House Party: Get mods and know how to install them

One of the ideas that we always seek as players is to improve the gaming experience. That is why we usually find files that allow us to modify the titles without altering their original plot. In this case, HDGamers brings you the correct way to install the House Party mods.

What are House Party mods?

A peculiarity of House Party is that the variations of its history will depend on the decisions you make in the game.

Therefore, his mods are stories that you can easily find on the internet. However, by clicking here you will arrive at the one that presents the best variety of mods, in our opinion they have no waste.

Once you download the ones that appeal to you the most, you will have to install them.


An important recommendation

It is important to know that not every time you use a mod , the game will continue to work properly.

For this reason, we recommend creating a backup of both the basic folder of the game as well as the mods.

That is, when downloading and unzipping the stories, do it in a folder dedicated only to them.

In this way, you can solve any malfunction that the game may present after installing a certain mod.

How to install House Party mods?

To install the mods that will offer you a new experience at the game, you don’t have to follow such a complicated procedure.

It is actually quite simple to do.

You just need to copy the story you previously downloaded and paste it in the direction “Documents / Eek / House party / mods / stories”.

With this, you will already have access to this modification of the game.

Just remember that House Party mods will not always be what you expect, or they may cause your game to malfunction. So always have support from both of them and enjoy this extraordinary game.

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