Don’t Escape 4 Guide: Day 4

As we showed in previous installments of this Don’t Escape 4 guide, it is a game where the ultimate goal is to survive 5 days of anguish and danger. Here you are just one step away from achieving it and for this reason, HDGamers brings you all the recommendations that will save your life on the fourth day of Don’t Escape 4 .

Don’t Escape 4 Guide: Day 4

Regardless of the combination of obstacles you have had to avoid in the previous days. The most important thing is that you have reached the fourth day of Don’t Escape 4 . Here you may still have some traumas from the experience lived in the last 72 hours and you will wait for a natural phenomenon or the invasion of beings of immense power on this new day.

In this new segment of the Don’t Escape 4 guide that we have prepared in HDGamers for all of our readers, we will find a rather atypical day to tell the truth. On day 4 of our adventure in Don’t Escape 4 we will not have to overcome any type of threat.

Just as you listen, you no longer have to worry about a toxic cloud, a thunderstorm or being shot by some kind of desert bandit. All this thanks to the fact that, from your traumatic experiences in the last days, you have decided to leave this world and in this idea the one that you hope is your last day in Don’t Escape 4.

G Don’t Escape 4 guide : What you’ll need to know

As you noted throughout this Don’t Escape 4 Guide is the fact that you will always need some knowledge from the previous day to understand what you will experience later. In addition to this, the importance of tools has always been fundamental for survival for so many hours of play and this day will be no exception.

That is why this day will begin with an abrupt awakening in the cabin as you feel a new premonition about a catastrophe that you saw in your dreams. From here the story begins to vary depending on the experience with which you tilted previously.

In this sense, the plot will proceed as follows:

  • If your day 3 was with the bandits. Go to the bathroom to find Cate pointing Razor with the gun . Here you must decide whether to kill him or not. Regardless of the choice you make, outside you will get a bag with gloves .
  • If your day 3 was the electrical storm, you will get these gloves later in the restaurant .

Next, you will go up to the attic and exit through the hatch to the fireplace to remove the obstruction that we discussed on Day 1 that it had. To do this, help yourself with the rope and the hook with which you achieve a dead bird . Then, we only have to go down to the lower floor.

G Don’t Escape 4 guide : The necessary tools

To complete the next 24 hours with life in Don’t Escape 4 we recommend you have in your inventory the supplies that we will indicate immediately:

  • The lever.
  • The hook with the rope.
  • The screwdriver.
  • The shovel.
  • The kitchen knife.
  • The gasoline can.
  • The badge.
  • The floppy disk collected from the Sideral Plexus .
  • The protective gloves.
  • The keys to the cabin.

Once you make sure you have all these tools. Next, we will open the cabin with the keys and leave to head towards the construction.

Once there, you will have to go to the scaffolding on the right that is covered with rusty spikes which you will have to climb since they are the only way to go. To climb without hurting ourselves, we will use the protective gloves .

When you reach the top you will walk to the left where you will find a ring on the beam which you join with the rope and hook to easily descend and pick up the kit welding .

G guide to Don’t Escape 4 : Clues

When you already have this invaluable tool, we will start the journey to the spaceship. To do this we will meet on the way with a crashed bus . We will investigate it and we will get a Key for the Laboratoryio 13. Then , we will arrive at the spacecraft outpost .

Note: You will be presented with a text box asking if you want to stop, click on it not.

Now you will have to climb the dune that is on the right. Then you will circle the door panel to the ceiling. This will take you to the satellite dish where something shines.

We advise you to be quite curious and use the screwdriver. That mysterious object is about a Broken Duplexer .

Then go back to the door to use the ID card. Here you must be very careful since you will only have 5 seconds before they kill you.

Once inside, try to locate the fuse box on the wall next to the door. When you open it, you will see a puzzle.

At this point, you will have to solve it and only then will you be able to access the elevator. To do this, be guided by the image you will see below. Once Do it, go to the first door and collect the following objects:

  • The access card.
  • The chemical formula.
  • The remote control to which you will remove the batteries using the screwdriver.

Next, you will press the button on the wall, which will light a project where you will explain what is happening.

The cabin

Our tour in the Don’t Escape 4 Guide will take us to a rather peculiar space. This is the launch cabin where you have to go left. Here you will find a door with a scanner. To access it, use the access card you found previously.

In this way, you will have reached the control room of the launch of the spacecraft. It is then when we will start with the following functions:

  • We will open the hatch from the hatch control.
  • We will check if you need fuel or air on the corresponding diagnostic screen.
  • And you can enter another mini game in which you have to increase all the bars to the green line by clicking on the + icons to go to the next one.

Next, you’ll keep going through the bottom of the main computer and locate something loose that is another Duplexer. Then you will open the silo hatch to adjust the fuel to the required levels following the instructions of the puzzle that you will find in it.

In summary, you only have to press:

  • The 1 button five times.
  • button 3 four times.
  • The button 5 six times and last.
  • button 2 once, it’s that same sequence.

Next, we leave you with an image of the game that will better illustrate how to carry out this last procedure.

Once you’re done with this review and tweaks, head back to the control room. Here we will review the radar which will indicate the existence of a crashed plane in the vicinity of the area.

