Don’t Escape 4 Guide: Day 3

If you feel that your strength is beginning to diminish with the stress and worry generated by the first days of Don’t Escape 4 . It is because you did not have to face the risks and adversities that she has prepared for you on the third day. Therefore, to help you survive, HDGamers will teach you what you need with the Don’t Escape 4 guide.

Don’t Escape 4 Guide: Day 3

If you reach this point in the game thanks to the recommendations we have made during this Don’t Escape 4 guide , you will be closer to reaching the end.

This is the third day that, like the last 48 hours, you will not be able to let your guard down since, in short, it is one of the most complicated of the game . In this sense, it is important to remember that during the night of the previous day you will have two options of dreams.

One where you will be attacked by a gang of bandits and one where you will be at the mercy of a relentless thunderstorm. So if you thought that locusts, spiders, gas, cold or heat were not enough, prepare to feel the adrenaline rush through your body.

Similar to what we saw on day 2 , both stories will have many points where they will be related to each other. To the point of concluding that we will live the same experiences regardless of any scenario that comes our way.

The collapse

In this sense, suddenly we will see that the floor will collapse leaving Coby and Barry hanging with danger of falling from the fourth floor, you can only save one. You will unlock and it is decided to save the life of Coby , together they will analyze this experience.

Next, you will go to the entrance door to the building and go down the stairs, cross to the left through the open door. What a shock! You will get a deceased who has an identification badge, you will right click on it and you will get a key. In this area you will find a silencer for the rifle .

Then, you will return to the right and open the closed door with this key, in this area we will find a generator, you will click on it and a mini set of batteries will be activated to start the correct supply, as long as pin A and B have the required voltage . As you will see in the image below.

Next, we will return to the left room once the power is restored and turn on the computer. In it we will review the emails and attachments in which the following instructions will be read:

  • New location on the map ( Ge Hunting Pavilion ).
  • Interesting information about Cate .
  • How you will feed the lower floors.
  • New map location ( Launch pad ).

Therefore, you must write everything on the pad, you will return to the power generation room and you will notice that Pin A uses 15 V and Pin B uses 40 V energy. Just as shown in this image.

Next, you will go down the stairs and cross to the right until you reach the niche of the fire hose. You will break the glass with the hammer and you will make double clicks, one on the elevated and the other on the hose to take it to the elevator shaft.

It all depends on who was saved

In this case, it basically won’t matter much if you saved Coby or Barry in after the crash. Since you will have to click on the vent located on the left side of the screen and enter your partner to unlock the door of the other room, when you enter you will collect what shines with which you would get a floppy disk and documents.

The real difference between one or the other will be that Coby will do it in less time than Barry , that is why, in the first instance, we recommend that you choose your life over the from Barry .

In this way, you will exit and go to the elevator. Then you will go down the fire hose until you reach the street.

Here you will meet your partner who will be dying and tells you her last words and then die. We recommend that you make her a worthy grave to recognize her loyalty. This will earn you the Don’t Forget achievement.

Subsequently, you will walk down the street and cross to the right until you find yourself at a dead end and a door. To theopening it you will get Cate and ask him to inform you about his participation in the Sidereal Plexus . From this moment, we will find the two variants in the story.

Don’t Escape 4 Guide: Bandits

Continuing with this Don’t Escape 4 guide on what is already the third day of the adventure of this incredible game. It is time to face the fear of the most recent of our nightmares. Face the attack of a band of bandits.

Returning to the plot in the meeting with Cate that we described earlier. You will have to drive the vehicle back to the service station.

Once you enter the premises, you hear voices and you will look out the window where you will see a military man named Sarge talking to the bandits . You will immediately leave the premises, but the military officer with the rank of sergeant will throw your weapon at you, we recommend that you take it.

The tools make the difference

Just as we have been observing throughout this Don’t Escape 4 guide , the tools have had a considerable influence on the development of the game. Allowing to expand the possibility of surviving every day.

Therefore, after 48 hours immersed in this overwhelming situation that Don’t Escape 4 represents, it is important to equip ourselves with the correct supplies. In this case, they will be the following:

  • The lever.
  • The wrench.
  • The gasoline canister
  • An iron bar (in case you didn’t have to go through the spiders on day 1).
  • The hammer.
  • Some nails.
  • The water bottle.
  • The hunting rifle.

The encounter with the gang

Returning to our meeting with Sarge , take the opportunity to ask him for information. If you do, his first response will be to command a team that joins forces with the Razór gang. In order to survive as there are no options.

They are currently trying to get the valves of a truck to work. We recommend that you help them using the wrench. This will earn you their trust.

Thus, the second reaction of Sarge will be on the moon and the spaceship . Then you say goodbye, you will return to the car heading to the restaurant and enter the left. Next, you will extract the cooking oil that will be in the pantry near the bathroom.

