Subnautica Below Zero Console Commands – Updated 2023

Exploring the universe is an activity that motivates more than one player in this world. Unfortunately, we will not always have the physical technology to make this dream come true.

But in these cases we can always count on games like Subnautica Below Zero that will give us the opportunity to travel through the cosmos to places as incredible as imagination allows . However, it is always a good idea to rely on Subnautica Below Zero Console Commands to survive the dangers of this adventure.

And even more so if we add to that that the paradisiacal objective of this trip is a place so cold that it is very difficult to find life in it . But don’t let your guard down as you will always come across the odd surprise in Subnautica Below Zero

What are the Subnautica Below Zero Console Commands?

In this sense, we can start by saying that the Subnautica Below Zero Console Commands are nothing more than a series of tricks that will give us the chance to access a variety of unique options to facilitate our missions in the game.

Likewise, we will have some traps that can save our lives by being able to increase or decrease our inventory, travel more quickly from one point to another and save oxygen and many more benefits that these Subnautica Below Zero console commands < / strong> for our departure.

How to activate the Subnautica Below Zero console commands

Before talking about these incredible tricks, it is important to know how to start using them correctly. Therefore, the first thing we will need to activate the Subnautica Below Zero console commands is to activate the game console.

The truth is that it is a fairly simple process since by pressing the F3 key you will access the developers menu , or console as it is commonly known. Once in it we will only have to write all the commands that you will see below and press Enter to be able to execute them.

comandos de consola de Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica Below Zero console commands

It should be noted that the Subnautica Below Zero console commands are not exactly few. It is for this reason that we have decided to separate them based on the benefits it will provide you when activating them. All this in order to facilitate your navigation through the guide that we have prepared in HDGamers . Consequently, it’s time to start exploring all the tricks that will make this an incredible journey.

Basic Tips

To start our guide we will do it with the most basic commands of the game with which you can modify some of the essential attributes of the game.

item (NAME) (#)

Add a specified quantity of a certain item to your inventory.


Delete everything in your inventory.


It innovates that every water filtration machine on the map instantly makes a large filtered water.


Causes every water filtration machine on the map to instantly make salt.


It offers you all common vehicle modules.


Supplies each module of shrimp costume.


Provide each arm of shrimp suit.


By activating this Subnautica Below Zero console command you will be able to invoke some of the following spawns in the game:

  • Quartz.
  • Magnesium content.
  • Copper ore.
  • Salt tank.
  • Gold.
  • 4x Metal Salvage.


By using it you will get the following supplies:

  • Habitat Builder.
  • Survival Knife.
  • 3x Battery.
  • 4x Computer Chip.
  • 5x Creepvine Sample.
  • 10x Titanium.
  • 10x Glass.


By using it you will get the following supplies:

  • Metal salvage x1.
  • Quartz x1.
  • Copper ore x1.
  • Lead x1.
  • Mercury Ore x1.
  • Reinforced diving suit.
  • Ultra high capacity tank.
  • Salt tank x1.
  • Gold x1.
  • Crystalline Sulfur x1.
  • Silver ore x1.
  • Stasis Rifle.
  • Bowl suit.
  • Compass.
  • Standard O tank.
  • Radiation suit.
  • Uraninite crystal.
  • Sulfur of the cave x1.
  • Stalker’s Tooth x1.
  • Kyanita x1.
  • Diamond x1.
  • Nickel ore x1.
  • Ruby x1.
  • Coral tube sample x1.
  • Lithium x1.
  • Magnetite x1.


Provide one of each color forerunner key.


Allows you to obtain the following supplies:

  • 1 Seaglide.
  • 3 Ion Cubes.
  • Fins.
  • 1 High Capacity Light Tank.
  • Hatching Enzymes.
  • 1 Rebreather.


Allows you to obtain the following supplies:

  • Fastbuild.
  • Unlockall.
  • Nocost.
  • Fastgrow.
  • Fasthatch.

You also get

  • Survival knife x1.
  • Habitat generator x1.
  • Scanner x1.
  • Repair tool to your inventory x1.

resourcesfor ( NAME)

Provides resources for any specific materialable item.

ency ( NAME)

Unlocks a specific database entry.

ency all

Provides all data bank entries.

damage ( #)

Set the damage multiplier of your choice.


Violate all sea bases and damage them.


Toggle instagib (instant death) mode.


The creatures will completely ignore you.


Shortens the time it takes for water filtration machines to filter.


Reduces scanning time when using the scanner.


Plantable flora will grow in a few moments when placed in any type of planter.


The eggs will hatch within moments after being placed in an alien containment.


Allows you to create modules instantly with Habitat Builder.


Agree to play with all unlocked blueprints.


  • Habitat Generator.
  • Manufacturer.
  • Mobile Vehicle Bay.
  • Vehicle Upgrade Console.
  • Modification Station.


Enable / disable damage.


Toggles power consumption for all marine vehicles, tools, and bases on / off.


Enable or disable game suggestions.


