sword.

Level D

  • Halikar.
  • Obex.
  • Scindo.
  • Galvacord.
  • Fragor.
  • Ether Sword.
  • Double Heat Swords.
  • Magistar.
  • Skana.
  • Lecta.
  • Dark Dagger.
  • Glaive.
  • Ankyros.
  • Shaku.
  • Double Skanas.
  • Furax.
  • Dagger of Heat.
  • Ceramic Dagger.
  • Nami Skyla.
  • Plasma Sword.
  • Kestrel.
  • Prova.
  • Machete.
  • Nami Solo.
  • Sydon.
  • Bo.
  • Kogake.
  • Cronus.
  • Fang.
  • Mk1-Bo.
  • Mk1-Furax.
  • Kama.

Warframe tier list armas

Warframe tier list weapons: Wind Cut Effect

In this last category of the Warframe tier list weapons we focus on a very special type of weapon such as those that can cut the wind. It is a name that we have assigned it to be able to describe, in a certain way, the greatest virtue of these, which is, precisely, the cut of our enemies.

Level S

  • Amesha.
  • Mausolon.
  • Imperator Vandal.

Level A

  • Ayanga Kuva.
  • Cortege.
  • Itzal.
  • Velocitus.
  • Velocitus.
  • Cyngas.
  • Larkspur.
  • Fluctus.
  • Centaur.

Level B

  • Corvas.
  • Grattler.
  • Phaedra.
  • Veritux Prisma.
  • Odonata.

Level C

  • Elytron.
  • Kaszas.
  • Imperator.
  • Double Decurions.
  • Knux.
  • Onorix.

Level D

  • Agkuza.
  • Rathbone.
  • Veritux.
  • Veritux.

Last observations on the Warframe tier list weapons

To end our tour of the Warframe tier list weapons we have saved a series of recommendations that we overlooked during the development of this extensive and well-stocked guide.

The first of them is that with it you will only be able to know the potential of each of the weapons. However, the actual value it has will always depend on the ability of the player to be able to use it and make the most of its ability.

Before you finish, remember to visit some of our most read articles:

We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Warframe Weapons Tier List or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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