7 Days to Die: Cheats & Codes – Console Commands

7 Days to Die: Cheats & Codes – Console Commands


If we talk about the Sandbox of survival and terror, these days it is impossible not to think about 7 Days to Die and all the popularity it has reached. It is no coincidence that many players are looking for 7 Days to Die cheats and codes, as well as information on how to use the Console Commands.

It doesn’t matter if you are a player with years of experience in this title or if you are still familiarizing yourself with its amazing dynamics. Here at HDGamers we will give you all the necessary resources so you can enjoy 7 Days to Die to the fullest and discover a new dimension in your gaming experience.

How to Use the 7 Days to Die Console Commands

First of all you will need to learn how to use the command console in 7 Days to Die. Luckily for you this does not have any difficulty and you will only have to enter the video game as in any other game. Once inside, press the F1 key, type the code you want and press Enter for it to take effect.

In the event that you still have doubts, here we leave you a video that shows clearly and easily how to open 7 Days to Die Console Commands.

Console Commands for 7 Days to Die

In this section of the article we will leave you some of the most used codes in the 7 Days to Die command console. They have to do with important changes abroad, so try all that generate some curiosity.

  • settime [#] st – Sets the current world time.
  • gameover go – Ends a round/match in deathmatch/horde mode.
  • toggle_blood_off NA – Toggles the blood off.
  • toggle_blood_on NA – Toggles the blood on.
  • debugmenu [on/off] dm – Toggles debug menu (for developers)
  • spawnentity [player-id] [entity-id] se – Ability to spawn entities near a player.
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