Subsequently, we will return to the elevator and enter the other room. Here we will remove a motor drive belt from the machine located in the middle of the room using the screwdriver.

Next, we will leave to go to the top of the building where we will reach a shiny object to which we will place one of the Duplexers in the hole. Again, the screwdriver will be our best ally.

Then we will lift the plate off the ground and down the stairs to get a Fuel Catalyst console.

Ultimately, we will see an elevator that requires a drive belt. We will put it on and move it to the entrance of the spacecraft.

The ship

Continuing with the Don’t Escape 4 guide. At this point you will have to go down to the launch pad to attach the drive belt to the elevator motor. We will click the top button we will get to the spacecraft.

Subsequently, we will go to the bottom of the ship where you will have to take everything you find at the bottom of the toolbox. Mainly, the glue gun since with it we can easily work with the batteries.

Now you will have to observe the following:

  • The installer filter.
  • Air tanks installed.
  • The set of circuit boards
  • Engine calibration.
  • The plugs.

In the same order, we will pause to observe the scenarios. NWe will note that we will have one of the following two problems:

  • Air scenario: lack of lithium hydroxide (LiOH) filter and / or lack of air tanks.
  • Fuel scenario: lack of engine calibration, lack of fuel catalyst bank and / or lack of navigation chip.

Immediately, we will leave the ship and return to the vehicle to go to the crashed plane . On the way we will get a crashed bus , investigate it and collect the keys. Now we will observe a stain in a window that appears to be a fingerprint and with the help of the glue and the knife we will detach the fingerprint .

Later, when we get to the plane we will use the shovel to remove the sand from the hatch and be able to enter to the front where you will find the following:

  • A series of randomly numbered boxes
  • The corpse of the pilot, who has the cargo manifest with the sequence information to open said boxes.

In addition, we must take the navigation chips or the air tanks depending on the scenario in which we live. For example:

  • If the stage is air, the air tanks must be replaced using the lever to remove them.
  • In the event that the stage is fuel, it will be necessary to replace a navigation chip and for this, with the lever, the box of these chips will be opened to remove one.

Note: You should consider that if day 3 was a thunderstorm, you will have to drive to the restaurant to locate the protective gloves on the floor.

In construction

This is how, when you return to the car, you will drive to the main entrance of the building. Here you will use the gloves we will climb the scaffold where you will climb to the top.

Now walk to the left to locate a ring in the beam, to which you will attach the rope with the hook to be able to descend until you collect, again, the welding kit .

Also, afterwards the opposite movements will be made until we reach the car we will go to the Sideral office whose entrance is boarded up by the sand.

In this case, we recommend that you go around the dune and thus enter through the door of the building (previously visited). Next, we will walk to the right, specifically to the doors of Laboratory 13 that we will open with the keys found in the plane .

Next, on the shelf in the front and on the table on the right, we will grab the containers with the chemicals that we will place in the chemical mixer. Of course, you must follow the chemical formulas found above so as not to die from poisoning or from an explosion.

Ship: Second revision

So, once you have done these procedures that we have described in the Don’t Escape 4 guide , you will return to the vehicle to go to the spaceship.

We will go down the elevator and walk towards the second door in whose identifier we will use the imprint demure of the bus and enter.

At this point we will depend on the scenario where we are, the following movements:

  • We will release the caliper if we are on the air stage.
  • We will release the lithium hydroxide (LiOH) filter if the scenario is fuel.

However, the spacecraft must be repowered taking into account the contexts that will appear, namely:

  • In the context of air , the LiOH filter will be placed on the top floor above the red light. The air tanks go in the red light of the lower floor of the ship.
  • In the context of fuel, the catalyst will be placed in the machine next to the elevator. Also place on top the navigation chip and on the bottom red light the engine gauge .

This is how, we will be almost ready, we will only have to throw away what isn the lower floor of the elevator since only one kg of objects per person will be allowed. Just don’t forget the floppy disks .

Ship: Last revision

It is not long before the end of this tedious and frenetic day in Don’t Escape 4. At this point you have to know that you could only take off once you put launch controls on the ship that are in the upper floor and make the last inspection of the ship.

To do this, the first thing you should review will be the following points:

  • You will see that the air composition or fuel mixture is correct (green).
  • That if we will be in the air scene: the pills given to Cate , Coby and mine are the correct ones.
  • If it is the fuel scene: the catalyst has been added according to the specifications of the formula.

Next, you will go over to check the crack which should be well welded, that all the systems that needed repairs are fixed and lastly see if the hatch is open.

To finish, if you have complied with all the procedure described in the Don’t Escape 4 guide you will finish on day 4 without any setback and you can start your dream where you will have both last nightmares:

  • The arrival to the moon how to survive.
  • The true end, the awakening.


If you followed everything correctly and depending on the scenarios you will have achieved:

  • A gas stove if the scene is fuel
  • You will be able to breathe if the scene is air.

Don’t Escape 4 Guide: Last recommendations of the day

With this, we have put an end to the penultimate day of our adventure for Don’t Escape 4. So you are getting closer to surviving and enjoying your victory over a world that always wanted to eliminate you.

But now is not the time to let your guard down as the last 24 hours of the game are coming, which you will meet in the next installment of the Don’t Escape 4 guide that HDGamers has prepared for you.

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