Pinewood Computer Core Codes – Complete List

The idea of ??being a spy and uncovering dark secrets and conspiracies from the most powerful organizations will always be a great inspiration for video games. After all, the life of a spy must be something great with great adventures and mysteries to solve. That is why HDGamers brings you the Pinewood Computer Core codes as a tool.

Pinewood Computer Core active and valid codes

The most important thing to know about Pinewood Computer Core codes is the fact that they won’t give you any special items. Unlike other codes in the Roblox series, the codes for this particular game are of vital importance in order to access the commands of the main computer of the facilities.

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So their usefulness lies in the fact that, when the time comes, they will be your only secure access key to complete your mission. Likewise, it is important to note that you will find three main panels and each one with an assigned command. Therefore, we only have 3 working codes and they are more than enough for the game.

Next, we will present them to you in order as the consoles appear in the game.

  • 5334118: Enter this code in the main panel of the laboratory.
  • 6445229: Enter this code in the secondary panel of the laboratory.
  • 9773727: Enter this code in the third panel of the laboratory.
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Pinewood Computer Core Codes expired

Fortunately for lovers of conspiracies and espionage, all the codes still work.

How to redeem Pinewood Computer Core codes

To use the Pinewood Computer Core codes , just go to the computers panel. Once in it, you will only have to click on each number button to enter the keys that we have previously provided.

Next, we leave you with a short video that illustrates all the steps described above to facilitate your understanding of this procedure.

Now that you know all the secrets about the Pinewood Computer Core codes , you only have to enter a world of spies, conspiracies and secrets that will keep you glued to the screen for long hours.

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