Enable or disable pressure effects on marine bases and vehicles.


Eliminate sustaining value in elements.

Only applicable to Survival and Hardcore modes.


Activates or deactivates the unlimited supply of oxygen.


Toggle shotgun mode, which allows you to kill creatures by right clicking on them.


Spawn various bubbles (air) around you.


It gives a lava lizard its lava shell.


Spawn a Seaglide without energy in front of you.


Change all spawned Snowfoxes to variant 1, which means they have infinite momentum and a higher jump height.


Modify all generated Snowfoxes to variant 2, which means they have infinite momentum and higher jump height.


Kill the player by skipping the intro sequence and spawning in the ice tunnel.

Additionally, it gives the player:

  • Seaglide x1.
  • Mobile Vehicle Bay x1.
  • survival knife x1.
  • flashlight x1.
  • stasis rifle x1.
  • habitat generator x1.
  • jet cannon x1.
  • floats and fins x5.


Deform the player, the swapping rocket, and provide a repair tool and two coffee Americans.

dig ( #)

Eliminate all the terrain around the player in a sphere with a diameter of meters (the maximum value is 100).

This command can put a great strain on game performance.

unlock ( NAME)

Unblorches a specific blueprint.

lock ( NAME)

Lock a specific plane.


Unlock all the blueprints.


Open all construction plans for the Habitat Generator.


Unlock all the doors of the Alien Bases.

Does not apply to sealed doors that need to be cut with the laser cutter.

supplydrop ( NAME)

Initiate a certain fall.


Contains the Bioscanner.


Drop a Drop Pod at Research Base Zero.



  • disinfected water x2.
  • First Aid Kits x2.
  • heating gels x2.


Drop a drop capsule on the shallow twisted bridges.


Contains the Habitat Builder.


It has 1 filtered water.


Drop a Drop Pod at Research Base Zero.


It has 1 feeding cell.



  • 9 salt deposits.
  • 1 nutrient block.

comandos de consola de Subnautica Below Zero

Technical Commands

The cheats that you will see below will allow you to modify the game modes as well as enable some developer options for your own benefit.


By using this command you can activate free play mode.


Use this command to activate creative mode.


By using this command you will be able to activate survival mode.


By using this command you can activate the maximum difficulty of the game.


Makes the screen shake.


Toggles the effect of cold on the player on / off.


Run a garbage collection script.


Activate or deactivate the creature debugger.


Toggle the Snowfox debug menu. Consider that it is only visible while mounting a Snowfox.


List the music that is playing.

farplane (# )

Change the viewing distance.

Note: The default is 1000.


Enable / disable freecam.


Enable / disable game fog.


Show FPS other details.


Same as the freecam command.


Forces all generated Ice Worms to start their exit animation from the ground, wait a few seconds, and then return to the ground.


Toggles the interpolation of player movement on / off.


Change all Sea Truck Cabins models and their modules to a pre-alpha rendering.


Use this command to view all the environment files implemented in the game, as well as the biome ID that is associated with them. Here you will see the following biomes:

  • lilly_pads (lilyPads *).
  • sanctuary (TwistyBridges_InnerCave *).
  • normal_cave (NormalCave *).
  • ice_cave (IntroIceCave *).
  • arctic_surface (arctic *).
  • kelp_caves (arcticKelp *).
  • kelp_background (kelpForest *).
  • surface_generic_background (*).
  • twisty_bridges (TwistyBridges *).

N ote: IF you want to use any of them, just type these commands.


It lists all the music files implemented in the game, as well as the ID of the biome that are associated with them.

In this way you can find the clues that you will see below:

  • arctic_background_music (arctic *).
  • kelp_background_music (kelpForest *).

Note: IF you want to use any of them, just type these commands s.


Eliminate shadows.

Note: A restart is required to reapply the game.


Shows on screen which biome the player is currently in.


Toggle running in the background for the game.


  • Spawn diver “Wasabi One”.
  • Can be used as a size reference.
  • You should be looking at the terrain while using the command.

speed (# )

  • Sets the game speed multiplier (default is 1).
  • A number of “2” would double the game speed.
  • A float like 0.1 will slow the game speed down to 10% of the original value.


Force all spike traps spawned in hunting mode.


Boost all spike traps spawned in sleep mode.


Toggle target debugging.

techtype (NAME )

Prints the technology type of a given name.

TechType for ‘rock puncher’ string is RockPuncher

  • It can be useful for acquiring debug spawn commands.
  • Note: If the command is successful, the given technology type will be placed on the clipboard.


Toggle VR animations.


Toggle VSync.

comandos de consola de Subnautica Below Zero

Time and hour commands

This segment of the Subnautica Below Zero: console commands is intended for those tricks with which you will control the seasons, the weather and at the same time father.

accelweather (# )

Speed ​​up the future weather event to the given number.


