Monmusu: How to remove censorship

The universe of video games is so broad and is aimed at so many people that it can be said that it covers, or at least tries to, all the tastes of gamers in the world. A clear example of this we have with Monmusu with a peculiar mode for adults. That is why in HDGamers we will teach you how to remove the censorship of Monmusu and enjoy a unique and mythological experience.

What is Monmusu?

Before entering the subject, we have to explain the reasons why we recommend enjoying the world of Monmusu. Even more so when you are a big fan of Japanese culture and you are exploring in search of new things.

In this sense, we have to say that Monmusu is an adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Okayado that reached consoles around the world in 2015. The plot is to release and meet all the mythological creatures that were allowed in Japan after many years.

However, it will not be an easy task that will make this a great adventure that you can not stop living.

A precaution

Before talking about the way to remove censorship from Monmusu , we have to call for the care of the content you are about to unlock.

From the beginning of the game you will notice that the graphics of the creatures point to a fairly sexualized female figure, giving it various erotic overtones. Also, as you progress through the story, you will unlock scenes with a little more of this content.

So if you decide to remove the censorship , try to be careful with the presence of boys and girls who have not yet developed a sexual maturity so as to understand what you are seeing.

Monmusu remove censorship

How to remove Monmusu censorship?

To remove the censorship from Monmusu, all we will need is the Uncensor patch. So if we are completely convinced to enjoy the game in its most sexual version, here are the steps to follow to access it.


It is important to comment that the following procedure is based on having downloaded the game from the Steam platform. However, if you purchased the game from another platform, the steps remain the same; the only thing that will vary is the location of the game folder.

  • Download the official censorship patch.
  • Once the patch has been downloaded, locate and unzip it anywhere
  • The called patch18plus.bin is the important one, and you don’t need the other files.
  • Just copy it, go to your Steam Library, locate MONMUSU and right click, click Properties.
  • Click on the Local Files tab and then click on Browse Local Files
  • right click anywhere in that folder and hit paste.

Now that you know how to remove the censorship of Monmusu , you only have to do other than enjoy all the responsibility involved in playing with the content of Monmusu.

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