Get activate Office 2016 Professional Plus without software

Are you having problems with your office 2016 product key? In this guide you will learn all the resources you have to facilitate the steps and activate Office 2016 in its Professional Plus version.

Today you will learn how to activate Office 2016 without programs, for free and also forever, you will stop seeing the annoying notifications of “Error in product activation” or limitations in the use of the program.

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If you installed the Office package on your PC or Mac, but now it doesn’t work properly, don’t worry. Here we will see different ways to activate all editions, in addition in a completely legal way.

To activate your Office 2016 package you will only need a couple of minutes, no more than that.

Can Office 2016 be used without activating?

Yes, but with many limitations and messages of the following type:

PRODUCT NOTICE: Word is unlicensed. To continue using Word without interruption, please activate […]

Word Notice.

PRODUCT DISABLED: Most of PowerPoint features have been disabled.

PowerPoint Notice

These types of messages are to alert you that you have not been able to properly activate the programs and that apparently you do not have the activation license.

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The problem with being aware of these types of errors is that, unlike Windows 10 Home, which you can use with activation errors, Microsoft Office 2016 has many limitations.

It’s easier to list what you can do than what you can’t, but here is a list with the main functions that will be permanently blocked until you activate your license:

  1. You will not have access to the documents to edit them. As you may have noticed, all the tools and functions of the panel are visible but disabled.
  2. It will be impossible for you to create new documents from Word, Excel, etc.
  3. In a few words you will have the program active, yes, but only for reading and previewing documents, you will not be able to edit or create anything on your own.

Office Activators Why NOT use them?

Many poorly advised users decide to download supposed activators for Microsoft Office 2016, on the internet they are popular and there are different versions and companies that offer them.

office 2016 triggers

But, far from activating your Office programs efficiently, these activators can contain malicious code that is responsible for infecting your computer.

When you enter this type of activator programs you will see that the first thing they will ask you is to deactivate your antivirus momentarily or your firewall, with the excuse of “Lack of compatibility”.

What really happens in many cases is that the activators are not efficient, they have a very low success rate .

However, you will have a high rate of acquiring a virus or a Trojan-style program that will seek to obtain your important private information, such as bank account codes … In the best of cases it will damage your files.

We also do not recommend them for activate Office 2019, or any other installment of the program.

The best thing you can do when trying to run one of these activators is to pay attention to your antivirus, before any alert uninstall the program and look for another of the legal methods that we will teach you below.

Office 2016 Product Key:

To be able to enjoy your Office 2016 without restrictions or limitations, you will need to have a license , this will give you access to a unique product key (Product key) with which you can activate all the programs in one fell swoop .

product key office 2016

Office 2016 licenses are down, as it is not the latest version from the manufacturer now you have the possibility to buy them on sale.

This is the best way to get the powerful office tool that Office represents without ever having to worry about crashes or activation errors.

In this link you can get all the offers for Office 2016 and finally have your product activation key, it will not be more than $ 35, it is also completely legal and original: 2016 /

Do you already have your product key but Office won’t activate?

If for any reason, even though you have your original Office 2016 license, the program still does not activate, you can try the following:

  1. Open any Office application.
  2. Click on “Blank Document”.
  3. Click on the “File” menu, then on “Account”.
  4. Hz click on the option to enter the product key.

product key office 2016

You will find a sale exactly like this, you only have to place your new serial and your license will be activated seconds later.

These are the most efficient steps to obtain and activate the office 2016 product key.

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