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Elex: Safe Codes – Complete Guide (January 2022)


In roleplaying and fantasy games like Elex, there are certain points where you will find some objects tools. This time, HDGamers brings you the list with those points where you will find the Elex Security Codes so you don’t get lost in the adventure.

What do I need to know?

First of all we have to tell you that the Elex Security Codes are a practical map with the currently known security and door codes.

Furthermore, these codes do not require special skills, combinations, or keys to open.

Also, it’s important to know that they almost always contain only trash. But you may be lucky and find something really useful.

Security codes Elex

The first codes you will find are the locked chests. They do not represent a significant challenge, but you always have to have the right key within reach.

Otherwise, if it is going to be a real challenge since you cannot force them, hack them, damage them or use brute force to open it. That does not work with them.


The second type of codes you will find with these peculiar safes with this particular style of lock.

Which come in three levels:

  • Level 1: These have a relatively generous time limit and are easily. Hacked.
  • Level 2: These have a shorter time limit and generally only contain junk items, although occasionally they have better content.
  • Level 3: These are the trife terms, richer and often (but not always!) contain valuable items.


  • Bedroom on the second floor of the house, infested with mutants . south of the farm next to the small farm Teleporter (the greetings card has the combination).
  • Ground floor of the house, infested with mutants south of the farm, by the teleporter of the Small Farm (Combination: 3327 , is marked on a table).
  • On the porch , outside Walter’s house in Ignadon (Combination: 7531, marked on the back wall of the building).
  • On the ground floor , of the large brick building, south of Thorald (Combination: 1848, marked on the wall next to the staircase). </ li >
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