Subnautica Aurora Codes – June 2023 (Complete List)

Exploration will always be a dominant factor in any game, and it’s exactly the most outstanding thing that we will find in Subnautica. But, within this incredible space world, we will find an area of great importance for the game. That’s why at HDGamers we have prepared this list of Subnautica Aurora codes so that no door is an obstacle!

Here’s what you need before diving into Aurora

It is important to note that making a trip to the wreckage of the Aurora ship is usually quite dangerous. Therefore, we recommend that you go well-prepared. In this sense, our suggestions are that you bring 2 batteries or more, a fire extinguisher, a repulsion cannon and a laser welder. In addition to a repair tool in case you come across a broken door and a Seaglide‎‎ to navigate the submerged sections of the ship.

But, above all things, something with which you can defend yourself (weapons), since a terrible Leviathan usually inhabits it.

After complying with these small recommendations for your trip, together with the codes that we show you below, your trip within Aurora will be as fruitful as it is entertaining.

Valid and active codes of Subnautica Aurora (2022)

Once you travel to this area, you will realize how important it is for the amount of resources it gives you. However, to access them you will have to go through a series of doors that, obviously, are completely blocked. That is why you need the Subnautica Aurora codes .

In this sense, at HDGamers we have given ourselves the task of exploring this wonderful and mysterious world for you, and we have brought, after many lost lives, all the access keys to Aurora.

Below you can find all the Subnautica Aurora codes:

  • 6483: Enter this command to have access to the Laboratory.
  • 1454: Enter this command to enter the Cargo Bay.
  • 1869: Enter this command to enter Cabin #1.
  • 2679: Enter this command to enter the Captain’s Stateroom.
  • 6666: Enter this command to enter the Robotic Bay.

How to access Aurora’s rooms and unlock the secrets‎

We know that it is always good to have an advantage, so we are going to give you some information about the accesses that will be very useful to you within Aurora in Subnautica.

  • ‎Cabin #1:‎‎ Before entering the hut, you must first go through the sealed door. Once you have done this, enter the code. Here you will find batteries, water and first aid kits.‎‎
  • ‎Cargo Bay‎‎: To unlock the doors of the Cargo Bay, just enter the code. Use the knock back cannon to knock debris out of your way and simply climb on top of the charge.‎
  • Laboratory‎‎: If you took the first route when entering Aurora, you will be able to run into the laboratory. You must clear some of the boxes that are on your way, using the Repulsion Cannon.‎
  • We know that there are still two more rooms left, in these it will be easier, since you will only need the code to enter.

Subnautica Aurora Codes

After complying with these small recommendations for your trip, together with these codes, your trip to Aurora will be as fruitful as it is entertaining.

Expired Subnautica Aurora Codes

On a subsequent trip in recent days, we have found that these codes continue to work. Therefore, we recommend you take advantage of extracting the largest amount of supplies from this important area.

How to redeem Subnautica Aurora Codes

The best way to activate Subnautica Aurora codes is to approach the gates and point to the control panel that is usually next to them. Once in it, you will only have to click on the buttons to enter the corresponding command.

Next, we leave you with a short video that illustrates the procedure described above.

Now that you know all the tricks about the Subnautica Aurora codes, we only have to invite you to explore this mysterious world, always with the necessary recommendations.

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