Afterwards, you will leave the restaurant and go to the hunting lodge . You will enter the inn and click on the scratches next to the sofa.

Now you have to move the furniture with a click. To your surprise, you will discover a safe embedded in the floor. To open it you must use the key that will be mounted on the deer head that hangs on the wall. Inside you will locate a revolver with its ammunition as well as ammunition for the hunting rifle you already own.

Immediately, you have to travel to the door on the right and collect the existing whiskey , the scope of the hunting rifle with its scope and bear traps. You will go out and go to the back of this inn and clear all the existing traps, to protect the animals.

Note: If your day 1 was with a spider, here you will get fewer bear traps.

The construction

Now we will go in the car to the construction and when we get to the parking lot we will click on the right side of the blue fence, in said fence there is an opening whose path is guarded, we must eliminate it.

Also, nearby we see a corpse with worms. Lose disgust as you will need to collect a worm to place it on the left side of the guard rack and distract it. Once you are done, run as fast as you can to get through the hole in the fence to the back of the camp. Here we recommend that you take the following supplies:

  • The boxes with ammunition with water
  • With the whiskey the boxes with food.

You will then return to the car. Once you go through the hole in the fence and taking advantage of the guard being distracted, you will go to the gas station to fill the vehicle’s tank and we will return to the cabin.

Don’t Escape 4 Guide: Caring for the shelter

Just as we have done in the previous two days, when night approaches, it is necessary to take all security measures to spend the darkest and most dangerous hours of the game.

In this case, we will start by watering the bear traps at the entrance to the cabin. Then we will enter and lock the door of the house. Then we will secure the windows with the iron bar and nail them.

Once we have secured the tickets, it is time to check the cosecurity issues within our base. In this sense, the first thing we will do is to verify that the doors and windows are well closed.

We will then verify that supplies of both ammunition and food for the bandit Sarge and his gang are damaged.

Finally, we take the hunting rifle and prepare it with the silencer, its scope and ammunition. You will go up to the attic and go out on the roof with an extra box of ammunition. With all this we will be prepared for the intense night that awaits us.

Finally, we will press the watch button at the top. In this way, the third day of this traumatic story will end.

Don’t Escape 4 Guide: Achievements

By following everything correctly, you should have avoided the intense cold and won:

  • A permanent +5 kg transport weight voucher due to the perfection of the day.
  • Other achievements for surviving the night (Day 3).
  • Another for doing it perfectly (No bloodbath).

Don’t fall asleep, day 4 has arrived and we’ll tell you later in the Don’t Escape 4 guide.

Don’t Escape 4 Guide: Thunderstorm

Remembering that on the night of the second day we had more than one option of our dreams, or nightmares. Just as we have experienced in the previous segment with the confrontation with the bandits, there is one that, in one way or another, may be the greatest risk of the game.

At this point in our Don’t Escape 4 guide where we will try to give you all the tips that will allow you to get to the end of the story alive. It is time to talk about an encounter against the forces of nature. It is time to survive a thunderstorm.

To avoid leaving with serious burns throughout our body and arriving intact the next day, we will need the following supplies:

  • The shovel.
  • The wrench.
  • The gasoline can.
  • The bandage.
  • An extension cord.
  • The keys to the cabin.

Summing up our meeting with Cate after the collapse and the tragic death of our colleagues Coby and Barry . Now you will take the path that takes you back to the restaurant. Here you will meet, as in the encounter with the bandits, with the sergeant Sarge .

The conversation with Sarge

Unlike the previous case, in this conversation they will talk about the weather. Specifically on the subject of how to survive an electrical storm.

Continuing with the same dynamic of the previous case, he will give you a series of answers to which you will have to pay as much attention as you can. The first of them, more than an answer will be more a request, is that you have to help him by getting bandages and disinfectants for Steve’s wounds. Only then will it give you the answers you are looking for.

Later, you leave the restaurant and go to the hunting lodge, located on the map in the upper central part of it. Here you go into the inn and click on the scratches next to the sofa.

Then you move the furniture with a click and oh surprise! You will discover an embedded safe on the floor. To open it you must use the key that is mounted on the deer head that hangs on the wall, inside you will locate a revolver with its ammunition and ammunition for the hunting rifle that you already own.

Immediately, you have to go to the door on the right and collect the following supplies:

  • The existing whiskey.
  • The bandages.
  • The extension cable.
  • The broom.
  • The three wooden boards.

Only when you have all the items on this list will you be able to move forward with preparing to receive the natural scourge of the electrical storm and get out of it alive.

A new conversation with Sarge

Again, we will drive to the restaurant to deliver the whiskey and bandages to Sarge for the injured man. This act makes the sergeant, respecting his code of honor, keep his word. This is how he tells us that Paul , an expert meteorologist, is behind the premises and can give us the instructions to survive the storm.

