King Legacy Codes
King Legacy Codes

King Legacy Codes - January 2022 (Complete List) - All Roblox Codes


The King Legacy codes dole out some of the game’s most important elements for absolutely nothing in return. These gifts help take the tedium out of playing King Legacy and allow you to focus on becoming the King of the Pirates!

If you landed here looking for King Piece codes, King Legacy is the same game with a different name. The change occurred to avoid copyright issues with characters that the game “borrows” from the anime and manga series One Piece.

The code list is updated almost every month or during in-game events when the developer releases new codes. As with many free games, and Roblox games in particular, it’s worth checking regularly to see what new King Legacy codes have dropped.

How to redeem King Legacy codes

Launch the game and tap the menu icon in the upper right corner. Choose the codes option, then enter your code and redeem it.

All active King Legacy codes

These are all active codes for King Legacy:

Peodiz100K Beli
DinoxLive100k Beli
1MFAV5 Gem
500KLIKESStat Reset
Update2_53 Gem

Expired King Legacy Codes

This list includes expired King Legacy codes. If you try to enter a code and it doesn’t work, it’s probably one of the expired codes on this list.

Expired King Legacy Codes
200MVISITAS100,000 buy
300KFAV100,000 buy
DragonIsStrong100,000 buy
200KFAV100,000 buy
100KFAV100,000 buy
80MVISITAS100.00 Buy
New Dragon1 gem
Samurai3 gems
Spino2 gems
Mass2 gems
Shadow1 gem
Rope1 gem
Snow1 gem
Merry Christmas3 gems
150KLIKESReset statistics
100KLIKESReset statistics
50KLIKESReset statistics
TanTaiGaming100.00 Buy
60MVISITY100.00 Buy
MIUMA100.00 Buy
OpOp100.00 Buy
45KLIKES100.00 Buy
45MVISITA100.00 Buy
35MVisitar100.00 Buy

These are the Roblox King Legacy codes.

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