How To Level Up Fast In Pokémon Go

Anyone who has ever played an MMORPG may know of bugs or exploits that allow players to quickly gain XP in short periods of time. There aren’t any in Pokémon Go, and you’ll need to understand the game’s XP sources. This will allow you to tailor your game to the tasks that will give you the most total XP after a Pokemon session. Go.

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Your main source of XP in the game is catching Pokémon, so you’ll want to make sure you do it in the best possible way. Practice hitting big shots as they give you the most XP. If you start making big throws consistently, even when playing Pokémon Go casually, the XP you’ll earn will add up. You can use the AR Plus feature to get closer to Pokemon, making it easier to get big throws. If you abuse this feature and get close enough, you will get the Expert Handler bonus, a capture bonus that has a base reward of 300 XP. If you’re just starting to play Pokémon Go or want to rest during the game, you can attract Pokéstops and have a picnic while catching Pokémon with big throws.

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How to level up fast in Pokemon Go?

Suppose you have found an online game. In this case, you will understand that it is quite easy to use or exploit specific bugs, allowing players to quickly earn XP in short periods of time. However, there is none in Pokémon Go.

The best way to get XP in Pokémon GO is to catch Pokémon. You will earn more XP by catching rare or super rare Pokémon than by catching common Pokémon.

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The fastest way to reach level 50 in Pokémon GO is to catch lots of Pokémon, hatch eggs, and use Stardust to power up your Pokémon.

Story Path Order

  • 1st Gym: Error
  • Path of Legends: Stony Cliff Titan
  • 2. 3rd Gym – Grass
  • ) Path of Legends – Open Sky Titan
  • Starfall Street – Dark Crew
  • 3rd Gym – Electric
  • Starfall Street – Fire Crew
  • Path of Legends – Hidden Steel Titan
  • 4th Gym: Water
  • Starfall Street: Poison Crew
  • 5th Gym: Normal
  • 6th Gym: Ghost
  • Path of Legends: Shaking Earth Titan
  • 7th Gym: Psychic
  • 8th Gym: Ice
  • Starfall Street: Fairy Team
  • Path of Legends: Fake Dragon Titan
  • Starfall Street – Fairy Team e fight
  • Elite Four – Victor and Road
  • All final battles
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Just by looking at this long list and the map, you’ll notice that you’re actually going and coming in the area of ​​Paldea.

Tips to get more XP in Pokémon GO

Legendary raids give 10,000 XP and with a lucky egg you get 20,000 XP. Even more so if you do these raids and “level up” during the Double XP event. Crack an egg in an event and earn 40,000 XP per raid and level up extremely fast.

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If you only have time (or enough people) to do a few raids, use the rest of your 30 minute timer to do whatever you want. professionals call it mass evolution. Basically, pick a pokemon like Pidgey that you see all over your town, or a cheap pokemon where you’ll get tons of candy. Then evolve that monster over and over again. You can evolve a Pidgey twice and earn a lot of XP. Evolving a Pokemon for the first time earns even more XP.

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