ARK: Complete Ice Wyvern Egg Locations

We continue to give you the most useful information on ARK, at HD Gamers we spend all week playing and searching the Ice Wyvern to give you the exact location of all their nests. There is no way after finishing this item don’t get them. We’ll give you the most accurate Wyvern Ice Egg locations you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

Where to find Wyvern Ice Egg in ARK Ragnarok?

First, let’s review some things you need to know before embarking on an egg hunt on the map.

  1. There are up to now there are only 5 nests in total, or at least they are all we could find while we played (And boy did we play a lot)
  2. As you can expect, the eggs are in really freezing areas , look for places that have names like “murder snow”. A quick trick that you can apply is to press and hold the “h” key in the game area to see the name of the locations and, very importantly, the temperature. In the type of area where you get the eggs it is very likely that you will freeze and die, which does not lead to the next point.
  3. Make sure to wear a leather armor, the higher the level of your armor the better, you don’t want to freeze to death just before you get your precious eggs. Also make sure you get as much cold protection as possible.

Remember that by taking a Wyverns egg you will infuriate any mother who is nearby, so prepare to fight ice-type Wyverns, don’t get caught off guard.

Locations and coordinates of ice Wyverns eggs in ARK:

We took on the task of writing down all the coordinates of the locations and seeing what we had around to give you references.

  • A – 37.7 / 65.0 – In the middle of a circle of trees.
  • B – 44.4 / 58.9 – On open ground .
  • C – 47.0 / 51.7 – This nest is on the edge of a gorge.
  • D – 33.5 / 68.8 – Hidden under a ledge.
  • E – 42.8 / 55.2 – On the ground near a rock.

To help you locate yourself better, here are the points on the map where we could get them:

Ice Eggs Ark

Important about spawn from ice eggs:

Can’t get the nests? Do you get them but their level is very low ? Take into account that in order for there to be Wyvern eggs in the coordinates, there must also be Wyvern of good level.

  • One technique you can use is to dedicate yourself to hunting as many Wyvern as you can, let’s call it “The Ice Egg Campaign”: Declare war on the Wyvern and eventually you’ll get them to level up and good nests start appearing in ARK Ragnarok.

With this you have enough information to get all the ice wyvern egg locations , whether the nests are available or not, now on the hunt!

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