So, we went looking for Paul and started the following dialogue:

  • You will ask: How do you survive a storm?
  • It will respond: With the delivery of three Storm Catchers (storm receivers) and instruct that you place them in the high places around the base (cabin).
  • You will ask: Can you help me place another en the flagpole?
  • Will respond: Ask Sarge .

You will return to the interior of the restaurant, and start a dialogue with Sarge:

  • You will ask: Will your team be able to install a storm receiver on the flagpole?
  • Sarge will reply, that they would do so in exchange for a pistol and some ammunition .

Immediately, the deal is closed and you will deliver the revolver with its respective ammunition plus the storm receiver to install. Later, Sarge will inform you that you will need to boost the other two storm receivers and hints at construction.

So, first you will go to the inn of the hunting lodge , to the back room and connect the extension cable in it to the room and its plugs will be taken out the window. Then you will go outside and place them in the treehouse to connect the second storm receiver. And then, helped by the broom, you will clean the sheets of the solar panels on the roof of the inn.

The construction

Again, you will exit the restaurant and head to the parking lot of the construction. But, to get to it; you should click on the right side of the blue fence. In said fence there will be a hole , you will penetrate through it and you will see a generator, a crane and a large spool of wires on which there is a palette of bricks.

Next, we will fill the gas tank of the generator to be able to start it. Then, you have to get on the crane and once here we will use the controller to move the crane up to the left.

When it reaches that position, we will open the hook and lower it to take the brick trowel and slowly raise it until the wire reel is free. .

Next, we will descend from the crane and turn off the generator. Then we will go back up to the crane with the wire reel . Once at the top, we will look in the compartment for a cable box that will be located on the left side. We will open it to place the third storm receiver.

Thus, we will go down again with the wire reel to start the generator, which will turn on the third receiver. You will exit through the fence hole and go to the front of the construction where you will pick up a big green tarp and return to the vehicle.

Again, we will drive to the service station to fill the tank and jerry can with gasoline. Then we will continue until we reach the back of the cabin. Here we have to scale the tree with the extension cable to plug the fourth storm receiver into its socket.

You will know that you did well if this generates a green colored glow. Now you have to get down from the tree and go to the front of the cabin that is near the dead tree, to your left, we will dig some ditches with the shovel in the ground.

Caring for the cabin

One of the most common points in this Don’t Escape 4 guide is when we have all the implements of our trips and it is time to use them and give the last verification in our database. Only then can we be sure that we will survive one more night.

In this sense, when the third nightfall of your game falls in Don’t Escape 4 you will have to verify that the following points are in place:

  • Two of the windows will be nailed to the boards and the other will be glued on.
  • You will go up and out through the attic hatch to the left side of the roof, you will cover the helicopter and the hole with the clone, you will fix it with the adhesive tape. We will verify this protection very well.
  • The wire spool will improvise a lightning rod in the chimney and we will confirm that the copper wire is well installed.
  • We will enter through the hatch again, we will close it and protect it with the flag, the blanket and the thermal blanket.
  • We will descend to the ground floor and check the time.

This is how, once these protections were made, they would be free for 4 hours before night falls. Therefore, we will go out and go to the gas station to fill the car tank and the jerry can with gasoline.

Afterwards, we will return to the house and check that the generator is working properly and that the ditches are deep.

Don’t Escape 4 Guide: Internal care

Finally, we will enter and close with the keys to the cabin. It should be noted that if day 1 was toxic gas , then we will use towels to cover the gaps in the doors. Otherwise, you will have to search for them.

To finish, we will start the protection check starting with the correct blocking of the windows. Likewise, the protection of the helicopter and the lightning rod was verified when it was installed. Now we will review theroof hatch and that all storm receivers are powered and located in a square between the cabin, the restaurant, the inn, and the construction .

Only when you have all these precautions covered, will you be able to go to sleep with the certainty that you survived one more day thanks to the Don’t Escape 4 guide.

Don’t Escape 4 Guide: Achievements

If you followed everything correctly, you should have avoided lightning and won:

  • A permanent +5 kg transport weight voucher due to the perfection of the day.
  • Other achievements for surviving the night (Day 3)
  • Another for doing it perfectly (not so shocking).

Don’t Escape 4 Guide: Last Considerations of the Day

It should be noted that on this day, everything will depend on the dream you have previously lived. As well as the conversation you have are Sarge . Therefore, you have to pay close attention to each of these details as they can mean the difference between staying alive and dying.

With these suggestions, we have covered everything related to what you need to survive 72 hours in the universe of Don’t Escape 4. But don’t let your guard down as there is still a long way to go starting with The fourth day you will meet in the next installment of this Don’t Escape 4 guide.



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