Funky Friday Codes – March 2023 (Complete List)

Funky Friday codes are the best way to get points, emoticons and special animations, so that you can have as much fun as possible in this popular Roblox game. Here we leave you all the information you need, including the codes and their rewards.

All active Funky Friday codes – Updated March 2023

With the help of the active and valid codes for Funky Friday that you will find below, you can get important rewards and greatly improve your gaming experience.

  • funkymillion—Redeem for the Lyte Lantern mic (New)
  • 1YEARSCOOP—Redeem for the One Year Scoop Microphone
  • 1YEARFUNKY—Redeem for 1k Points
  • 2v2!!—Redeem for Sakuroma Microphone
  • CHEEZEDTOMEETYOU—Redeem for Cheese Microphone
  • 1BILCHEESE—Redeem for Funky Cheese Animation
  • 9keyishere—Redeem for 500 Points
  • MILLIONLIKES—Redeem for Radio Emote
  • 100kactive—Redeem for 250 Points
  • Halfbillion—Redeem for 500 Points
  • smashthatlikebutton—Redeem for 300 Points
  • 250M—Redeem for 250 Points
  • 1MILFAVS—Redeem for the Boombox Animation
  • 100M—Redeem code for 500 Points
  • 19DOLLAR—Redeem code for the RickRoll animation
  • XMAS2021—Redeem for Candy Cane Animation

Expired codes for Funky Friday

  • There are no expired Funky Friday codes.

Funky Friday Codes

How to redeem Roblox Funky Friday codes

In case you still don’t know very well how to redeem your codes in Funky Friday, here are the instructions and a short video that explains in a clear and simple way the procedure to obtain the rewards you deserve.

  1. Click on the Twitter Button
  2. Enter the code in the text box
  3. Click on redeem

If you want to know first when new codes release, keep an eye in the next channels:

Good luck and enjoy them!

Dare to play Funky Friday

Funky Friday is a hilarious competitive rhythm game based on the Friday Night Funkin browser game and available on Roblox. It usually reminds you of Dance Dance Dance, another game available within Roblox that emulates the arcade games you played at home with your friends. It was created by Lyte Games and currently has 25,000 daily players; a figure that far exceeds the audience that other games of this type have.


Within Funky Friday there is something called Gameplay, which consists of going to any scenario to get a user interface menu with FNF Mods and other categories with their specific difficulties. It also allows you to get to know the gameplay of the songs, which work exactly like the FNF engine with combos, glitches, hit windows, etc.

Game modes

Game modes are a feature of Funky Friday, and we introduce you to the most popular ones below:

  • Animation VS FNF
  • Anjer
  • Arcade Date: 1st Mix
  • Atrocity
  • B-Side
  • Baby Blue Brother
  • Baldi’s Basics in Funkin’ (Demo)
  • Below The Depths
  • Bloxxin’XFunkin’
  • Burning Brawl (Exclusive mod)
  • Byte Funkin’
  • Carol
  • Carol Expanded

Retired Songs

Over time, several songs have been retired because they received too many negative points to be able to stay in the game and come back at some point. Funny songs was the first single to be retired, while Brightside, Sky, Beach Brother, Vs Drift, VS Agoti and Sad Mouse.Avi/Sunday Night Suicide followed. Despite being favorites of many, Bob & Bosip, Vs Sonic .EXE, VS Zesha, Tails Gets Trolled, Squaring Up, VS Michael and AetherDX are no longer available for use. There are several reasons why these songs were removed besides their low popularity. Some songs were only available for a season as part of a holiday, others were offensive to the public, while many others are no longer available at the request of the creator himself. In recent times many songs are no longer in the playlists due to copyright issues, disputes between the composers or a change of heart on the part of the creators, who do not want their work to appear in the game.

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