Don't Escape 4 Guide

Don't Escape 4: Complete Guide


Survival video games are by far one of the most popular genres in the Gamer culture. That is why titles like Don’t Escape 4 have well earned its reputation as one of the best thanks to the difficulty it represents for its players to pass it. That is why HDGamers brings you the Don’t Escape 4 guide .

What is Don’t Escape 4 about?

The first point of this Don’t Escape 4 guide could be said to be geared towards those readers who don’t know about this amazing game yet.

In this sense, we can summarize that it is a title where we will have to use ourselves thoroughly and use all our abilities to their maximum capacity to survive any number of adversities.

Likewise, for a period of 5 days we will see ourselves in a world that is constantly trying to eliminate us. Therefore, if we manage to reach the end alive, it is already a great achievement. However, if we can highlight something of this great game in this Don’t Escape 4 guide , it is that it strengthens our ability to make decisions and assume their consequences.

Don’t Escape 4 Guide: The Start

Continuing with our Don’t Escape 4 guide , it’s time to start taking our first steps through the bewildering world of this game.

It should be noted that at first, we will find ourselves lost in a desert with only the faithful company of our travel backpack which is our inventory and we will find it in the upper left corner of the screen.

From it you will have to drag and drop the head of the mallet on the wooden post, with the combination we will have a mallet or sledgehammer with which a hole is made large enough to climb and go through a wall.

Then walk to the right side of the screen. But be very careful as you may encounter quicksand. In this case, you run the risk of being swallowed quickly since, after all, you have a pretty heavy deck. If that happens, just drag and drop the deck anywhere and escape to the desert.

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