Set the current time of day.

daynight (# )

  • Sets the time of day. 0 and 1 are midnight, and 0.5 is noon.
  • Numbers above or below 1 or 0 will be rounded down or up, respectively.

daynightspeed (# )

  • Sets the day / night cycle speed multiplier (default is 1).
  • A number of “2” would be a day / night cycle twice as fast (shorter day and shorter night).
  • A float like 0.1 will make the day / night cycle 10 times slower.

forceweather (# )

Change current time to target time id.


Advances the current time to the next one on the timeline.


Activates / deactivates the beam.


Set the current time at night.


Enable / disable rain.


Re-roll all the time for the next 24 hours of the game.

skiptime (# )

Skip multiple frames.

Note: One day equals 1200 frames.


Activates / deactivates the time.

weatherevent (NAME )

Sets the current time to the given name.


Alternate the wind.

comandos de consola de Subnautica Below Zero

Teleportation commands

With them you will be able to travel faster and more efficiently throughout the map.

biome (NAME )

Teleports you to a specific Biome. Here you must write the name of the destination following this list:

  • Crystalcave:
    • Crystal Caves.
  • Deeppads:
    • Cave of Deep Lilypads.
  • Introarea:
    • Zero Research Base.
  • Introicecave:
    • Ice cave leading to Alien Research Site Zero.
  • Kelpcave:
    • Arctic Kelp Caves.
  • Lilypads:
    • Lilyp Islandsad.
  • Shallowtwistybridges:
    • Twisted shallow bridges.
  • Twistybridges:
    • Twisted Bridges.

warp (x ) (y ) (z )

Warps you to the coordinates of your choice.

warpforward (o)

It modifies you forward by number of meters.


  • Teleports you half a meter in a random direction.
  • Excellent to unhook.

batch (x ) (y ) (z )

  • Warps you to the center of a lot.
  • Batches do not use the same coordinate system as the warp command

chunk (x ) (y ) (z )

Use this command to teleport yourself to the location you want. Only if you know the exact coordinates.

goto (NAME)

Teleports you to a specific location. You just have to change Name to any of the following locations:

  • Rocket:
    • Exchanger rocket launch pad.
  • twistybridgesvalleyfloor:
    • Near the cave that leads to the entrance to Sanctuary Zero.
  • enzymesample:
    • Near Sea Emperor Juvenile Leviathan in the Lilypad Islands.
  • kharaasample:
    • Frozen Leviathan.
  • shieldbasecaveentrance:
    • Entrance to the cave leading to the Zero Alien Research Site.
  • shieldbase:
    • Entrance to the Zero Extraterrestrial Research Site.
  • hoverarea:
    • Arctic Spiers.
  • arcticspirescache:
    • Arctic Spiers Cache.
  • crystalcache:
    • Crystal Caves Cache.
  • deeparcticcache:
    • Cache of Methane Ice Caves.
  • fabricatorbase:
    • Manufacturing base.
  • sanctuary:
    • Sanctuary Zero.
  • rocketiceshelf:
    • Ice shelf near the shallow twisted bridges.
  • mtechsite1:
    • Cargo area in the deep arctic.
  • mtechsite2:
    • Cargo area on an island near the Lilypad Islands.
  • mtechsite3:
    • Cargo area in the deep arctic.
  • Mbase:
    • Marguerit Maida’s base.
  • Divesuit:
    • Jo Jeffreys’s wetsuit.
  • alterrabase1:
    • Omega Research Base.
  • alterrabase2:
    • Cappa Research Platform.
  • alterratechsite1:
    • Loading area on the twisted bridges.
  • alterratechsite2:
    • Rocket Island.
  • alterratechsite3:
    • Loading zone in the arctic spiers.
  • alterratechsite4:
    • Loading area with almanac legs.
  • Tunnelexit:
    • Exit from the Zero Research Base tunnel.
  • Basesupplydrop1:
    • First Drop Pod location.
  • Shieldbasetop:
    • Top of the Alien Zero research site.
  • Radiotower:
    • Area between the scattered arctic and the arctic kelp forest.
  • Seatrucktest:
    • trench in purple vents.


Same as the goto command, except that it teleports you instead of moving quickly.


Teleports you between two locations until the game is closed or the command gotostop is used.


If you have used gotospam, this stops the loop.


  • You instantly respawn inside the life preserver.
  • It is useful as a “teleport” function.
  • DO NOT use Hardcore in game settings.

Last observations on the Subnautica Below Zero console commands

To culminate our extensive tour of all the Subnautica Below Zero console commands we have decided to reserve some important information that we overlooked during the development of this material.

The first one is that you always have to remember to look for the ID codes of each of the places, objects or characters in order to get the most out of these tricks. Primarily because most of them of himhe is going to ask you.

Likewise, do not worry about entering one with lower or upper case letters since the console will not differentiate them . On the other hand, in some of these Subnautica Below Zero Console Commands you will look for x, y, z coordinates; these correspond to east-west, altitude and north-south respectively.

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Finally, it is important that you always keep these last tips in mind since only then can you enjoy this incredible game with the use of the Subnautica Below Zero Console Commands and become a true cosmonaut.

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